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Toronto Blue Jays 2022 MLB TV Schedule & Fixture

The Toronto Blue Jays are a professional baseball team based in Toronto, Ontario. The Blue Jays compete in the American League (AL) of Major League Baseball (MLB).

The team was established in 1977 as a charter member of the then-American League (AL) and played its first game in April 1978. The Blue Jays franchise has made the postseason nine times, winning two World Series titles in 1992, and 1993.

Toronto Blue Jays Roster

Toronto Blue Jays 2022 MLB TV Schedule & Fixture

After a successful spring season, the Blue Jays are gearing up for their regular-season games. If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you through the season. The 2022 MLB regular season will take place from 7th April 2022.

The 2022 Toronto Blue Jays season is the 46th season of the Toronto Blue Jays franchise, and the Blue Jays’ 31st full season (33rd overall) at Rogers Centre. Their very first game will be held on 8th April 2022 against Texas Rangers.

The Toronto Blue Jays and the Detroit Tigers are two of the most storied teams in all of baseball. They’ve been playing each other for over a hundred years, and the rivalry is as fierce as ever.

The Seattle Mariners are also a team that fans can get passionate about. They’ve been in the league for over three decades, and their rivalry with the Oakland Athletics is one of the oldest in baseball.

Key-date of Toronto Blue Jays 2022 MLB Schedule

8-Apr-2022 – Texas Rangers – 3:07 PM – Rogers Centre
24-Apr-2022 – Houston Astros – 2:10 PM – Minute Maid Park
25-Apr-2022 – Boston Red Sox – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
8-May-2022 – Cleveland Guardians – 1:40 PM – Progressive Field
10-May-2022 – N.Y. Yankees – 7:05 PM – Yankee Stadium
15-May-2022 – Tampa Bay Rays – 1:40 PM – Tropicana Field
16-May-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
22-May-2022 – Cincinnati Reds – 1:37 PM – Rogers Centre
23-May-2022 – St. Louis Cardinals – 7:45 PM – Busch Stadium
29-May-2022 – L.A. Angels – 4:07 PM – Angel Stadium of Anaheim
10-Jun-2022 – Detroit Tigers – 7:10 PM – Comerica Park
17-Jun-2022 – N.Y. Yankees – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
29-Jun-2022 – Boston Red Sox – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
30-Jun-2022 – Tampa Bay Rays – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
7-Jul-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 10:10 PM – T-Mobile Park
10-Jul-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 4:10 PM – T-Mobile Park

12-Jul-2022 – Philadelphia Phillies – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
24-Jul-2022 – Boston Red Sox – 1:35 PM – Fenway Park
26-Jul-2022 – St. Louis Cardinals – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
29-Aug-2022 – Chicago Cubs – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
5-Sep-2022 – Baltimore Orioles – 1:05 PM – Camden Yards
15-Sep-2022 – Tampa Bay Rays – 3:07 PM – Rogers Centre
21-Sep-2022 – Philadelphia Phillies – 6:45 PM – Citizens Bank Park
28-Sep-2022 – N.Y. Yankees – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
30-Sep-2022 – Boston Red Sox – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
5-Oct-2022 – Baltimore Orioles – 7:05 PM – Camden Yards

If you are a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, then you need to know – which TV channel will cover this whole season, right? You will enjoy these games on ESPN, Fox, ABC, MLB Network, and etc. Additionally, supporters will also watch live on online platforms such as – Apple TV, Amazon Prime, DirectTV and fuboTV.

