Cheap Chicago Cubs 2024 Tickets [Buy]

Chicago Cubs 2024 Tickets

The 2024 Chicago Cubs tickets are available for purchase at various ticket marketplaces including SeatGeek, StubHub, Gametime, Vivid Seats, TicketNetwork, Viagogo, eBay, and Front Row Tickets. The tickets can be bought ahead of time to secure your spot at the games and avoid potentially higher prices at the stadium.

Additionally, waiting until the last minute can result in cheaper ticket prices as unsold tickets are often discounted closer to game time.

However, the availability of tickets at the stadium may vary and might result in higher prices. It is recommended to buy tickets ahead of time from reliable ticket marketplaces for the best experience.

Overview Of Chicago Cubs 2024 Tickets

Looking for Chicago Cubs 2024 tickets? Avoid waiting in line at the stadium and buy your tickets ahead of time to secure your spot. Prices drop quickly the closer you get to game time, so it’s best to wait for last-minute deals.

Purchasing Chicago Cubs 2024 Tickets

Purchase Chicago Cubs 2024 tickets hassle-free and at the best price. Avoid long waiting lists and potentially higher prices by securing your tickets ahead of time at trusted ticket marketplaces like StubHub.

Where To Buy Cubs Tickets

If you are looking to buy Chicago Cubs tickets for the 2024 season, there are several options available to you. Here are some reputable platforms that offer Cubs tickets:

Price Range Of Cubs Tickets

The price range of Chicago Cubs tickets can vary based on factors such as the opponent, seat location, and demand.

Generally, tickets for popular matchups against rivals or weekend games tend to be more expensive, while tickets for weekday games or matchups against less popular opponents are usually cheaper.

It’s also worth noting that prices might increase as the game approaches, so it’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance to secure the best possible price.

Ticket Packages And Deals

If you plan on attending multiple Cubs games throughout the 2024 season, ticket packages and deals can provide you with great value.

The Chicago Cubs offer ticket packages that include tickets to a certain number of games, allowing you to save money compared to buying individual tickets for each game.

Additionally, watch for promotional deals or special offers on ticket platforms that can provide discounted prices or added perks.

Availability Of Last-Minute Tickets

For those who prefer to purchase tickets closer to game time, last minute tickets for Chicago Cubs games may be available.

However, it’s important to note that the availability of last minute tickets is not guaranteed, especially for high-demand games.

If you’re hoping to secure last minute tickets, it’s recommended to keep an eye on ticket resale platforms like StubHub or check with the official ticket marketplace, SeatGeek, for any available inventory. Prices for last minute tickets can vary, so acting quickly is essential if you find a suitable option.

