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Cheap Chicago White Sox 2024 MLB Tickets [Buy]

Lock in your White Sox Season Ticket Plan today and get access to the best seat locations at the best value. You can purchase Chicago White Sox tickets at the Guaranteed Rate Field ticket office or through official ticket marketplaces like StubHub, Vivid Seats, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, and Ticketnetwork.

com. Whether you’re attending a single game or looking for season tickets, these platforms offer a variety of pricing options to suit your needs. So, grab your tickets now and experience the excitement of the Chicago White Sox in the year 2024.

Buying Chicago White Sox Tickets For 2024

If you’re a Chicago White Sox fan eagerly anticipating the 2024 baseball season, then purchasing tickets to catch your favorite team in action should be on your to-do list.

With a variety of options available, let’s explore how you can secure your spot at Guaranteed Rate Field and cheer on the White Sox in the upcoming season.

Online Ticket Marketplaces

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to buy Chicago White Sox tickets for the 2024 season is through online ticket marketplaces.

These platforms allow you to browse through available ticket listings, compare prices, and choose the seats that suit your preferences. Some popular online ticket marketplaces for White Sox tickets include:

  • SeatGeek
  • Vivid Seats
  • StubHub
  • Ticketnetwork
  • Ticketmaster

These marketplaces not only offer a wide selection of tickets but also provide secure transactions, ensuring that your ticket purchase experience is hassle-free.

Purchasing Tickets At The Guaranteed Rate Field Ticket Office

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can buy Chicago White Sox tickets directly at the Guaranteed Rate Field ticket office.

Located at the stadium, the ticket office allows you to purchase tickets in person, allowing you to ask any questions you may have regarding seating options or game schedules.

Accessing Season Ticket Plans

If you’re a die-hard White Sox fan planning to attend multiple games throughout the 2024 season, investing in a season ticket plan may be the best option for you.

Season ticket holders not only get priority access to the best seat locations but also enjoy discounted prices compared to single-game purchases. To secure your White Sox season ticket plan, you can visit the official ticket marketplace or contact the White Sox ticket office directly.

