Basketball Schedule & Fixture of Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics (Teams Info)

Basketball Summer Olympics

Basketball is one of the most popular sports events in the Olympic Games. Two teams play with five players from each team; one goal within the opposition hoop got two points.

In the Summer Olympics 2021, 12 teams from both men’s and women’s in total 24 teams will participate this year. However, Basketball sport will be started from 24th July – 8th August at Saitama Super Arena & Aomi Urban Sports Venue.

In the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, the United States from men’s & women’s teams was the gold medalist. On the other hand, Serbia got the silver medal and Spain got the bronze medal in that event.

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Basketball at Summer Olympic 2021 Qualified Teams

From men’s teams, there are 12 teams that will fight each other. The qualified teams come from two different competitions such as FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 & FIBA Men’s Olympic Qualifying Tournaments. Those teams are listed below.

Men’s Basketball Qualified Teams

Group AGroup BGroup C
Czech RepublicAustraliaJapan
United StatesNigeriaSlovenia

Women’s Basketball Qualified Teams

From the women’s teams, there are 12 teams that will participate in this game’s event. Those women’s qualified teams come from also two different competitions such as FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018 & FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2020. Those teams are listed below.

Group AGroup BGroup C
South KoreaJapanAustralia
SerbiaFrancePuerto Rico
SpainUnited StatesBelgium
Basketball Playing
Basketball Playing

Basketball Schedule & Fixture of Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics

Date (2021)Events
25th JulyMen’s Group Stage
Iran vs. Czech Republic (78–84)
France vs. United States (83–76)
Germany vs. Italy (82–92)
Australia vs. Nigeria (84–67)
26th JulyMen’s Group Stage
Argentina vs. Slovenia (100–118)
Japan vs. Spain (77–88)
Women’s Group Stage
South Korea vs. Spain (69–73)
Serbia vs. Canada (72–68)
27th JulyWomen’s Group Stage
Japan vs. France (74–70)
Nigeria vs. United States (72–81)
Australia vs. Belgium (70–85)
Puerto Rico vs. China (55–97)
28th JulyMen’s Group Stage
United States vs. Iran (120–66)
Czech Republic vs. France (77–97)
Nigeria vs. Germany (92–99)
Italy vs. Australia (83–86)
29th JulyMen’s Group Stage
Slovenia vs. Japan (74–53)
Spain vs. Argentina (85–70)
Women’s Group Stage
Canada vs. South Korea (74–53)
Spain vs. Serbia (85–70)
30th JulyWomen’s Group Stage
United States vs. Japan (86–69)
France vs. Nigeria (87–62)
Belgium vs. Puerto Rico (87–52)
China vs. Australia (76–74)
31st JulyMen’s Group Stage
Iran vs. France (62–79)
United States vs. Czech Republic (119–84)
Italy vs. Nigeria (80–71)
Australia vs. Germany (89–76)
1st AugustMen’s Group Stage
Argentina vs. Japan (97–77)
Spain vs. Slovenia (87–95)
Women’s Group Stage
Canada vs. Spain (66–76)
South Korea vs. Serbia (61–65)
2nd AugustWomen’s Group Stage
Nigeria vs. Japan (83–102)
France vs. United States (82–93)
China vs. Belgium (74–62)
Australia vs. Puerto Rico
3rd AugustMen’s Quarter-finals
Italy vs France
Slovenia vs Germany
Spain vs United States
Australia vs Argentina
4th AugustWomen’s Quarter-finals
Australia vs United States (55-79)
China vs Serbia (70-77)
Japan vs Belgium (86-85)
Spain vs France (64-67)
5th AugustMen’s Semi-finals
France vs Slovenia (90-89)
United States vs Australia (97-78)
6th AugustWomen’s Semi-finals
United States vs Serbia (79-59)
Japan vs France (87-71)
7th AugustMen’s Bronze medal match: Slovenia vs Australia
Men’s Gold medal match: France vs United States
Women’s Bronze medal match: Serbia vs France
8th AugustWomen’s Gold medal match: United States vs Japan

Basketball at Summer Olympic Games Medalist

1United States (USA)232328
2Soviet Union (URS)44412
3Yugoslavia (YUG)1528
4Argentina (ARG)1012
5Unified Team (EUN)1001
6Spain (ESP)0415
7Australia (AUS)0325
8France (FRA)0303
9Italy (ITA)0202
10Brazil (BRA)0145

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