Edmonton Oilers 2021-2022 NHL TV Schedule & Fixture (Today)

Edmonton Oilers

The five-time Stanley Cups champions in NHL history are the Edmonton Oilers. They have won seven conference championships and two Presidents’ Trophies in their records. This club has lost in the first round against the Winnipeg Nets in the last season of the 2020-21 season.

Edmonton Oilers Current Roster

Edmonton Oilers 2021-2022 NHL TV Schedule & Fixture (Today)

In the upcoming NHL 2021-22 season is the 43rd season of their participation since 1972 (known as the Alberta Oilers). According to their fans and supporters, they have the biggest rivalry with Calgary Flames.

In this 2021-22 season, they fight against the Flames with 4-game. The 1st match will be held on 16th October 2021 at Rogers Place. And the rest of the 3-game will be held on different dates (27th Dec, 22nd Jan 2022 & 26th Mar 2022).

Edmonton Oilers 2021-2022 NHL Regular Game TV Schedule & Fixture

Here is the full schedule of the Edmonton Oilers’ 2021-22 NHL game dates, times, venues and NHL TV channel list. Check it out.

Note: Eastern Standad Time (EST)

DateTime (EST)OpponentVenueTV Channel
13-Oct-20219:00 PMvs Vancouver CanucksRogers PlaceTNT
16-Oct-20219:00 PMvs Calgary FlamesRogers PlaceTNT
19-Oct-20218:00 PMvs Anaheim DucksRogers PlaceTNT
21-Oct-20219:00 PM@ Arizona CoyotesGila River ArenaNHL
22-Oct-20219:00 PM@ Vegas Golden KnightsT-Mobile ArenaNHL
27-Oct-20219:00 PMvs Philadelphia FlyersRogers PlaceNHL
30-Oct-20219:00 PM@ Vancouver CanucksRogers PlaceESP+
1-Nov-20218:30 PMvs Seattle KrakenRogers PlaceESP+
3-Nov-20217:30 PMvs Nashville PredatorsRogers PlaceESP+
5-Nov-20218:00 PMvs New York RangersRogers PlaceESP+
9-Nov-20216:30 PM@ Detroit Red WingsLittle Caesars ArenaESP+
11-Nov-20216:00 PM@ Boston BruinsTD GardenESP+
12-Nov-20216:00 PM@ Buffalo SabresKeyBank CenterESP+
14-Nov-20216:00 PM@ St. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterNHL
16-Nov-20217:00 PM@ Winnipeg JetsCanada Life CentreNHL
18-Nov-20218:00 PMvs Winnipeg JetsRogers PlaceNHL
20-Nov-20219:00 PMvs Chicago BlackhawksRogers PlaceNHL
23-Nov-20217:30 PM@ Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines CenterESP+
24-Nov-20219:00 PM@ Arizona CoyotesGila River ArenaABC
27-Nov-20216:00 PM@ Vegas Golden KnightsT-Mobile ArenaABC
1-Dec-20219:00 PMvs Pittsburgh PenguinsRogers PlaceTNT
3-Dec-20219:00 PM@ Seattle KrakenClimate Pledge ArenaABC
5-Dec-20217:00 PMvs Los Angeles KingsRogers PlaceABC
7-Dec-20218:00 PMvs Minnesota WildRogers PlaceABC
9-Dec-20218:00 PMvs Boston BruinsRogers PlaceABC
11-Dec-20219:00 PMvs Carolina HurricanesRogers PlaceESP+
14-Dec-20218:00 PMvs Toronto Maple LeafsRogers PlaceESP+
16-Dec-20218:00 PMvs Columbus Blue JacketsRogers PlaceESP+
18-Dec-20219:00 PM@ Seattle KrakenClimate Pledge ArenaESP+
20-Dec-20218:30 PMvs Anaheim DucksRogers PlaceESP+
22-Dec-20219:00 PM@ Los Angeles KingsStaples CenterTNT
23-Dec-20219:00 PM@ San Jose SharksSAP Center at San JoseTNT
