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Chicago Cubs 2023 Season TV Schedule & Fixture

The Chicago Cubs will play their 152nd season of MLB season from 30th March 2023. In the last season, they had a great season and got 3rd rank in divisional place with 74 games won, and 88 games lost.

Chicago Cubs 2023 Season TV Schedule & Fixture

Chicago Cubs Players
Chicago Cubs Players

Overall, the Cubs have several intense rivalries that have developed throughout their long history. These rivalries add to the excitement of Cubs baseball and provide supporters with plenty of memorable moments to cherish.

The team has three strong rivalries with St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers, and, Chicago White Sox. On 30th March 2023, their very first game will happen against Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field.

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Another rival team, St. Louis Cardinals will fight on 8th May 2023 at Wrigley Field. And, on 15th August 2023, the Cubs will face against Chicago White Sox at Wrigley Field.

All-game of the Cubs aired on ESPN, Apple TV, MLB Network, Fox TV, and Amazon Prime on time. Fans who can not seat at the stadium can watch live stream of every game.

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateOpponentTime (EST)VenueTV
30-Mar-2023vs. Milwaukee Brewers2:20 PMWrigley FieldESPN
1-Apr-2023vs. Milwaukee Brewers6:40 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
2-Apr-2023vs. Milwaukee Brewers2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
3-Apr-2023@ Cincinnati Reds6:40 PMGreat American
Ball Park
4-Apr-2023@ Cincinnati Reds6:40 PMGreat American
Ball Park
Fox TV
5-Apr-2023@ Cincinnati Reds12:35 pmMLBNGreat American
Ball Park
7-Apr-2023vs. Texas Rangers2:20 pmATV+Wrigley FieldESPN
8-Apr-2023vs. Texas Rangers4:05 pmFS1Wrigley FieldFox TV
9-Apr-2023vs. Texas Rangers2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
10-Apr-2023vs. Seattle Mariners7:40 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
11-Apr-2023vs. Seattle Mariners7:40 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
12-Apr-2023vs. Seattle Mariners2:20 PMWrigley FieldESPN
14-Apr-2023@ Los Angeles Dodgers10:10 PMDodger StadiumESPN
15-Apr-2023@ Los Angeles Dodgers9:10 PMDodger StadiumFox TV
16-Apr-2023@ Los Angeles Dodgers4:10 PMDodger StadiumApple TV
17-Apr-2023@ Oakland Athletics9:40 PMOakland-Alameda
County Coliseum
18-Apr-2023@ Oakland Athletics9:40 PMOakland-Alameda
County Coliseum
Fox TV
19-Apr-2023@ Oakland Athletics3:37 PMOakland-Alameda
County Coliseum
20-Apr-2023vs. Los Angeles Dodgers7:40 PMWrigley FieldESPN
21-Apr-2023vs. Los Angeles Dodgers2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
22-Apr-2023vs. Los Angeles Dodgers2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
23-Apr-2023vs. Los Angeles Dodgers2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
25-Apr-2023vs. San Diego Padres7:40 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
26-Apr-2023vs. San Diego Padres7:40 PMWrigley FieldESPN
27-Apr-2023vs. San Diego Padres2:20 PMWrigley FieldESPN
28-Apr-2023@ Miami Marlins6:40 PMloanDepot parkFox TV
29-Apr-2023@ Miami Marlins4:05 PMloanDepot parkApple TV
30-Apr-2023@ Miami Marlins12:05 PMloanDepot parkAMZP
1-May-2023@ Washington Nationals7:05 PMNationals ParkFox TV
2-May-2023@ Washington Nationals7:05 PMNationals ParkESPN
3-May-2023@ Washington Nationals7:05 PMNationals ParkESPN
4-May-2023@ Washington Nationals1:05 PMNationals ParkFox TV
5-May-2023vs. Miami Marlins2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
6-May-2023vs. Miami Marlins2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
7-May-2023vs. Miami Marlins2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
8-May-2023vs. St. Louis Cardinals7:40 PMWrigley FieldESPN
9-May-2023vs. St. Louis Cardinals7:40 PMWrigley FieldESPN
10-May-2023vs. St. Louis Cardinals7:40 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
12-May-2023@ Minnesota Twins8:10 PMTarget FieldApple TV
13-May-2023@ Minnesota Twins2:10 PMTarget FieldAMZP
14-May-2023@ Minnesota Twins2:10 PMTarget FieldFox TV
15-May-2023@ Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkESPN
16-May-2023@ Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkESPN
17-May-2023@ Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkFox TV
