Columbus Blue Jackets 2021-2022 NHL TV Schedule & Fixture (Today)

Columbus Blue Jackets

The Jackets will be back in action this season, after a disappointing end to their season last year. With the NHL season back in full swing, the Columbus Blue Jackets are doing what they do best: playing some good hockey. They have a lot of time to play this year, but let’s take a look at their schedule so far.

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Columbus Blue Jackets 2021-2022 NHL TV Schedule & Fixture (Today)

The upcoming NHL 2021-22 season will be held from 12th October 2021. And the Columbus Blue Jackets will play their games from 14th October 2021.

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They have a strong rival with Tampa Bay Lightning. They meet with 3-game this season, the 1st game will be held on 4th Jan 2022 at Nationwide Arena. And the rest of the two games will happen on 26th & 29th April 2022.

Columbus Blue Jackets 2021-2022 NHL Regular Game TV Schedule, Fixture & Calendar

Here is the full Columbus Blue Jackets 2021-2022 NHL regular game TV schedule, fixture & calendar for today. Check it out.

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateTime (EST)OpponentVenueTV Channel
14-Oct-20216:00 PMvs Arizona CoyotesNationwide ArenaNHL
16-Oct-20216:00 PMvs Seattle KrakenNationwide ArenaNHL
19-Oct-20216:30 PM@ Detroit Red WingsLittle Caesars ArenaNHL
21-Oct-20216:00 PMvs New York IslandersNationwide ArenaNHL
23-Oct-20216:00 PMvs Carolina HurricanesNationwide ArenaTNT
25-Oct-20216:00 PMvs Dallas StarsNationwide ArenaTNT
29-Oct-20216:00 PM@ New York RangersMadison Square GardenTNT
31-Oct-20214:00 PM@ New Jersey DevilsPrudential CenterTNT
3-Nov-20218:00 PM@ Colorado AvalancheBall ArenaABC
6-Nov-20216:00 PMvs Colorado AvalancheNationwide ArenaABC
12-Nov-20216:00 PMvs Washington CapitalsNationwide ArenaABC
13-Nov-20216:00 PMvs New York RangersNationwide ArenaABC
15-Nov-20216:00 PMvs Detroit Red WingsNationwide ArenaESPN
18-Nov-20218:00 PM@ Arizona CoyotesGila River ArenaESPN
20-Nov-20219:00 PM@ Vegas Golden KnightsT-Mobile ArenaESPN
22-Nov-20216:00 PM@ Buffalo SabresKeyBank CenterESPN
24-Nov-20216:00 PMvs Winnipeg JetsNationwide ArenaESPN
26-Nov-20216:00 PMvs Vancouver CanucksNationwide ArenaESPN
27-Nov-20217:00 PM@ St. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterESPN
30-Nov-20217:00 PM@ Nashville PredatorsBridgestone ArenaESPN
2-Dec-20217:30 PM@ Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines CenterNHL
4-Dec-20216:00 PM@ Washington CapitalsCapital One ArenaNHL
5-Dec-20215:00 PMvs San Jose SharksNationwide ArenaNHL
7-Dec-20216:00 PM@ Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank ArenaNHL
9-Dec-20216:00 PMvs Anaheim DucksNationwide ArenaNHL
11-Dec-20219:00 PM@ Seattle KrakenClimate Pledge ArenaNHL
14-Dec-20219:00 PM@ Vancouver CanucksRogers ArenaESPN
16-Dec-20218:00 PM@ Edmonton OilersRogers PlaceESPN
18-Dec-20219:00 PM@ Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeESPN
20-Dec-20216:00 PM@ Buffalo SabresKeyBank CenterESPN
23-Dec-20216:00 PMvs Buffalo SabresNationwide ArenaABC
