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Ski Jumping Schedule – 2022 Winter Olympics

Ski jumping is one of the fastest sports on earth. Its unique form of winter sports allows skiers to travel in free fall through the air, then land on a ramp and jump back up. The ability to jump from high altitudes has made ski jumping one of the most dangerous winter sports.

How to Watch 2022 Winter Olympic Games

The qualification system for ski jumping in the Winter Olympics is an interesting one. To qualify, a skier must complete a set number of jumps with a given distance. They are not allowed to use any other means of transport, such as snowmobiles or parachutes. They must jump from different locations on the course and have their starting point at different times as well.

The most awaited Winter Olympics will be scheduled from 4th – 20th February 2022 in Beijing, China. And the Ski Jumping sport will be started from 5th to 14th February 2022 at Kuyangshu Nordic Center and Biathlon Center.

It has five events (3 men, 1 woman & 1 mixed) and at the 2022 Winter Olympics, 105 competitors will participate from the various nations.

Ski Jumping Schedule – 2022 Winter Olympics

Here is the full Ski Jumping schedule, fixture & calendar at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

5 February

  • 14:20: Men’s individual normal hill qualification
  • 18:45: Women’s individual normal hill

6 February

  • 19:00: Men’s individual normal hill

7 February

  • 19:45: Mixed team normal hill

11 February

  • 19:00: Men’s individual large hill qualification

12 February

  • 19:00: Men’s individual large hill

14 February

  • 19:00: Men’s team large hill

Top 10 Medal Nations at the Winter Olympics

8East Germany2327