19-May-2023@ Philadelphia Phillies7:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkApple TV
20-May-2023@ Philadelphia Phillies4:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkAMZP
21-May-2023@ Philadelphia Phillies1:35 PMCitizens Bank ParkFox TV
23-May-2023vs. New York Mets7:40 PMWrigley FieldESPN
24-May-2023vs. New York Mets7:40 PMWrigley FieldESPN
25-May-2023vs. New York Mets7:40 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
26-May-2023vs. Cincinnati Reds2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
27-May-2023vs. Cincinnati Reds7:15 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
28-May-2023vs. Cincinnati Reds2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
29-May-2023vs. Tampa Bay Rays2:20 PMWrigley FieldESPN
30-May-2023vs. Tampa Bay Rays8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
31-May-2023vs. Tampa Bay Rays2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
2-Jun-2023@ San Diego Padres9:40 PMPetco ParkApple TV
3-Jun-2023@ San Diego Padres10:10 PMPetco ParkAMZP
4-Jun-2023@ San Diego Padres4:10 PMPetco ParkFox TV
5-Jun-2023@ San Diego Padres9:40 PMPetco ParkESPN
6-Jun-2023@ Los Angeles Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium
of Anaheim
7-Jun-2023@ Los Angeles Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium
of Anaheim
Fox TV
8-Jun-2023@ Los Angeles Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium
of Anaheim
Apple TV
9-Jun-2023@ San Francisco Giants10:15 PMOracle ParkAMZP
10-Jun-2023@ San Francisco Giants7:35 PMOracle ParkFox TV
11-Jun-2023@ San Francisco Giants4:05 PMOracle ParkESPN
13-Jun-2023vs. Pittsburgh Pirates8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
14-Jun-2023vs. Pittsburgh Pirates8:05 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
15-Jun-2023vs. Pittsburgh Pirates8:05 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
16-Jun-2023vs. Baltimore Orioles2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
17-Jun-2023vs. Baltimore Orioles2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
18-Jun-2023vs. Baltimore Orioles1:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
19-Jun-2023@ Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 PMPNC ParkESPN
20-Jun-2023@ Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 PMPNC ParkFox TV
21-Jun-2023@ Pittsburgh Pirates12:35 PMPNC ParkApple TV
24-Jun-2023@ St. Louis Cardinals1:10 PMLondon StadiumAMZP
25-Jun-2023@ St. Louis Cardinals10:10 AMLondon StadiumFox TV
27-Jun-2023vs. Philadelphia Phillies8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
28-Jun-2023vs. Philadelphia Phillies8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
29-Jun-2023vs. Philadelphia Phillies8:05 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
30-Jun-2023vs. Cleveland Guardians2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
1-Jul-2023vs. Cleveland Guardians7:15 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
2-Jul-2023vs. Cleveland Guardians2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
3-Jul-2023@ Milwaukee Brewers2:10 PMAmerican Family FieldESPN
4-Jul-2023@ Milwaukee Brewers4:10 PMAmerican Family FieldESPN
5-Jul-2023@ Milwaukee Brewers8:10 PMAmerican Family FieldFox TV
6-Jul-2023@ Milwaukee Brewers2:10 PMAmerican Family FieldApple TV
7-Jul-2023@ New York Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumAMZP
8-Jul-2023@ New York Yankees1:05 PMYankee StadiumFox TV
9-Jul-2023@ New York Yankees1:35 PMYankee StadiumESPN
14-Jul-2023vs. Boston Red Sox8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
15-Jul-2023vs. Boston Red Sox2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
16-Jul-2023vs. Boston Red Sox2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
17-Jul-2023vs. Washington Nationals8:05 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
18-Jul-2023vs. Washington Nationals8:05 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
19-Jul-2023vs. Washington Nationals8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
20-Jul-2023vs. St. Louis Cardinals8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
21-Jul-2023vs. St. Louis Cardinals2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
22-Jul-2023vs. St. Louis Cardinals2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
23-Jul-2023vs. St. Louis Cardinals2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