Cheap Chicago White Sox 2024 MLB Tickets

DateOpposite TeamTime (EST)Tickets
29-Mar-2024vsDetroit2:10 AMBuy Ticket
31-Mar-2024vsDetroit12:10 AMBuy Ticket
1-Apr-2024vsDetroit12:10 AMBuy Ticket
2-Apr-2024vsAtlanta12:10 AMBuy Ticket
3-Apr-2024vsAtlanta5:40 AMBuy Ticket
4-Apr-2024vsAtlanta12:10 AMBuy Ticket
5-Apr-2024@Kansas City5:40 AMBuy Ticket
6-Apr-2024@Kansas City5:40 AMBuy Ticket
7-Apr-2024@Kansas City5:10 AMBuy Ticket
8-Apr-2024@Kansas City12:10 AMBuy Ticket
9-Apr-2024@Cleveland3:10 AMBuy Ticket
10-Apr-2024@Cleveland4:10 AMBuy Ticket
11-Apr-2024@Cleveland4:10 AMBuy Ticket
13-Apr-2024vsCincinnati5:40 AMBuy Ticket
14-Apr-2024vsCincinnati12:10 AMBuy Ticket
15-Apr-2024vsCincinnati12:10 AMBuy Ticket
16-Apr-2024vsKansas City5:40 AMBuy Ticket
17-Apr-2024vsKansas City5:40 AMBuy Ticket
18-Apr-2024vsKansas City12:10 AMBuy Ticket
20-Apr-2024@Philadelphia4:40 AMBuy Ticket
21-Apr-2024@Philadelphia4:05 AMBuy Ticket
21-Apr-2024@Philadelphia11:35 PMBuy Ticket
23-Apr-2024@Minnesota5:40 AMBuy Ticket
24-Apr-2024@Minnesota5:40 AMBuy Ticket
25-Apr-2024@Minnesota5:40 AMBuy Ticket
25-Apr-2024@Minnesota11:10 PMBuy Ticket
27-Apr-2024vsTampa Bay5:40 AMBuy Ticket
28-Apr-2024vsTampa Bay5:10 AMBuy Ticket
29-Apr-2024vsTampa Bay12:10 AMBuy Ticket
30-Apr-2024vsMinnesota5:40 AMBuy Ticket
1-May-2024vsMinnesota5:40 AMBuy Ticket
2-May-2024vsMinnesota12:10 AMBuy Ticket
4-May-2024@St. Louis6:15 AMBuy Ticket
5-May-2024@St. Louis12:15 AMBuy Ticket
6-May-2024@St. Louis12:15 AMBuy Ticket
7-May-2024@Tampa Bay4:50 AMBuy Ticket
8-May-2024@Tampa Bay4:50 AMBuy Ticket
9-May-2024@Tampa Bay4:50 AMBuy Ticket
10-May-2024vsCleveland5:40 AMBuy Ticket
11-May-2024vsCleveland5:40 AMBuy Ticket
12-May-2024vsCleveland5:10 AMBuy Ticket
13-May-2024vsCleveland12:10 AMBuy Ticket
14-May-2024vsWashington5:40 AMBuy Ticket
15-May-2024vsWashington5:40 AMBuy Ticket
16-May-2024vsWashington12:10 AMBuy Ticket
18-May-2024@New York5:05 AMBuy Ticket
18-May-2024@New York11:05 PMBuy Ticket
19-May-2024@New York11:35 PMBuy Ticket
21-May-2024@Toronto1:07 AMBuy Ticket
22-May-2024@Toronto5:07 AMBuy Ticket
23-May-2024@Toronto5:07 AMBuy Ticket
24-May-2024vsBaltimore5:40 AMBuy Ticket
25-May-2024vsBaltimore5:40 AMBuy Ticket
26-May-2024vsBaltimore12:10 AMBuy Ticket
27-May-2024vsBaltimore12:10 AMBuy Ticket
28-May-2024vsToronto12:10 AMBuy Ticket
29-May-2024vsToronto5:40 AMBuy Ticket
30-May-2024vsToronto5:40 AMBuy Ticket
1-Jun-2024@Milwaukee6:10 AMBuy Ticket
2-Jun-2024@Milwaukee2:10 AMBuy Ticket
3-Jun-2024@Milwaukee12:10 AMBuy Ticket
5-Jun-2024@Chicago6:05 AMBuy Ticket
6-Jun-2024@Chicago6:05 AMBuy Ticket
7-Jun-2024vsBoston6:10 AMBuy Ticket
8-Jun-2024vsBoston6:10 AMBuy Ticket
9-Jun-2024vsBoston2:10 AMBuy Ticket
10-Jun-2024vsBoston12:10 AMBuy Ticket
11-Jun-2024@Seattle7:40 AMBuy Ticket
12-Jun-2024@Seattle7:40 AMBuy Ticket
13-Jun-2024@Seattle7:40 AMBuy Ticket
14-Jun-2024@Seattle7:40 AMBuy Ticket
15-Jun-2024@Arizona7:40 AMBuy Ticket
16-Jun-2024@Arizona8:10 AMBuy Ticket
17-Jun-2024@Arizona2:10 AMBuy Ticket
19-Jun-2024vsHouston6:10 AMBuy Ticket
20-Jun-2024vsHouston6:10 AMBuy Ticket
21-Jun-2024vsHouston12:10 AMBuy Ticket
22-Jun-2024@Detroit4:40 AMBuy Ticket
22-Jun-2024@Detroit11:10 PMBuy Ticket
23-Jun-2024@Detroit11:40 PMBuy Ticket