27-Dec-20216:00 PMvs Toronto Maple LeafsNationwide ArenaABC
28-Dec-20217:30 PM@ Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterABC
30-Dec-20216:00 PMvs Nashville PredatorsNationwide ArenaABC
1-Jan-202212:00 PMvs Carolina HurricanesNationwide ArenaESP+
4-Jan-20226:00 PMvs Tampa Bay LightningNationwide ArenaESP+
6-Jan-20226:00 PM@ New Jersey DevilsPrudential CenterESP+
8-Jan-20226:00 PMvs New Jersey DevilsNationwide ArenaABC
10-Jan-20226:00 PM@ Montreal CanadiensBell CentreABC
11-Jan-20226:00 PMvs Chicago BlackhawksNationwide ArenaABC
13-Jan-20226:00 PM@ Carolina HurricanesPNC ArenaESP+
15-Jan-20225:00 PM@ Florida PanthersFLA Live ArenaESP+
18-Jan-20226:00 PM@ New York IslandersUBS ArenaESP+
20-Jan-20226:00 PM@ Philadelphia FlyersWells Fargo CenterESP+
21-Jan-20226:00 PMvs Pittsburgh PenguinsNationwide ArenaESP+
23-Jan-20225:00 PMvs Ottawa SenatorsNationwide ArenaNHL
26-Jan-20226:00 PMvs Calgary FlamesNationwide ArenaNHL
27-Jan-20226:00 PMvs New York RangersNationwide ArenaNHL
30-Jan-20226:00 PM@ Montreal CanadiensBell CentreNHL
31-Jan-20226:00 PMvs Florida PanthersNationwide ArenaNHL
24-Feb-20226:00 PM@ Florida PanthersFLA Live ArenaESP+
25-Feb-20226:00 PM@ Carolina HurricanesPNC ArenaTNT
27-Feb-20225:00 PMvs Pittsburgh PenguinsNationwide ArenaTNT
1-Mar-20226:00 PMvs New Jersey DevilsNationwide ArenaESP+
4-Mar-20226:00 PMvs Los Angeles KingsNationwide ArenaTNT
5-Mar-20226:00 PMvs Boston BruinsNationwide ArenaTNT
7-Mar-20226:30 PMvs Toronto Maple LeafsNationwide ArenaESP+
11-Mar-20226:00 PMvs Minnesota WildNationwide ArenaABC
13-Mar-20225:00 PMvs Vegas Golden KnightsNationwide ArenaABC
16-Mar-20226:30 PM@ Ottawa SenatorsCanadian Tire CentreABC
17-Mar-20226:00 PMvs Washington CapitalsNationwide ArenaABC
19-Mar-20224:00 PMvs St. Louis BluesNationwide ArenaABC
22-Mar-20226:00 PM@ Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints ArenaABC
25-Mar-20227:00 PM@ Winnipeg JetsCanada Life CentreABC
26-Mar-20227:00 PM@ Minnesota WildXcel Energy CenterABC
29-Mar-20226:00 PMvs New York IslandersNationwide ArenaABC
31-Mar-20226:00 PM@ New York IslandersUBS ArenaESP+
2-Apr-20226:00 PM@ Boston BruinsTD GardenTNT
4-Apr-20226:00 PMvs Boston BruinsNationwide ArenaTNT
5-Apr-20226:00 PM@ Philadelphia FlyersWells Fargo CenterTNT
7-Apr-20226:00 PMvs Philadelphia FlyersNationwide ArenaTNT
9-Apr-20226:00 PM@ Detroit Red WingsLittle Caesars ArenaTNT
12-Apr-20226:00 PM@ Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints ArenaTNT
13-Apr-20226:00 PMvs Montreal CanadiensNationwide ArenaABC
16-Apr-20229:30 PM@ Los Angeles KingsStaples CenterABC
17-Apr-20227:30 PM@ Anaheim DucksHonda CenterNHL
19-Apr-20229:30 PM@ San Jose SharksSAP Center at San JoseNHL
22-Apr-20226:00 PMvs Ottawa SenatorsNationwide ArenaNHL
24-Apr-202212:00 PMvs Edmonton OilersNationwide ArenaESP+
26-Apr-20226:00 PM@ Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaESP+
28-Apr-20226:00 PM@ Washington CapitalsCapital One ArenaESP+
29-Apr-20226:00 PMvs Tampa Bay LightningNationwide ArenaESP+

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