Cheap Chicago Cubs 2024 Tickets

DateOpposite TeamTime (EST)Tickets
29-Mar-2024@Texas5:35 AMBuy Ticket
31-Mar-2024@Texas5:05 AMBuy Ticket
1-Apr-2024@Texas12:35 AMBuy Ticket
2-Apr-2024vsColorado12:20 AMBuy Ticket
3-Apr-2024vsColorado5:40 AMBuy Ticket
4-Apr-2024vsColorado5:40 AMBuy Ticket
6-Apr-2024vsLos Angeles12:20 AMBuy Ticket
7-Apr-2024vsLos Angeles2:05 AMBuy Ticket
8-Apr-2024vsLos Angeles12:20 AMBuy Ticket
9-Apr-2024@San Diego7:40 AMBuy Ticket
10-Apr-2024@San Diego8:05 AMBuy Ticket
11-Apr-2024@San Diego4:40 AMBuy Ticket
13-Apr-2024@Seattle7:40 AMBuy Ticket
14-Apr-2024@Seattle7:40 AMBuy Ticket
15-Apr-2024@Seattle2:10 AMBuy Ticket
16-Apr-2024@Arizona7:40 AMBuy Ticket
17-Apr-2024@Arizona7:40 AMBuy Ticket
18-Apr-2024@Arizona1:40 AMBuy Ticket
19-Apr-2024vsMiami5:40 AMBuy Ticket
20-Apr-2024vsMiami12:20 AMBuy Ticket
21-Apr-2024vsMiami12:20 AMBuy Ticket
22-Apr-2024vsMiami12:20 AMBuy Ticket
24-Apr-2024vsHouston5:40 AMBuy Ticket
25-Apr-2024vsHouston5:40 AMBuy Ticket
26-Apr-2024vsHouston12:20 AMBuy Ticket
27-Apr-2024@Boston5:10 AMBuy Ticket
28-Apr-2024@Boston2:10 AMBuy Ticket
29-Apr-2024@Boston5:00 AMBuy Ticket
30-Apr-2024@New York5:10 AMBuy Ticket
1-May-2024@New York5:10 AMBuy Ticket
2-May-2024@New York5:10 AMBuy Ticket
2-May-2024@New York11:10 PMBuy Ticket
4-May-2024vsMilwaukee12:20 AMBuy Ticket
5-May-2024vsMilwaukee12:20 AMBuy Ticket
6-May-2024vsMilwaukee12:20 AMBuy Ticket
7-May-2024vsSan Diego5:40 AMBuy Ticket
8-May-2024vsSan Diego5:40 AMBuy Ticket
9-May-2024vsSan Diego12:20 AMBuy Ticket
11-May-2024@Pittsburgh4:40 AMBuy Ticket
12-May-2024@Pittsburgh2:05 AMBuy Ticket
12-May-2024@Pittsburgh11:35 PMBuy Ticket
14-May-2024@Atlanta5:20 AMBuy Ticket
15-May-2024@Atlanta5:20 AMBuy Ticket
16-May-2024@Atlanta5:20 AMBuy Ticket
17-May-2024vsPittsburgh5:40 AMBuy Ticket
18-May-2024vsPittsburgh12:20 AMBuy Ticket
19-May-2024vsPittsburgh12:20 AMBuy Ticket
20-May-2024vsPittsburgh12:20 AMBuy Ticket
22-May-2024vsAtlanta5:40 AMBuy Ticket
23-May-2024vsAtlanta5:40 AMBuy Ticket
24-May-2024vsAtlanta12:20 AMBuy Ticket
25-May-2024@St. Louis6:15 AMBuy Ticket
26-May-2024@St. Louis5:15 AMBuy Ticket
27-May-2024@St. Louis5:00 AMBuy Ticket
28-May-2024@Milwaukee2:10 AMBuy Ticket
29-May-2024@Milwaukee5:40 AMBuy Ticket
30-May-2024@Milwaukee5:40 AMBuy Ticket
30-May-2024@Milwaukee11:10 PMBuy Ticket
1-Jun-2024vsCincinnati12:20 AMBuy Ticket
2-Jun-2024vsCincinnati5:15 AMBuy Ticket
3-Jun-2024vsCincinnati12:20 AMBuy Ticket
5-Jun-2024vsChicago6:05 AMBuy Ticket
6-Jun-2024vsChicago6:05 AMBuy Ticket
7-Jun-2024@Cincinnati5:10 AMBuy Ticket
8-Jun-2024@Cincinnati5:10 AMBuy Ticket
9-Jun-2024@Cincinnati2:10 AMBuy Ticket
9-Jun-2024@Cincinnati11:40 PMBuy Ticket
12-Jun-2024@Tampa Bay4:50 AMBuy Ticket
13-Jun-2024@Tampa Bay4:50 AMBuy Ticket
14-Jun-2024@Tampa Bay4:50 AMBuy Ticket
15-Jun-2024vsSt. Louis12:20 AMBuy Ticket
16-Jun-2024vsSt. Louis12:20 AMBuy Ticket
17-Jun-2024vsSt. Louis12:20 AMBuy Ticket
18-Jun-2024vsSan Francisco6:05 AMBuy Ticket
19-Jun-2024vsSan Francisco6:05 AMBuy Ticket
20-Jun-2024vsSan Francisco12:20 AMBuy Ticket
22-Jun-2024vsNew York12:20 AMBuy Ticket
23-Jun-2024vsNew York12:20 AMBuy Ticket
24-Jun-2024vsNew York12:20 AMBuy Ticket
25-Jun-2024@San Francisco7:45 AMBuy Ticket
26-Jun-2024@San Francisco7:45 AMBuy Ticket