25-Jul-2023@ Chicago White Sox8:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldFox TV
26-Jul-2023@ Chicago White Sox8:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldESPN
27-Jul-2023@ St. Louis Cardinals7:45 PMBusch StadiumESPN
28-Jul-2023@ St. Louis Cardinals8:15 PMBusch StadiumFox TV
29-Jul-2023@ St. Louis Cardinals7:15 PMBusch StadiumApple TV
30-Jul-2023@ St. Louis Cardinals2:15 PMBusch StadiumAMZP
31-Jul-2023vs. Cincinnati Reds8:05 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
1-Aug-2023vs. Cincinnati Reds8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
2-Aug-2023vs. Cincinnati Reds8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
3-Aug-2023vs. Cincinnati Reds8:05 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
4-Aug-2023vs. Atlanta Braves2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
5-Aug-2023vs. Atlanta Braves2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
6-Aug-2023vs. Atlanta Braves2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
7-Aug-2023@ New York Mets7:10 PMCiti FieldESPN
8-Aug-2023@ New York Mets7:10 PMCiti FieldESPN
9-Aug-2023@ New York Mets7:10 PMCiti FieldFox TV
11-Aug-2023@ Toronto Blue Jays7:07 PMRogers CentreApple TV
12-Aug-2023@ Toronto Blue Jays3:07 PMRogers CentreAMZP
13-Aug-2023@ Toronto Blue Jays1:37 PMRogers CentreFox TV
15-Aug-2023vs. Chicago White Sox8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
16-Aug-2023vs. Chicago White Sox8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
18-Aug-2023vs. Kansas City Royals2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
19-Aug-2023vs. Kansas City Royals2:20 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
20-Aug-2023vs. Kansas City Royals2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
21-Aug-2023@ Detroit Tigers6:40 PMComerica ParkFox TV
22-Aug-2023@ Detroit Tigers6:40 PMComerica ParkESPN
23-Aug-2023@ Detroit Tigers1:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
24-Aug-2023@ Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 PMPNC ParkFox TV
25-Aug-2023@ Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 PMPNC ParkApple TV
26-Aug-2023@ Pittsburgh Pirates7:15 PMPNC ParkAMZP
27-Aug-2023@ Pittsburgh Pirates1:35 PMPNC ParkFox TV
28-Aug-2023vs. Milwaukee Brewers8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
29-Aug-2023vs. Milwaukee Brewers8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
30-Aug-2023vs. Milwaukee Brewers2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
1-Sep-2023@ Cincinnati Reds6:40 PMGreat American
Ball Park
Apple TV
2-Sep-2023@ Cincinnati Reds6:40 PMGreat American
Ball Park
3-Sep-2023@ Cincinnati Reds12:10 PMGreat American
Ball Park
Fox TV
4-Sep-2023vs. San Francisco Giants2:20 PMWrigley FieldESPN
5-Sep-2023vs. San Francisco Giants7:40 PMWrigley FieldESPN
6-Sep-2023vs. San Francisco Giants2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
7-Sep-2023vs. Arizona Diamondbacks7:40 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
8-Sep-2023vs. Arizona Diamondbacks2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
9-Sep-2023vs. Arizona Diamondbacks2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
10-Sep-2023vs. Arizona Diamondbacks2:20 PMWrigley FieldESPN
11-Sep-2023@ Colorado Rockies8:40 PMCoors FieldESPN
12-Sep-2023@ Colorado Rockies8:40 PMCoors FieldFox TV
13-Sep-2023@ Colorado Rockies3:10 PMCoors FieldApple TV
15-Sep-2023@ Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMChase FieldAMZP
16-Sep-2023@ Arizona Diamondbacks8:10 PMChase FieldFox TV
17-Sep-2023@ Arizona Diamondbacks4:10 PMChase FieldESPN
19-Sep-2023vs. Pittsburgh Pirates7:40 PMWrigley FieldESPN
20-Sep-2023vs. Pittsburgh Pirates7:40 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
21-Sep-2023vs. Pittsburgh Pirates7:40 PMWrigley FieldApple TV
22-Sep-2023vs. Colorado Rockies2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
23-Sep-2023vs. Colorado Rockies2:20 PMWrigley FieldFox TV
24-Sep-2023vs. Colorado Rockies2:20 PMWrigley FieldESPN
26-Sep-2023@ Atlanta Braves7:20 PMTruist ParkESPN
27-Sep-2023@ Atlanta Braves7:20 PMTruist ParkFox TV
28-Sep-2023@ Atlanta Braves7:20 PMTruist ParkApple TV
29-Sep-2023@ Milwaukee Brewers8:10 PMAmerican Family FieldAMZP
30-Sep-2023@ Milwaukee Brewers7:10 PMAmerican Family FieldFox TV
1-Oct-2023@ Milwaukee Brewers3:10 PMAmerican Family FieldESPN