Watch Blue Jays’ All Games on fuboTV

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateOpponentTime (EST)StadiumTV Channel
8-Apr-2022Texas Rangers3:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
9-Apr-2022Texas Rangers3:07 PMRogers CentreABC
10-Apr-2022Texas Rangers1:37 PMRogers CentreESPN
11-Apr-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumFox
12-Apr-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumDAZN
13-Apr-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumMLB Network
14-Apr-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumMLB Network
15-Apr-2022Oakland Athletics7:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
16-Apr-2022Oakland Athletics3:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
17-Apr-2022Oakland Athletics1:37 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
19-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkMLB Network
20-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkABC
21-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox1:35 PMFenway ParkESPN
22-Apr-2022Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkFox
23-Apr-2022Houston Astros4:10 PMMinute Maid ParkDAZN
24-Apr-2022Houston Astros2:10 PMMinute Maid ParkMLB Network
25-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
26-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox7:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
27-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
28-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox3:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
29-Apr-2022Houston Astros7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
30-Apr-2022Houston Astros3:07 PMRogers CentreABC
1-May-2022Houston Astros1:37 PMRogers CentreESPN
2-May-2022N.Y. Yankees7:07 PMRogers CentreFox
3-May-2022N.Y. Yankees7:07 PMRogers CentreDAZN
4-May-2022N.Y. Yankees7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
5-May-2022Cleveland Guardians6:10 PMProgressive FieldMLB Network
6-May-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMProgressive FieldESPN+
7-May-2022Cleveland Guardians6:10 PMProgressive FieldfuboTV
8-May-2022Cleveland Guardians1:40 PMProgressive FieldfuboTV
10-May-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumMLB Network
11-May-2022N.Y. Yankees12:35 PMYankee StadiumABC
13-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:10 PMTropicana FieldESPN
14-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:10 PMTropicana FieldFox
15-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays1:40 PMTropicana FieldDAZN
16-May-2022Seattle Mariners7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
17-May-2022Seattle Mariners7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
18-May-2022Seattle Mariners7:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
20-May-2022Cincinnati Reds7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
21-May-2022Cincinnati Reds3:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
22-May-2022Cincinnati Reds1:37 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
23-May-2022St. Louis Cardinals7:45 PMBusch StadiumABC
24-May-2022St. Louis Cardinals7:45 PMBusch StadiumESPN
26-May-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimFox
27-May-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimDAZN
28-May-2022L.A. Angels10:07 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimMLB Network
29-May-2022L.A. Angels4:07 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimMLB Network
31-May-2022Chi. White Sox7:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
1-Jun-2022Chi. White Sox7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
2-Jun-2022Chi. White Sox3:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
3-Jun-2022Minnesota Twins7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
4-Jun-2022Minnesota Twins3:07 PMRogers CentreABC
5-Jun-2022Minnesota Twins1:37 PMRogers CentreESPN
6-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanFox
7-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanDAZN
8-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals2:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanMLB Network
10-Jun-2022Detroit Tigers7:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
11-Jun-2022Detroit Tigers4:10 PMComerica ParkESPN+
12-Jun-2022Detroit Tigers1:40 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
13-Jun-2022Baltimore Orioles7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
14-Jun-2022Baltimore Orioles7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
15-Jun-2022Baltimore Orioles7:07 PMRogers CentreABC
16-Jun-2022Baltimore Orioles3:07 PMRogers CentreESPN
17-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees7:07 PMRogers CentreFox
18-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees3:07 PMRogers CentreDAZN
19-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees1:37 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
20-Jun-2022Chi. White Sox8:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldMLB Network
21-Jun-2022Chi. White Sox8:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldESPN+
22-Jun-2022Chi. White Sox2:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldfuboTV
24-Jun-2022Milwaukee Brewers8:10 PMAmerican Family FieldfuboTV
25-Jun-2022Milwaukee Brewers4:10 PMAmerican Family FieldBSWI
26-Jun-2022Milwaukee Brewers2:10 PMAmerican Family FieldBSWI
27-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
28-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox7:07 PMRogers CentreABC
29-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox7:07 PMRogers CentreESPN
30-Jun-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:07 PMRogers CentreFox
1-Jul-2022Tampa Bay Rays3:07 PMRogers CentreDAZN
2-Jul-2022Tampa Bay Rays12:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
2-Jul-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