25-Jun-2024vsLos Angeles6:10 AMBuy Ticket
26-Jun-2024vsLos Angeles6:10 AMBuy Ticket
27-Jun-2024vsLos Angeles6:10 AMBuy Ticket
29-Jun-2024vsColorado6:10 AMBuy Ticket
30-Jun-2024vsColorado12:10 AMBuy Ticket
1-Jul-2024vsColorado12:10 AMBuy Ticket
3-Jul-2024@Cleveland4:40 AMBuy Ticket
4-Jul-2024@Cleveland4:40 AMBuy Ticket
4-Jul-2024@Cleveland11:10 PMBuy Ticket
6-Jul-2024@Miami5:10 AMBuy Ticket
7-Jul-2024@Miami2:10 AMBuy Ticket
7-Jul-2024@Miami11:40 PMBuy Ticket
9-Jul-2024vsMinnesota6:10 AMBuy Ticket
10-Jul-2024vsMinnesota6:10 AMBuy Ticket
11-Jul-2024vsMinnesota12:10 AMBuy Ticket
13-Jul-2024vsPittsburgh6:10 AMBuy Ticket
14-Jul-2024vsPittsburgh12:10 AMBuy Ticket
15-Jul-2024vsPittsburgh12:10 AMBuy Ticket
20-Jul-2024@Kansas City6:10 AMBuy Ticket
21-Jul-2024@Kansas City5:10 AMBuy Ticket
22-Jul-2024@Kansas City12:10 AMBuy Ticket
23-Jul-2024@Texas6:05 AMBuy Ticket
24-Jul-2024@Texas6:05 AMBuy Ticket
25-Jul-2024@Texas6:05 AMBuy Ticket
26-Jul-2024@Texas12:35 AMBuy Ticket
27-Jul-2024vsSeattle6:10 AMBuy Ticket
28-Jul-2024vsSeattle5:15 AMBuy Ticket
29-Jul-2024vsSeattle12:10 AMBuy Ticket
30-Jul-2024vsKansas City6:10 AMBuy Ticket
31-Jul-2024vsKansas City6:10 AMBuy Ticket
1-Aug-2024vsKansas City12:10 AMBuy Ticket
3-Aug-2024@Minnesota6:10 AMBuy Ticket
4-Aug-2024@Minnesota5:10 AMBuy Ticket
5-Aug-2024@Minnesota12:10 AMBuy Ticket
6-Aug-2024@Oakland7:40 AMBuy Ticket
7-Aug-2024@Oakland7:40 AMBuy Ticket
8-Aug-2024@Oakland1:37 AMBuy Ticket
10-Aug-2024vsChicago6:10 AMBuy Ticket
11-Aug-2024vsChicago5:15 AMBuy Ticket
13-Aug-2024vsNew York6:10 AMBuy Ticket
14-Aug-2024vsNew York6:10 AMBuy Ticket
15-Aug-2024vsNew York6:10 AMBuy Ticket
17-Aug-2024@Houston6:10 AMBuy Ticket
18-Aug-2024@Houston5:10 AMBuy Ticket
19-Aug-2024@Houston12:10 AMBuy Ticket
20-Aug-2024@San Francisco7:45 AMBuy Ticket
21-Aug-2024@San Francisco7:45 AMBuy Ticket
22-Aug-2024@San Francisco1:45 AMBuy Ticket
24-Aug-2024vsDetroit6:10 AMBuy Ticket
25-Aug-2024vsDetroit5:10 AMBuy Ticket
26-Aug-2024vsDetroit12:10 AMBuy Ticket
27-Aug-2024vsDetroit6:10 AMBuy Ticket
28-Aug-2024vsTexas6:10 AMBuy Ticket
29-Aug-2024vsTexas6:10 AMBuy Ticket
30-Aug-2024vsTexas12:10 AMBuy Ticket
31-Aug-2024vsNew York6:10 AMBuy Ticket
1-Sep-2024vsNew York5:10 AMBuy Ticket
2-Sep-2024vsNew York12:10 AMBuy Ticket
2-Sep-2024@Baltimore11:05 PMBuy Ticket
4-Sep-2024@Baltimore4:35 AMBuy Ticket
5-Sep-2024@Baltimore4:35 AMBuy Ticket
7-Sep-2024@Boston5:10 AMBuy Ticket
8-Sep-2024@Boston5:15 AMBuy Ticket
8-Sep-2024@Boston11:35 PMBuy Ticket
10-Sep-2024vsCleveland5:40 AMBuy Ticket
11-Sep-2024vsCleveland5:40 AMBuy Ticket
12-Sep-2024vsCleveland12:10 AMBuy Ticket
14-Sep-2024vsOakland5:40 AMBuy Ticket
15-Sep-2024vsOakland5:10 AMBuy Ticket
16-Sep-2024vsOakland12:10 AMBuy Ticket
17-Sep-2024@Los Angeles7:38 AMBuy Ticket
18-Sep-2024@Los Angeles7:38 AMBuy Ticket
19-Sep-2024@Los Angeles2:07 AMBuy Ticket
21-Sep-2024@San Diego7:40 AMBuy Ticket
22-Sep-2024@San Diego6:40 AMBuy Ticket
23-Sep-2024@San Diego2:10 AMBuy Ticket
25-Sep-2024vsLos Angeles5:40 AMBuy Ticket
26-Sep-2024vsLos Angeles5:40 AMBuy Ticket
27-Sep-2024vsLos Angeles12:10 AMBuy Ticket
28-Sep-2024@Detroit4:40 AMBuy Ticket
28-Sep-2024@Detroit11:10 PMBuy Ticket
30-Sep-2024@Detroit1:10 AMBuy Ticket

