San Diego Padres 2022 MLB TV Schedule (Today)

San Diego Padres

The San Diego Padres are an American professional baseball team based in San Diego, California. The Padres compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member of the National League (NL) West division. The team was founded in 1969 as a member of the American League (AL).

The team has won two NL pennants in 1984 and 1998, losing in the World Series both years. As of 2021, they have had 15 winning seasons in franchise history. In the 2021 MLB season, they have ranked in 3rd position in the National League West with win-loss scoring of 79-83.

San Diego Padres Current Roster

San Diego Padres 2022 MLB TV Game Schedule (Today)

The 2022 Major League Baseball season began on 7th April with the regular season scheduled to end on 5th October. The 2022 San Diego Padres season is the 54th season of the San Diego Padres franchise. The Padres play their home games at Petco Park as members of the Major League Baseball’s National League West Division.

Although MLB previously announced that several series would be canceled due to the lockout, the agreement provides for a 162-game season, with originally canceled games to be made up via doubleheaders.

Key Date of San Diego Padres 2022 MLB Game Schedule

10-Apr-2022 – Arizona Diamondbacks – 4:05 PM

13-Apr-2022 – San Francisco Giants – 3:45 PM

14-Apr-2022 – Atlanta Braves – 8:10 PM

20-Apr-2022 – Cincinnati Reds – 4:10 PM

23-Apr-2022 – L.A. Dodgers – 8:40 PM

30-Apr-2022 – Pittsburgh Pirates – 6:35 PM

14-May-2022 – Atlanta Braves – 4:05 PM

19-May-2022 – Philadelphia Phillies – 1:05 PM

29-May-2022 – Pittsburgh Pirates – 4:10 PM

1-Jun-2022 – St. Louis Cardinals – 1:15 PM

10-Jun-2022 – Colorado Rockies – 9:40 PM

15-Jun-2022 – Chicago Cubs – 8:05 PM

19-Jun-2022 – Colorado Rockies – 3:10 PM

2-Jul-2022 – L.A. Dodgers – 7:15 PM

8-Jul-2022 – San Francisco Giants – 9:40 PM

14-Jul-2022 – Colorado Rockies – 3:10 PM

23-Jul-2022 – N.Y. Mets – 7:10 PM

27-Jul-2022 – Detroit Tigers – 1:10 PM

29-Jul-2022 – Minnesota Twins – 9:40 PM

6-Aug-2022 – L.A. Dodgers – 9:10 PM

10-Aug-2022 – San Francisco Giants – 4:10 PM

12-Aug-2022 – Washington Nationals – 7:05 PM

16-Aug-2022 – Miami Marlins – 6:40 PM

28-Aug-2022 – Kansas City Royals – 2:10 PM

11-Sep-2022 – L.A. Dodgers – 4:10 PM

13-Sep-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 9:40 PM

22-Sep-2022 – St. Louis Cardinals – 4:10 PM

30-Sep-2022 – Chi. White Sox – 9:40 PM

5-Oct-2022 – San Francisco Giants – 9:40 PM

What Channels are the San Diego Padres Game on Today?

Are you looking forward to watching San Diego Padres live on TV tonight? If so, then you should know – which TV channels will broadcast all 162-game on their platform, right?

Several TV channels such as MLB Network, Fox, ESPN, BSWI, FS1, and TSN will air the whole MLB 2022 season on their network.

If you haven’t access to the cable network, then you can enjoy it on online platforms such as – Apple Plus, Amazon Prime, DirectTV, and fuboTV.

