Philadelphia Eagles 2023-24 Roster & Players

Philadelphia Eagles 2023-24 Roster

Philadelphia, PA — In a strategic move to fortify their roster for the upcoming NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles have unveiled their 2023-24 lineup, blending promising rookies from the 2023 NFL Draft with seasoned veterans acquired through strategic signings.

Philadelphia Eagles 2023-24 Roster & Players

NFL 2023 Draft

The Eagles set their sights on a group of talented rookies during the 2023 NFL Draft, adding depth and potential game-changers to their roster. Notable draft selections include:

Jalen Carter (Position): The rising star brings versatility and athleticism to the team, showcasing a promising future.

Tyler Steen (Position): A standout from the draft, Steen is expected to contribute significantly, adding strength and agility to the Eagles’ lineup.

Nolan Smith (Position): Known for his defensive prowess, Smith is poised to make an impact on the field, shoring up the Eagles’ defense.

Sydney Brown (Position): The skilled defensive back is set to bolster the Eagles’ secondary with his playmaking abilities.

Kelee Ringo (Position): A dynamic addition to the roster, Ringo’s speed and agility are anticipated to create exciting plays for the Eagles.

Tanner McKee (Position): As a quarterback, McKee brings depth to the Eagles’ QB lineup, showcasing his talent and potential for the future.

Moro Ojomo (Position): Ojomo’s presence on the defensive line adds strength and tenacity to the Eagles’ front, creating a formidable force against opposing offenses.

DeVonta Smith & Arthur Brown
DeVonta Smith & Arthur Brown | Photo: Instagram
1Jalen HurtsQB6-122325
8Marcus MariotaQB6-422230
19Tanner McKeeQB6-623023
34Kennedy BrooksRB5-1121325
14Kenneth GainwellRB5-920024
23Rashaad PennyRB5-1122027
35Boston ScottRB5-620328
0D’Andre SwiftRB5-921524
11A.J. BrownWR6-122626
18Britain CoveyWR5-817326
Julio JonesWR6-322034
6DeVonta SmithWR6-017025
13Olamide ZaccheausWR5-819326
81Grant CalcaterraTE6-424024
88Dallas GoedertTE6-525628
85Albert OkwuegbunamTE6-525825
89Jack StollTE6-424725
62Jason KelceC6-329536
63Jack DriscollOT6-531226
50Fred JohnsonOT6-732626
65Lane JohnsonOT6-632533
68Jordan MailataOT6-836526
56Tyler SteenOT6-632123
69Landon DickersonOG6-633325
51Cam JurgensOG6-330324
78Sua OpetaOG6-430527
76Tyrese RobinsonOG6-331724
96Derek BarnettDE6-325927
55Brandon GrahamDE6-226535
94Josh SweatDE6-526526
98Jalen CarterDT6-331422
91Fletcher CoxDT6-431032
90Jordan DavisDT6-633623
72Moro OjomoDT6-329222
95Marlon TuipulotuDT6-230724
93Milton WilliamsDT6-329024
7Haason ReddickOLB6-124029
52Zach CunninghamILB6-323828
53Christian EllissLB6-323124
48Patrick JohnsonLB6-224825
41Nicholas MorrowLB6-022528
3Nolan SmithLB6-223822
24James BradberryCB6-121030
28Josh JobeCB5-1119025
39Eli RicksCB6-218822
22Kelee RingoCB6-220721
33Bradley RobyCB5-1119431
34Josiah ScottCB5-918524
2Darius SlayCB6-019032
36Tristin McCollumDB6-319524
21Sydney BrownSAF5-1021123
32Reed BlankenshipFS6-120324
Kevin ByardFS5-1121230
4Jake ElliottK5-916728
10Braden MannP5-1119825
45Rick LovatoLS6-224931

Veteran Signings

In addition to the infusion of youthful energy, the Eagles have strategically signed several seasoned players to provide leadership and experience. The veteran signings include:

Marcus Mariota (QB, 1 year, $5 million): The Eagles secure a reliable backup quarterback in Mariota, adding depth and experience to the team’s quarterback lineup.

Rashaad Penny (RB, 1 year, $1.35 million): Bringing a dynamic skill set to the running back position, Penny is set to contribute both on the ground and through the air.

Greedy Williams (CB, 1 year, $1.29 million): A talented cornerback, Williams bolsters the Eagles’ secondary, adding coverage and playmaking abilities.

Justin Evans (S, 1 year, $1.56 million): The safety position gains a valuable asset in Evans, known for his ball-hawking skills and tackling prowess.

Nicholas Morrow (LB, 1 year, $1.02 million): Morrow’s experience as a linebacker adds depth and reliability to the Eagles’ defensive unit.

Terrell Edmunds (S, 1 year, $2 million): Edmunds’ presence in the secondary further solidifies the Eagles’ defensive backfield.

And a host of other veteran signings — each bringing a unique skill set and veteran leadership to the team.

The Eagles’ 2023-24 roster blends youth and experience, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive season.

As the team gears up for training camp, fans can look forward to witnessing the synergy between rising stars and seasoned veterans as the Eagles aim for success in the upcoming NFL season.