27-Dec-20219:00 PM@ Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeTNT
29-Dec-20217:30 PM@ St. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterTNT
31-Dec-202112:00 PM@ New Jersey DevilsPrudential CenterTNT
1-Jan-20221:00 PM@ New York IslandersUBS ArenaNHL
3-Jan-20226:00 PM@ New York RangersMadison Square GardenNHL
5-Jan-20226:00 PM@ Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank ArenaNHL
8-Jan-20229:00 PMvs New York IslandersRogers PlaceABC
10-Jan-20229:00 PMvs Ottawa SenatorsRogers PlaceABC
12-Jan-20228:30 PMvs Minnesota WildRogers PlaceABC
14-Jan-20228:00 PMvs Vegas Golden KnightsRogers PlaceABC
16-Jan-20226:00 PM@ Winnipeg JetsCanada Life CentreABC
18-Jan-20228:00 PMvs Chicago BlackhawksRogers PlaceNHL
20-Jan-20228:00 PMvs Florida PanthersRogers PlaceNHL
22-Jan-20229:00 PMvs Calgary FlamesRogers PlaceNHL
25-Jan-20229:00 PM@ Vancouver CanucksRogers ArenaNHL
27-Jan-20228:00 PMvs Nashville PredatorsRogers PlaceABC
29-Jan-20226:00 PM@ Montreal CanadiensBell CentreABC
31-Jan-20226:30 PM@ Ottawa SenatorsCanadian Tire CentreABC
2-Feb-20226:00 PM@ Washington CapitalsCapital One ArenaTNT
23-Feb-20226:30 PM@ Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaTNT
26-Feb-202211:30 AM@ Florida PanthersFLA Live ArenaESP+
27-Feb-202212:00 PM@ Carolina HurricanesPNC ArenaESP+
1-Mar-20226:00 PM@ Philadelphia FlyersWells Fargo CenterESP+
3-Mar-20227:30 PM@ Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterESP+
5-Mar-20226:00 PMvs Montreal CanadiensRogers PlaceESP+
9-Mar-20227:00 PMvs Washington CapitalsRogers PlaceTNT
12-Mar-20229:00 PMvs Tampa Bay LightningRogers PlaceTNT
15-Mar-20228:00 PMvs Detroit Red WingsRogers PlaceTNT
17-Mar-20228:00 PMvs Buffalo SabresRogers PlaceTNT
19-Mar-20222:00 PMvs New Jersey DevilsRogers PlaceTNT
21-Mar-20228:30 PM@ Colorado AvalancheBall ArenaTNT
22-Mar-20227:30 PM@ Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines CenterESP+
24-Mar-20228:00 PMvs San Jose SharksRogers PlaceESP+
26-Mar-20229:00 PM@ Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeESP+
28-Mar-20228:30 PMvs Arizona CoyotesRogers PlaceESP+
30-Mar-20228:30 PMvs Los Angeles KingsRogers PlaceABC
1-Apr-20228:00 PMvs St. Louis BluesRogers PlaceABC
3-Apr-20227:00 PM@ Anaheim DucksHonda CenterABC
5-Apr-20229:30 PM@ San Jose SharksSAP Center at San JoseABC
7-Apr-20229:30 PM@ Los Angeles KingsStaples CenterNHL
9-Apr-20229:00 PMvs Colorado AvalancheRogers PlaceNHL
12-Apr-20227:00 PM@ Minnesota WildXcel Energy CenterNHL
14-Apr-20227:00 PM@ Nashville PredatorsBridgestone ArenaNHL
16-Apr-20229:00 PMvs Vegas Golden KnightsRogers PlaceABC
20-Apr-20227:30 PMvs Dallas StarsRogers PlaceABC
22-Apr-20228:00 PMvs Colorado AvalancheRogers PlaceABC
24-Apr-202212:00 PM@ Columbus Blue JacketsNationwide ArenaABC
26-Apr-20226:00 PM@ Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints ArenaESP+
28-Apr-20228:00 PMvs San Jose SharksRogers PlaceESP+
29-Apr-20228:00 PMvs Vancouver CanucksRogers PlaceESP+

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