Watch Live San Diego Padres’ Game on fuboTV

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateOpponentTime (EST)StadiumTV Channel
7-Apr-2022Arizona Diamondbacks3:45 PMChase FieldMLBN
8-Apr-2022Arizona Diamondbacks8:10 PMChase FieldFOX
9-Apr-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMChase FieldESPN
10-Apr-2022Arizona Diamondbacks4:05 PMChase FieldMLBN
11-Apr-2022San Francisco Giants7:08 PMOracle ParkAPP+
12-Apr-2022San Francisco Giants3:45 PMOracle ParkAMZP
13-Apr-2022San Francisco Giants3:45 PMOracle ParkBSSD
14-Apr-2022Atlanta Braves8:10 PMPetco ParkBSSD
15-Apr-2022Atlanta Braves9:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
16-Apr-2022Atlanta Braves4:05 PMPetco ParkFOX
17-Apr-2022Atlanta Braves7:08 PMPetco ParkESPN
18-Apr-2022Cincinnati Reds9:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
19-Apr-2022Cincinnati Reds9:40 PMPetco ParkAPP+
20-Apr-2022Cincinnati Reds4:10 PMPetco ParkAMZP
22-Apr-2022L.A. Dodgers9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
23-Apr-2022L.A. Dodgers8:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
24-Apr-2022L.A. Dodgers4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
26-Apr-2022Cincinnati Reds6:40 PMGreat American Ball ParkFOX
27-Apr-2022Cincinnati Reds6:40 PMGreat American Ball ParkESPN
28-Apr-2022Cincinnati Reds12:35 PMGreat American Ball ParkMLBN
29-Apr-2022Pittsburgh Pirates6:35 PMPNC ParkAPP+
30-Apr-2022Pittsburgh Pirates6:35 PMPNC ParkAMZP
1-May-2022Pittsburgh Pirates1:35 PMPNC ParkBSSD
3-May-2022Cleveland Guardians6:10 PMProgressive FieldBSSD
4-May-2022Cleveland Guardians1:10 PMProgressive FieldMLBN
5-May-2022Miami Marlins9:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
6-May-2022Miami Marlins9:40 PMPetco ParkESPN
7-May-2022Miami Marlins8:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
8-May-2022Miami Marlins4:10 PMPetco ParkAPP+
9-May-2022Chicago Cubs9:40 PMPetco ParkAMZP
10-May-2022Chicago Cubs9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
11-May-2022Chicago Cubs4:10 PMPetco ParkBSSD
13-May-2022Atlanta Braves7:20 PMTruist ParkAPP+
14-May-2022Atlanta Braves4:05 PMTruist ParkAMZP
15-May-2022Atlanta Braves11:35 AMTruist ParkPEAC
17-May-2022Philadelphia Phillies6:45 PMCitizens Bank ParkMLBN
18-May-2022Philadelphia Phillies6:45 PMCitizens Bank ParkFOX
19-May-2022Philadelphia Phillies1:05 PMCitizens Bank ParkESPN
20-May-2022San Francisco Giants10:15 PMOracle ParkMLBN
21-May-2022San Francisco Giants4:05 PMOracle ParkAPP+
22-May-2022San Francisco Giants4:05 PMOracle ParkAMZP
23-May-2022Milwaukee Brewers9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
24-May-2022Milwaukee Brewers9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
25-May-2022Milwaukee Brewers4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
27-May-2022Pittsburgh Pirates9:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
28-May-2022Pittsburgh Pirates10:10 PMPetco ParkESPN
29-May-2022Pittsburgh Pirates4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
30-May-2022St. Louis Cardinals2:15 PMBusch StadiumAPP+
31-May-2022St. Louis Cardinals7:45 PMBusch StadiumAMZP
1-Jun-2022St. Louis Cardinals1:15 PMBusch StadiumBSSD
2-Jun-2022Milwaukee Brewers7:40 PMAmerican Family FieldBSSD
3-Jun-2022Milwaukee Brewers8:10 PMAmerican Family FieldMLBN
4-Jun-2022Milwaukee Brewers4:10 PMAmerican Family FieldFOX
5-Jun-2022Milwaukee Brewers2:10 PMAmerican Family FieldESPN
6-Jun-2022N.Y. Mets9:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
7-Jun-2022N.Y. Mets9:40 PMPetco ParkAPP+
8-Jun-2022N.Y. Mets9:40 PMPetco ParkAMZP
10-Jun-2022Colorado Rockies9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
11-Jun-2022Colorado Rockies4:10 PMPetco ParkBSSD
11-Jun-2022Colorado Rockies10:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
12-Jun-2022Colorado Rockies4:10 PMPetco ParkFOX
13-Jun-2022Chicago Cubs8:05 PMWrigley FieldESPN
14-Jun-2022Chicago Cubs8:05 PMWrigley FieldMLBN
15-Jun-2022Chicago Cubs8:05 PMWrigley FieldAPP+
16-Jun-2022Chicago Cubs2:20 PMWrigley FieldAMZP
17-Jun-2022Colorado Rockies8:40 PMCoors FieldBSSD
18-Jun-2022Colorado Rockies9:10 PMCoors FieldBSSD
19-Jun-2022Colorado Rockies3:10 PMCoors FieldMLBN
20-Jun-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
21-Jun-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMPetco ParkESPN
22-Jun-2022Arizona Diamondbacks4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
23-Jun-2022Philadelphia Phillies9:40 PMPetco ParkAPP+
24-Jun-2022Philadelphia Phillies9:40 PMPetco ParkAMZP
25-Jun-2022Philadelphia Phillies10:10 PMPetco ParkBSSD
26-Jun-2022Philadelphia Phillies4:10 PMPetco ParkBSSD
28-Jun-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMChase FieldMLBN
29-Jun-2022Arizona Diamondbacks3:40 PMChase FieldFOX
30-Jun-2022L.A. Dodgers10:10 PMDodger StadiumESPN
1-Jul-2022L.A. Dodgers10:10 PMDodger StadiumMLBN
2-Jul-2022L.A. Dodgers7:15 PMDodger StadiumAPP+
3-Jul-2022L.A. Dodgers4:10 PMDodger StadiumAMZP
4-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners6:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
5-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners4:10 PMPetco ParkBSSD
7-Jul-2022San Francisco Giants9:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