27-Jun-2024@San Francisco7:45 AMBuy Ticket
28-Jun-2024@San Francisco1:45 AMBuy Ticket
29-Jun-2024@Milwaukee6:10 AMBuy Ticket
30-Jun-2024@Milwaukee2:10 AMBuy Ticket
1-Jul-2024@Milwaukee12:10 AMBuy Ticket
3-Jul-2024vsPhiladelphia6:05 AMBuy Ticket
4-Jul-2024vsPhiladelphia6:05 AMBuy Ticket
5-Jul-2024vsPhiladelphia12:20 AMBuy Ticket
6-Jul-2024vsLos Angeles12:20 AMBuy Ticket
7-Jul-2024vsLos Angeles12:20 AMBuy Ticket
8-Jul-2024vsLos Angeles12:20 AMBuy Ticket
10-Jul-2024@Baltimore4:35 AMBuy Ticket
11-Jul-2024@Baltimore4:35 AMBuy Ticket
12-Jul-2024@Baltimore4:35 AMBuy Ticket
13-Jul-2024@St. Louis6:15 AMBuy Ticket
14-Jul-2024@St. Louis12:15 AMBuy Ticket
15-Jul-2024@St. Louis12:15 AMBuy Ticket
20-Jul-2024vsArizona12:20 AMBuy Ticket
21-Jul-2024vsArizona5:15 AMBuy Ticket
22-Jul-2024vsArizona12:20 AMBuy Ticket
23-Jul-2024vsMilwaukee6:05 AMBuy Ticket
24-Jul-2024vsMilwaukee6:05 AMBuy Ticket
25-Jul-2024vsMilwaukee12:20 AMBuy Ticket
27-Jul-2024@Kansas City6:10 AMBuy Ticket
28-Jul-2024@Kansas City5:10 AMBuy Ticket
29-Jul-2024@Kansas City12:10 AMBuy Ticket
30-Jul-2024@Cincinnati5:10 AMBuy Ticket
31-Jul-2024@Cincinnati5:10 AMBuy Ticket
1-Aug-2024@Cincinnati5:10 AMBuy Ticket
2-Aug-2024vsSt. Louis6:05 AMBuy Ticket
3-Aug-2024vsSt. Louis12:20 AMBuy Ticket
4-Aug-2024vsSt. Louis12:20 AMBuy Ticket
5-Aug-2024vsSt. Louis12:20 AMBuy Ticket
6-Aug-2024vsMinnesota6:05 AMBuy Ticket
7-Aug-2024vsMinnesota6:05 AMBuy Ticket
8-Aug-2024vsMinnesota12:20 AMBuy Ticket
10-Aug-2024@Chicago6:10 AMBuy Ticket
11-Aug-2024@Chicago5:15 AMBuy Ticket
13-Aug-2024@Cleveland4:40 AMBuy Ticket
14-Aug-2024@Cleveland4:40 AMBuy Ticket
15-Aug-2024@Cleveland4:40 AMBuy Ticket
17-Aug-2024vsToronto12:20 AMBuy Ticket
18-Aug-2024vsToronto12:20 AMBuy Ticket
19-Aug-2024vsToronto12:20 AMBuy Ticket
21-Aug-2024vsDetroit6:05 AMBuy Ticket
22-Aug-2024vsDetroit6:05 AMBuy Ticket
23-Aug-2024vsDetroit12:20 AMBuy Ticket
24-Aug-2024@Miami5:10 AMBuy Ticket
25-Aug-2024@Miami2:10 AMBuy Ticket
25-Aug-2024@Miami11:40 PMBuy Ticket
27-Aug-2024@Pittsburgh4:40 AMBuy Ticket
28-Aug-2024@Pittsburgh4:40 AMBuy Ticket
28-Aug-2024@Pittsburgh10:35 PMBuy Ticket
31-Aug-2024@Washington4:45 AMBuy Ticket
1-Sep-2024@Washington2:05 AMBuy Ticket
1-Sep-2024@Washington11:35 PMBuy Ticket
3-Sep-2024vsPittsburgh5:40 AMBuy Ticket
4-Sep-2024vsPittsburgh5:40 AMBuy Ticket
5-Sep-2024vsPittsburgh5:40 AMBuy Ticket
7-Sep-2024vsNew York12:20 AMBuy Ticket
8-Sep-2024vsNew York12:20 AMBuy Ticket
9-Sep-2024vsNew York12:20 AMBuy Ticket
10-Sep-2024@Los Angeles8:10 AMBuy Ticket
11-Sep-2024@Los Angeles8:10 AMBuy Ticket
12-Sep-2024@Los Angeles8:10 AMBuy Ticket
14-Sep-2024@Colorado6:40 AMBuy Ticket
15-Sep-2024@Colorado6:10 AMBuy Ticket
16-Sep-2024@Colorado1:10 AMBuy Ticket
17-Sep-2024vsOakland5:40 AMBuy Ticket
18-Sep-2024vsOakland5:40 AMBuy Ticket
19-Sep-2024vsOakland12:20 AMBuy Ticket
20-Sep-2024vsWashington5:40 AMBuy Ticket
21-Sep-2024vsWashington12:20 AMBuy Ticket
22-Sep-2024vsWashington12:20 AMBuy Ticket
23-Sep-2024vsWashington12:20 AMBuy Ticket
24-Sep-2024@Philadelphia4:40 AMBuy Ticket
25-Sep-2024@Philadelphia4:40 AMBuy Ticket
26-Sep-2024@Philadelphia4:05 AMBuy Ticket
28-Sep-2024vsCincinnati12:20 AMBuy Ticket
29-Sep-2024vsCincinnati12:20 AMBuy Ticket
30-Sep-2024vsCincinnati1:20 AMBuy Ticket