3-Jul-2022Tampa Bay Rays1:37 PMRogers CentreESPN+
4-Jul-2022Oakland Athletics9:07 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
5-Jul-2022Oakland Athletics9:40 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
6-Jul-2022Oakland Athletics3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaMLB Network
7-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners10:10 PMT-Mobile ParkABC
8-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners10:10 PMT-Mobile ParkESPN
9-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners10:10 PMT-Mobile ParkFox
10-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners4:10 PMT-Mobile ParkDAZN
12-Jul-2022Philadelphia Phillies7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
13-Jul-2022Philadelphia Phillies7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
14-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals7:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
15-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
16-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals3:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
17-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals12:05 PMRogers CentrePEAC
22-Jul-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkMLB Network
23-Jul-2022Boston Red Sox4:10 PMFenway ParkABC
24-Jul-2022Boston Red Sox1:35 PMFenway ParkESPN
26-Jul-2022St. Louis Cardinals7:07 PMRogers CentreFox
27-Jul-2022St. Louis Cardinals7:07 PMRogers CentreDAZN
28-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
29-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
30-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers3:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
31-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers12:05 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
2-Aug-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:10 PMTropicana FieldfuboTV
3-Aug-2022Tampa Bay Rays12:10 PMTropicana FieldMLB Network
4-Aug-2022Minnesota Twins7:40 PMTarget FieldABC
5-Aug-2022Minnesota Twins8:10 PMTarget FieldESPN
6-Aug-2022Minnesota Twins7:10 PMTarget FieldFox
7-Aug-2022Minnesota Twins2:10 PMTarget FieldDAZN
8-Aug-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsMLB Network
9-Aug-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsMLB Network
10-Aug-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsESPN+
12-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
13-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians3:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
14-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians1:37 PMRogers CentreApple TV
15-Aug-2022Baltimore Orioles7:07 PMRogers CentreAmazon Prime
16-Aug-2022Baltimore Orioles7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
17-Aug-2022Baltimore Orioles3:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
18-Aug-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumMLB Network
19-Aug-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumAMZP
20-Aug-2022N.Y. Yankees1:05 PMYankee StadiumMLB Network
21-Aug-2022N.Y. Yankees1:35 PMYankee StadiumABC
23-Aug-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkESPN
24-Aug-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkFox
25-Aug-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkDAZN
26-Aug-2022L.A. Angels7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
27-Aug-2022L.A. Angels3:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
28-Aug-2022L.A. Angels1:37 PMRogers CentreESPN+
29-Aug-2022Chicago Cubs7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
30-Aug-2022Chicago Cubs7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
31-Aug-2022Chicago Cubs7:07 PMRogers CentreApple TV
2-Sep-2022Pittsburgh Pirates6:35 PMPNC ParkAmazon Prime
3-Sep-2022Pittsburgh Pirates6:35 PMPNC ParkAmazon Prime
4-Sep-2022Pittsburgh Pirates12:05 PMPNC ParkPEAC
5-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles1:05 PMCamden YardsMLB Network
6-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsABC
7-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsESPN
9-Sep-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldFox
10-Sep-2022Texas Rangers7:05 PMGlobe Life FieldDAZN
11-Sep-2022Texas Rangers2:35 PMGlobe Life FieldMLB Network
12-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
13-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays1:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
13-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
14-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
15-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays3:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
16-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
17-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles3:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
18-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles1:37 PMRogers CentreABC
20-Sep-2022Philadelphia Phillies6:45 PMCitizens Bank ParkESPN
21-Sep-2022Philadelphia Phillies6:45 PMCitizens Bank ParkFox
22-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PMTropicana FieldDAZN
23-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:10 PMTropicana FieldMLB Network
24-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:10 PMTropicana FieldMLB Network
25-Sep-2022Tampa Bay Rays1:10 PMTropicana FieldESPN+
26-Sep-2022N.Y. Yankees7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
27-Sep-2022N.Y. Yankees7:07 PMRogers CentrefuboTV
28-Sep-2022N.Y. Yankees7:07 PMRogers CentreMLB Network
30-Sep-2022Boston Red Sox7:07 PMRogers CentreABC
1-Oct-2022Boston Red Sox3:07 PMRogers CentreESPN
2-Oct-2022Boston Red Sox1:37 PMRogers CentreFox
3-Oct-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsDAZN
4-Oct-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsMLB Network
5-Oct-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsMLB Network