Olympics Men’s Football Winner Team (Gold, Silver & Bronze)

Football Winner List

In Olympic history, the football tournament has been added in the 2nd Olympic season at the 1900 Paris Summer Olympics. By that time, Great Britain won the champions title against France. And Belgium titled the third position with the bronze medal.

Over the period, till now 27 soccer tournaments have been held in different regions and venues. Today we will cover the men’s tournament winner list at the Olympics; will bring up some interesting facts about the Olympics soccer tournament.

Men’s Football at Summer Olympics

This tournament consists of the round-rubin group stage followed by a knockout stage. Teams are divided into 4 groups, each team plays each other in once in its group. If a team win, they got 3 points, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

The top two teams in each group (as well as the top two third-place finishers, in the women’s tournament) advance to the knockout rounds. The knockout rounds are a single-elimination tournament consisting of quarterfinals, semifinals, and gold and bronze medal matches.

Olympic Soccer Winner at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

At the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, Brazil won the champions title against Spain (2-1) in the final/gold match. On the other side, Mexico got the third-place against the host country Japan (3-1).

Most Men’s Soccer Team Winner at the Olympic Games

Olympics Men's Football Winners
Olympics Men’s Football Winners

Great Britain

Great Britain is the most soccer-winner team at the Olympics. They earned 3 times win in the 1900, 1908 & 1912 seasons. Apart from the champions, they placed in 4th position at the 1948 London Olympics.


Similar to Great Britain, Hungary earned also 3 times champions titles in the 952, 1964, 1968 seasons. Moreover, they got 1 silver medal (1972) and 1 bronze medal (1960) in Olympic football history.


All-time favorite team Brazil, titled 2 times winner at the Olympic football tournaments in 2016, 2020 seasons. Additionally, they got 3 silver medals in 1984, 1988, 2012 seasons and 2 times got (bronze medal) in third-place in 1996, 2008 seasons.


Likewise, Brazil team Argentina has also been titled 2 times champions in Olympic football tournaments in 2004, 2008 seasons. Furthermore, they also got 2 silver medals in the 1928, 1996 seasons.


Uruguay won 2 gold medals in the 1924, 1928 seasons. They didn’t any get a silver or bronze medal yet.

Olympics Men’s Football Winner Team List (Gold, Silver & Bronze)

Olympics SeasonGold WinnerSilver WinnerBronze Winner
2020 TokyoBrazilSpainMexico
2016 RioBrazilGermanyNigeria
2012 LondonMexicoBrazilSouth Korea
2008 BeijingArgentinaNigeriaBrazil
2004 AthensArgentinaParaguayItaly
2000 SydneyCameroonSpainChile
1996 AtlantaNigeriaArgentinaBrazil
1992 BarcelonaSpainPolandGhana
1988 SeoulSoviet UnionBrazilWest Germany
1984 Los AngelesFranceBrazilYugoslavia
1980 MoscowCzechoslovakiaEast GermanySoviet Union
1976 MontrealEast GermanyPolandSoviet Union
1972 MunichPolandHungarySoviet Union
East Germany
1968 MexicoHungaryBulgariaJapan
1964 TokyoHungaryCzechoslovakiaGermany
1960 RomeYugoslaviaDenmarkHungary
1956 MelbourneSoviet UnionYugoslaviaBulgaria
1952 HelsinkiHungaryYugoslaviaSweden
1948 LondonSwedenYugoslaviaDenmark
1936 BerlinItalyAustriaNorway
1928 AmsterdamUruguayArgentinaItaly
1924 ParisUruguaySwitzerlandSweden
1920 AntwerpBelgiumSpainNetherlands
1912 StockholmGreat BritainDenmarkNetherlands
1908 LondonGreat BritainDenmarkNetherlands
1904 St. LouisCanadaChristian Brothers
College (USA)
St. Rose Parish (USA)
1900 ParisGreat BritainFranceBelgium

Olympics Men’s Football Tournament’s Interesting Facts

  • In the fisrt football tournament at the 1900 Paris, only two matches were held between the three club sides, and no medals were awarded.
  • Gold medals were awarded at the 1904 St. Louis Olympics for the first time.
  • Eight teams entered (including two from France, the main team and a “B” side) at the 1908 London Olympics, although Hungary and Bohemia withdrew before the start.
  • Just as the Football Association had organised the 1908 Olympic football competition in London, the Swedish Football Association ran the 1912 event.
  • At the 1920 Antwerp Olympics, the final was abandoned in the 39th minute and Belgium were awarded the gold medal after Czechoslovakia walked off to protest the performance of the English referee, John Lewis and his linesmen.
  • Uruguay made a memorable debut at the 1924 Paris, winning the gold medal and finishing unbeaten.
  • The 1948 London Olympics, was the first international football tournament ever to be broadcast on television, with the semi-finals, final and bronze medal play-off all being broadcast live in full on the BBC Television Service.
  • At the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, Yugoslavia were playing Red Star Belgrade’s Dragoslav Šekularac in this tournament; he would feature in the 1960 European Nations’ Cup final. They lost 1–0 to a second half Anatoli Ilyin goal.
  • This was the first time an Asian team won a medal, Japan claiming bronze at the 1968 Mexico Olympics.
  • At the 1980 Olympics, seven qualified countries did not participate joining the American-led boycott in protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
  • At the 1984 Olympics, the Gold Medal game between France and Brazil at the Rose Bowl attracted an Olympic Games soccer attendance record of 101,799. Until 2014 this remained the record attendance for a soccer game in the United States.
  • A 16 teams football tournament was played as part of the 1988 Summer Olympics. The tournament featured men’s national teams from six continental confederations.
  • The football competition at the 1992 Summer Olympics was the first Olympic football tournament dedicated for under-23 teams.
  • The women’s competition was contested for the first time in Olympic history at the 1996 Olympics.
  • The men’s tournament was won by Argentina, coached by Marcelo Bielsa, which held a record of having won every match without conceding a goal in the 2004 Olympics soccer tournament.
  • Brazil won their first gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  • Brazil was the men’s defending champions against Spain at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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