Seating Options And Prices

When it comes to watching a Chicago White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field, one of the most important considerations for fans is the seating options and prices.

Whether you’re looking for an up-close view of the action or a more affordable seat, there are options available to suit every fan’s preferences and budget.

Seating Options At Guaranteed Rate Field

Guaranteed Rate Field offers a variety of seating options that cater to different fan preferences.

From premium seats to more budget-friendly options, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the seating options you can choose from:

Seating OptionDescription
Premium Field Box SeatsLocated close to the field, these seats provide an intimate viewing experience and a chance to be right in the heart of the action.
Lower Box SeatsThese seats offer a great view of the field from a slightly higher vantage point, while still providing an immersive experience.
Upper Box SeatsLocated on the second level, these seats offer a good view of the field at an affordable price.
Outfield Reserved SeatsLocated in the outfield, these seats provide an excellent view of the game at a more budget-friendly price.
Grandstand SeatsThese seats are located in the upper deck and offer an affordable option for fans who still want to enjoy the game.

These seating options ensure that every fan can find a seat that suits their preferences and budget, allowing them to have a memorable experience cheering on the White Sox.

Ticket Prices For White Sox Games

When it comes to ticket prices for Chicago White Sox games, there are options available for fans with different budgets.

Season Ticket Holder Benefits

Becoming a season ticket holder for the Chicago White Sox comes with its perks and benefits. By purchasing a season ticket plan, fans can enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Best Seat Locations: Season ticket holders get access to the best seat locations at Guaranteed Rate Field, ensuring they have an exceptional view of the game.
  2. Cost Savings: Season ticket plans often offer discounted prices compared to purchasing individual game tickets, allowing fans to save money over the course of the season.
  3. Exclusive Events: Season ticket holders may have the opportunity to attend exclusive events, such as meet-and-greets with players, autograph sessions, and behind-the-scenes tours.
  4. Priority Access: Season ticket holders receive priority access to postseason tickets and other special promotions or events.
  5. Flexibility: Some season ticket plans offer flexibility in terms of ticket exchanges or credits for games that cannot be attended.

Becoming a season ticket holder not only guarantees an exciting baseball experience throughout the season but also provides additional perks and benefits that enhance the overall fan experience.

Game Day Experience And Information

Experience the thrill of game day with Chicago White Sox 2024 tickets. Get your seats now for an unforgettable day at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Entry Times And Gate Information

When attending a Chicago White Sox game, it’s important to know the entry times and gate information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The entry times may vary depending on the game, so it’s advisable to check the official website or your ticket provider for specific details.

Typically, gates open approximately two hours before the scheduled game time. However, it’s always a good idea to arrive early to avoid any potential lines or delays.

MLB Policies And Regulations

Before heading to the game, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the MLB policies and regulations to ensure compliance and a hassle-free experience.

Some common policies include restrictions on outside food and beverages, bag size limitations, and prohibited items such as weapons or alcohol.

Familiarize yourself with these policies in advance to avoid any inconvenience at the gate.

For a comprehensive list of MLB policies and regulations, refer to the official MLB website or the venue’s guidelines.

Checklists For Game Day Preparation

Proper preparation is key to enjoying a memorable game day experience. To help you stay organized and prepared, here are some essential items to include in your checklist:

  • Valid tickets: Make sure to have your tickets printed or available on your mobile device for a smooth entry.
  • Appropriate clothing: Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly to stay comfortable throughout the game.
  • Snacks and drinks: While outside food and beverages may be restricted, it’s advisable to bring some cash or card for purchasing refreshments inside the venue.
  • Personal items: Consider bringing essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and binoculars to enhance your game day experience.
  • Identification: Carry a valid form of identification for age verification or any other potential requirements.

By following these checklists, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most out of your Chicago White Sox game day experience.

Other Options And Resources For White Sox Tickets

Attending a Chicago White Sox game is a thrilling experience for any baseball fan.

If you’re looking to secure tickets for an upcoming game, there are several other options and resources available to help you find the perfect seats.

Whether you prefer alternative ticket marketplaces, third-party ticket resellers, or fan experiences and promotions, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore each of these options in more detail:

Alternative Ticket Marketplaces

If you’re searching for a wide variety of ticket options and competitive prices, alternative ticket marketplaces can be a great resource.

These platforms connect buyers and sellers, allowing you to find tickets from various sellers all in one place.

One popular marketplace is SeatGeek. They offer a user-friendly interface, detailed seating charts, and verified ticket sellers to ensure authenticity and security. Whether you’re looking for single-game tickets or season ticket plans, alternative ticket marketplaces are worth exploring.

Third-party Ticket Resellers

In addition to alternative marketplaces, third-party ticket resellers can provide you with access to a wide range of White Sox tickets.

These resellers specialize in securing tickets for popular events, including baseball games. Some well-known resellers include StubHub and Vivid Seats.

These platforms often offer a secure resale marketplace, allowing fans to buy and sell tickets with confidence.

Keep in mind that prices on these platforms may vary based on demand and availability, so it’s best to check regularly for the best deals.

Fan Experiences And Promotions

For those seeking a unique and unforgettable White Sox experience, fan experiences and promotions can be a fantastic option.

The team often offers promotions and special packages that include perks such as meet-and-greets with players, access to exclusive areas, and even the opportunity to throw out the first pitch.

Keep an eye out for these promotions on the official White Sox website or through their social media channels.

Participating in these experiences can enhance your game day and make it even more memorable.

When it comes to securing Chicago White Sox tickets, exploring alternative ticket marketplaces, third-party ticket resellers, and fan experiences and promotions can provide you with a variety of options and resources.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual spectator, these avenues can help you find the perfect tickets for an unforgettable experience at Guaranteed Rate Field.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch the Chicago White Sox in action in 2024! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a memorable day out, White Sox tickets are the key to an unforgettable experience. With access to the best seat locations and the best value, securing your tickets early is a must.