Season Tickets And Waiting List

One of the most sought-after privileges for Chicago Cubs fans is the opportunity to secure season tickets to watch their beloved team play at historic Wrigley Field.

With the Cubs being one of the most popular teams in Major League Baseball, the demand for season tickets often exceeds the availability.

As a result, the team has implemented a waiting list system to ensure fairness and give all die-hard fans a chance to experience the magic of Cubs baseball on a consistent basis.

Benefits Of Cubs Season Tickets

Securing season tickets for the Chicago Cubs not only guarantees you a seat for every home game, but it also offers a range of exclusive benefits. Some of the key advantages of being a season ticket holder include:

  • Premium seating options, allowing you to choose the perfect vantage point for each game
  • Access to pre-sale opportunities for postseason and special events held at Wrigley Field
  • Invitations to exclusive season ticket holder events, such as meet-and-greets with players and behind-the-scenes stadium tours
  • Discounts on concessions, merchandise, and parking at Wrigley Field

These benefits make Cubs season tickets a highly coveted investment for passionate fans who want to have an immersive experience and support their team throughout the entire season.

Length Of Waiting List For Season Tickets

With the Chicago Cubs consistently drawing large crowds and having a devoted fan base, the waiting list for season tickets can be quite lengthy.

However, the team has recently made some changes to their policy to address the high demand and provide more opportunities for fans to secure season tickets.

In the past, the waiting list for Cubs season tickets could span several years, with potential ticketholders patiently waiting for their turn to come up.

However, the team has decided to eliminate the waiting list system, making it easier for fans to get their hands on season tickets. This change is great news for those who have been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to become a part of the Cubs season ticket family.

