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Speed Skating Schedule – 2022 Winter Olympics

The most awaited winter multi-sports tournament will happen within two weeks. The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China. The Winter Olympics are one of the most popular and widely watched events in the world. This event attracts a large number of tourists to the host city as well as countries around the world that host any of the events.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Game TV Channels

Speed Skating Schedule at the 2022 Winter Olympics

Skaters at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will be racing on specially prepared artificial ice. The first time this has ever been done in a Winter Olympics. This helps to ensure that the games can be staged under the fastest possible conditions, with a level playing field for all athletes and with no impact on climate change.

Hence, the Speed Skating will be scheduled from 5th – 19th February 2022 at National Speed Skating Oval. A total of 14 events (7 men & 7 women) will be played and 166 athletes will compete in these events. Here is the list of events.

500 metres35.7039.50
1000 metres1:10.501:18.00
1500 metres1:48.001:59.50
3000 metresN/A4:12.00
5000 metres6:30.007:20.00 or 4:08.00 (3000 m)
10,000 metres13:30.00 or 6:25.00 (5000 m)N/A
Mass start1:57.50 (1500 m)2:10.00 (1500 m)

Speed Skating Schedule & Calendat of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Here is the full schedule, fixture and calendar of the Speed Skating sports.

Saturday, 5 February
Women’s 3000 metres

Sunday, 6 February
Men’s 5000 metres

Monday, 7 February
Women’s 1500 metres

Tuesday, 8 February
Men’s 1500 metres

Thursday, 10 February
Women’s 5000 metres

Friday, 11 February
Men’s 10,000 metres

Saturday, 12 February
Team pursuit women – Quarterfinals
Men’s 500 metres

Sunday, 13 February
Team pursuit men – Quarterfinals
Women’s 500 metres

Tuesday, 15 February
Team pursuit men – Finals
Team pursuit women – Finals

Thursday, 17 February
Women’s 1000 metres

Friday, 18 February
Men’s 1000 metres

Saturday, 19 February
Mass start men
Mass start women