8-Jul-2022San Francisco Giants9:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
9-Jul-2022San Francisco Giants7:15 PMPetco ParkESPN
10-Jul-2022San Francisco Giants4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
11-Jul-2022Colorado Rockies8:40 PMCoors FieldAPP+
12-Jul-2022Colorado Rockies8:40 PMCoors FieldAMZP
13-Jul-2022Colorado Rockies8:40 PMCoors FieldBSSD
14-Jul-2022Colorado Rockies3:10 PMCoors FieldBSSD
15-Jul-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
16-Jul-2022Arizona Diamondbacks8:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
17-Jul-2022Arizona Diamondbacks4:10 PMPetco ParkESPN
22-Jul-2022N.Y. Mets7:10 PMCiti FieldMLBN
23-Jul-2022N.Y. Mets7:10 PMCiti FieldAPP+
24-Jul-2022N.Y. Mets1:40 PMCiti FieldAMZP
25-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers7:10 PMComerica ParkBSSD
26-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers7:10 PMComerica ParkBSSD
27-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers1:10 PMComerica ParkMLBN
29-Jul-2022Minnesota Twins9:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
30-Jul-2022Minnesota Twins8:40 PMPetco ParkESPN
31-Jul-2022Minnesota Twins4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
1-Aug-2022Colorado Rockies9:40 PMPetco ParkAPP+
2-Aug-2022Colorado Rockies4:10 PMPetco ParkAMZP
2-Aug-2022Colorado Rockies10:10 PMPetco ParkBSSD
3-Aug-2022Colorado Rockies9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
4-Aug-2022Colorado Rockies4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
5-Aug-2022L.A. Dodgers10:10 PMDodger StadiumFOX
6-Aug-2022L.A. Dodgers9:10 PMDodger StadiumESPN
7-Aug-2022L.A. Dodgers4:10 PMDodger StadiumMLBN
8-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants9:40 PMPetco ParkAPP+
9-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants9:40 PMPetco ParkAMZP
10-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants4:10 PMPetco ParkBSSD
12-Aug-2022Washington Nationals7:05 PMNationals ParkBSSD
13-Aug-2022Washington Nationals7:05 PMNationals ParkMLBN
14-Aug-2022Washington Nationals12:05 PMNationals ParkFOX
15-Aug-2022Miami Marlins6:40 PMloanDepot parkESPN
16-Aug-2022Miami Marlins6:40 PMloanDepot parkMLBN
17-Aug-2022Miami Marlins4:10 PMloanDepot parkAPP+
18-Aug-2022Washington Nationals9:40 PMPetco ParkAMZP
19-Aug-2022Washington Nationals9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
20-Aug-2022Washington Nationals8:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
21-Aug-2022Washington Nationals4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
23-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians9:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
24-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians4:10 PMPetco ParkESPN
26-Aug-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanMLBN
27-Aug-2022Kansas City Royals7:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanAPP+
28-Aug-2022Kansas City Royals2:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanAMZP
29-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants9:45 PMOracle ParkBSSD
30-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants9:45 PMOracle ParkBSSD
31-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants3:45 PMOracle ParkMLBN
2-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers10:10 PMDodger StadiumFOX
3-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers9:10 PMDodger StadiumESPN
4-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers4:10 PMDodger StadiumMLBN
5-Sep-2022Arizona Diamondbacks6:40 PMPetco ParkAPP+
6-Sep-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMPetco ParkAMZP
7-Sep-2022Arizona Diamondbacks8:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
9-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
10-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers8:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
11-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers4:10 PMPetco ParkFOX
13-Sep-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMT-Mobile ParkESPN
14-Sep-2022Seattle Mariners4:10 PMT-Mobile ParkMLBN
15-Sep-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMChase FieldAPP+
16-Sep-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMChase FieldAMZP
17-Sep-2022Arizona Diamondbacks8:10 PMChase FieldBSSD
18-Sep-2022Arizona Diamondbacks4:10 PMChase FieldBSSD
20-Sep-2022St. Louis Cardinals9:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
21-Sep-2022St. Louis Cardinals9:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
22-Sep-2022St. Louis Cardinals4:10 PMPetco ParkESPN
23-Sep-2022Colorado Rockies8:10 PMCoors FieldMLBN
24-Sep-2022Colorado Rockies8:10 PMCoors FieldAPP+
25-Sep-2022Colorado Rockies3:10 PMCoors FieldAMZP
27-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
28-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD
29-Sep-2022L.A. Dodgers9:40 PMPetco ParkMLBN
30-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox9:40 PMPetco ParkFOX
1-Oct-2022Chi. White Sox8:40 PMPetco ParkESPN
2-Oct-2022Chi. White Sox4:10 PMPetco ParkMLBN
3-Oct-2022San Francisco Giants9:40 PMPetco ParkAPP+
4-Oct-2022San Francisco Giants9:40 PMPetco ParkAMZP
5-Oct-2022San Francisco Giants9:40 PMPetco ParkBSSD

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