Changes In Cubs Season Tickets Policy

The Chicago Cubs have taken a customer-focused approach by revamping their season ticket policy to better serve their loyal fan base.

By eliminating the waiting list, the team has opened up more opportunities for fans to purchase season tickets directly without having to wait for their turn.

This change reflects the Cubs’ commitment to ensuring their fans have a great experience, both on and off the field. It allows more people to have the chance to secure season tickets, creating a stronger connection between the team and its dedicated supporters.

Whether you’ve been waiting for years or are a new fan looking to become a season ticket holder, this policy change presents an exciting opportunity to be a part of Cubs history.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of going to every Cubs home game and experiencing the electric atmosphere of Wrigley Field, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the changes in Cubs season ticket policy and make that dream a reality.

Other Options For Cubs Tickets

Looking for other options for Chicago Cubs 2024 tickets? Avoid the waiting list and higher prices by purchasing your tickets ahead of time at StubHub. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch the Cubs in action at Wrigley Field.

While getting tickets directly from the Chicago Cubs can be a dream come true, it’s not always the easiest or most affordable option.

Luckily, there are several other avenues you can explore to get your hands on Cubs tickets. In this section, we will discuss the secondary ticket market, online marketplaces for Cubs tickets, and alternative ways to attend Cubs games. We’ll also compare prices and options to help you find the best deal for your next Cubs experience.

Secondary Ticket Market

can be a great resource for finding Cubs tickets at various price points. This market consists of individuals or companies reselling tickets they previously purchased through official channels.

While some may hesitate to buy from this market due to concerns about ticket legitimacy, some reputable websites and platforms ensure a safe and secure transaction.

These marketplaces provide an opportunity to access seats that may no longer be available through the official channels. Plus, they often offer a wider selection of seat options, including premium and discounted tickets. Some popular secondary ticket marketplaces for Cubs tickets include:

Front Row
Find Tickets

Online Marketplaces For Cubs Tickets

In addition to the secondary ticket market, there are dedicated online marketplaces where you can buy Cubs tickets directly.

These platforms connect buyers and sellers, offering a wide range of ticket options. Some popular online marketplaces for Cubs tickets include:

provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily browse available tickets, compare prices, and choose your preferred seating location. These platforms often display ticket availability in real-time, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information before making your purchase.

Alternative Ways To Attend Cubs Games

If you’re looking for a unique Cubs experience or want to save some money on tickets, there are alternative ways to attend Cubs games. These options may require some creativity and flexibility, but they can offer a different perspective on the game. Consider the following alternatives:

  1. Winning giveaways: Keep an eye on official Cubs social media accounts or local radio stations for chances to win free Cubs tickets through contests or giveaways.
  2. Attending spring training: While not the regular season, spring training games provide an opportunity to see the Cubs in action at a lower cost.
  3. Visiting nearby sports bars: If you can’t secure tickets to a game, consider watching it at a sports bar near Wrigley Field. These establishments often have a lively atmosphere and provide a great viewing experience.

These alternatives may not offer the same excitement as being in the stadium, but they can still provide an enjoyable Cubs experience at a more affordable price.

Comparing Prices And Options

When comparing prices and options for Cubs tickets, it’s essential to consider various factors:

  • Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend and explore different ticket options within your price range.
  • Seating preferences: Decide whether you prefer premium seats, lower-level seats, or are open to sitting in the upper deck.
  • Game date and time: Prices can vary depending on the opponent, day of the week, and time of the game.

By considering these factors and utilizing secondary ticket marketplaces and online platforms, you can find the best combination of price, availability, and seating options for your next Cubs game.


As the excitement builds for the Chicago Cubs’ 2024 season, fans are eager to secure their tickets. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply looking for a memorable experience, purchasing your tickets ahead of time is highly recommended. By doing so, you can avoid the last-minute rush and potentially find better deals.

Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the Cubs in action at Wrigley Field – check out official ticket marketplaces like SeatGeek, StubHub, and Vivid Seats for availability. Secure your spot and get ready for an unforgettable baseball season.