Weightlifting Schedule & Fixtures for the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics

Olympic Weightlifting

The Athletes, who lift a barbell loaded with heavyweight plates, is called Weightlifting sports. And the highest governing body of this sport is the International Weightlifting Federation.

Ancient Greece, Egypt, China have developed this game in a form of weightlifting strength competitions. The Inaugural Olympic Games in 1896, had been done with this weightlifting sports event.

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Qualifications: From any participating nation, a maximum of 8 athletes will perform (4 men, 4 women) in this sport.

Events: From Men’s 8 events will be scheduled on the other hand, from women’s 7 events will be held on that weightlifting sports.

Men’s EventsWomen’s Events
56 kg Men48 kg Women
62 kg Men53 kg Women
69 kg Men58 kg Women
77 kg Men63 kg Women
85 kg Men69 kg Women
94 kg Men75 kg Women
105 kg Men+75 kg Women
+105 kg Men

Weightlifting Schedule & Fixtures for the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics

Weightlifting Sport at Summer Olympics
Weightlifting Sport at Summer Olympics

The Weightlifting sports events will be scheduled from 24th July to 4th August 2021 at Tokyo International Forum. The whole schedule will be coming soon.

Date (2021)Events
24th JulyWomen’s 49 kg Group B
Women’s 49 kg Group A
Women’s 49 kg Victory Ceremony
25th JulyMen’s 61 kg Group B and Men’s 67 kg Group B
Men’s 61 kg Group A
Men’s 61 kg Victory Ceremony
Men’s 67 kg Group A
Men’s 67 kg Victory Ceremony
26th JulyWomen’s 55 kg Group B
Women’s 55 kg Group A
Women’s 55 kg Victory Ceremony
27th JulyWomen’s 59 kg Group B and Women’s 64 kg Group B
Women’s 59 kg Group A
Women’s 59 kg Victory Ceremony
Women’s 64 kg Group A
Women’s 64 kg Victory Ceremony
28th JulyMen’s 73 kg Group B
Men’s 73 kg Group A
Men’s 73 kg Victory Ceremony
31st JulyMen’s 81 kg Group B and Men’s 96 kg Group B
Men’s 81 kg Group A
Men’s 81 kg Victory Ceremony
Men’s 96 kg Group A
Men’s 96 kg Victory Ceremony
1st AugustWomen’s 76 kg Group B
Women’s 76 kg Group A
Women’s 76 kg Victory Ceremony
2nd AugustWomen’s 87 kg Group B and Women’s +87 kg Group B
Women’s 87 kg Group A
Women’s 87 kg Victory Ceremony
Women’s +87 kg Group A
Women’s +87 kg Victory Ceremony
3rd AugustMen’s 109 kg Group B
Men’s 109 kg Group A
Men’s 109 kg Victory Ceremony
4th AugustMen’s +109 kg Group B
Men’s +109 kg Group A
Men’s +109 kg Victory Ceremony

Olympic Weightlifting: Medals Stat & Table

Till now, the Soviet Union is the number one ranked on Olympic Weightlifting Medals Statistics. And the 2nd and 3rd position ranked China & USA respectfully. Here are the top 25 counties with Medals count.

1Soviet Union3921262
3United States16161244
11North Korea57517
13Unified Team5409
17South Korea34512
25West Germany2237

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