Oakland Athletics 2022 MLB TV Schedule (Today)

Oakland Athletics

Do you love watching your favorite team win? Well, if you’re a fan of the Oakland Athletics, then you’ll be happy to know that they’re off to a hot start this season. Led by newly-appointed manager Mark Kotsay, the team is currently in 3rd place in their division and looks poised to make some noise in the playoffs.

The Oakland Athletics have been one of the most successful teams in baseball over the past few years. They have won nine World Series titles in 1910, 1911 1913, 1929, 1930, 1972, 1973, 1974, and 1989. Additionally, they also have won fifteen AL Pennants titles and seventeen West Division titles.

Oakland Athletics Current Roster

Oakland Athletics 2022 MLB TV Game Schedule (Today)

The Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants are two of the biggest MLB rivals. The two teams have a long history of playing one another, and there are many memorable moments in their rivalry.

The Oakland and San Francisco Giants are two of the biggest MLB rivals. The two teams have a long history of playing one another, and there are many memorable moments in their rivalry.

In the coming MLB 2022 season, they will face to face fight on 26th April 2022 at Oracle Park. Both will head face in 4 games. However, Oakland has had a few recent successful seasons, and their fans are eager to make their mark against San Francisco.

The Key Date of Oakland Athletics 2022 MLB Game Schedule

10-Apr-2022 – Philadelphia Phillies – 3:07 PM

11-Apr-2022 – Tampa Bay Rays – 6:40 PM

17-Apr-2022 – Toronto Blue Jays – 1:37 PM

18-Apr-2022 – Baltimore Orioles – 9:40 PM

26-Apr-2022 – San Francisco Giants – 9:45 PM

27-Apr-2022 – San Francisco Giants – 9:45 PM

6-May-2022 – Minnesota Twins – 8:10 PM

10-May-2022 – Detroit Tigers – 1:10 PM

15-May-2022 – L.A. Angels – 4:07 PM

16-May-2022 – Minnesota Twins – 9:40 PM

29-May-2022 – Texas Rangers – 4:07 PM

30-May-2022 – Houston Astros – 4:07 PM

5-Jun-2022 – Boston Red Sox – 4:07 PM

15-Jun-2022 – Boston Red Sox – 7:10 PM

19-Jun-2022 – Kansas City Royals – 4:07 PM

26-Jun-2022 – Kansas City Royals – 2:10 PM

27-Jun-2022 – N.Y. Yankees – 7:05 PM

3-Jul-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 4:10 PM

4-Jul-2022 – Toronto Blue Jays – 9:07 PM

31-Jul-2022 – Chi. White Sox – 2:10 PM

2-Aug-2022 – L.A. Angels – 9:38 PM

6-Aug-2022 – San Francisco Giants – 7:07 PM

7-Aug-2022 – San Francisco Giants – 4:07 PM

19-Aug-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 9:40 PM

27-Aug-2022 – N.Y. Yankees – 9:07 PM

1-Sep-2022 – Washington Nationals – 4:05 PM

2-Sep-2022 – Baltimore Orioles – 7:05 PM

10-Sep-2022 – Chi. White Sox – 4:07 PM

22-Sep-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 3:37 PM

23-Sep-2022 – N.Y. Mets – 9:40 PM

30-Sep-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 9:40 PM

3-Oct-2022 – L.A. Angels – 9:40 PM

5-Oct-2022 – L.A. Angels – 9:40 PM

What Channels are the Oakland Athletics Game on Today?

Are you looking forward to watching Oakland Athletics live on TV tonight? If so, then you should know – which TV channels will broadcast their games on their platform, right?

Several TV channels such as MLB Network, Fox, ESPN, BSWI, FS1, and TSN will air the whole MLB 2022 season on their network.

If you haven’t access to the cable network, then you can enjoy it on online platforms such as – Apple Plus, Amazon Prime, DirectTV, and fuboTV.

Watch Live Oakland Athletics’ Game on fuboTV

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateOpponentTime (EST)StadiumTV Channel
8-Apr-2022Philadelphia Phillies1:10 PMCitizens Bank ParkMLBN
9-Apr-2022Philadelphia Phillies7:07 PMCitizens Bank ParkESPN
10-Apr-2022Philadelphia Phillies3:07 PMCitizens Bank ParkFox
11-Apr-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PMCitizens Bank ParkAMZP
12-Apr-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PMTropicana FieldAPP+
13-Apr-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PMTropicana FieldfuboTV
14-Apr-2022Tampa Bay Rays1:10 PMTropicana FieldMLBN
15-Apr-2022Toronto Blue Jays7:07 PMRogers CentreFS1
16-Apr-2022Toronto Blue Jays3:07 PMRogers CentreESPN+
17-Apr-2022Toronto Blue Jays1:37 PMRogers CentreMLBN
18-Apr-2022Baltimore Orioles9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
19-Apr-2022Baltimore Orioles9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
20-Apr-2022Baltimore Orioles9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
21-Apr-2022Baltimore Orioles3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
22-Apr-2022Texas Rangers9:40 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
23-Apr-2022Texas Rangers4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
24-Apr-2022Texas Rangers4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaFS1
26-Apr-2022San Francisco Giants9:45 PMOracle ParkESPN+
27-Apr-2022San Francisco Giants9:45 PMOracle ParkMLBN
29-Apr-2022Cleveland Guardians9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
30-Apr-2022Cleveland Guardians4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
1-May-2022Cleveland Guardians4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
2-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
3-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays9:40 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
4-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
6-May-2022Minnesota Twins8:10 PMTarget FieldFS1
7-May-2022Minnesota Twins2:10 PMTarget FieldESPN+
8-May-2022Minnesota Twins2:10 PMTarget FieldMLBN
9-May-2022Detroit Tigers7:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
10-May-2022Detroit Tigers1:10 PMComerica ParkFox
10-May-2022Detroit Tigers4:40 PMComerica ParkAMZP
11-May-2022Detroit Tigers7:10 PMComerica ParkAPP+
12-May-2022Detroit Tigers1:10 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
13-May-2022L.A. Angels9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
14-May-2022L.A. Angels4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaFS1
14-May-2022L.A. Angels9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN+
15-May-2022L.A. Angels4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
16-May-2022Minnesota Twins9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
17-May-2022Minnesota Twins9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
18-May-2022Minnesota Twins3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
20-May-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimAPP+
21-May-2022L.A. Angels9:07 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimfuboTV
22-May-2022L.A. Angels4:07 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimMLBN
23-May-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMT-Mobile ParkFS1
24-May-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMT-Mobile ParkESPN+
25-May-2022Seattle Mariners4:10 PMT-Mobile ParkMLBN
26-May-2022Texas Rangers9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
27-May-2022Texas Rangers9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
28-May-2022Texas Rangers4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
29-May-2022Texas Rangers4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
30-May-2022Houston Astros4:07 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
31-May-2022Houston Astros9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
1-Jun-2022Houston Astros3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaFS1
3-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN+
4-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
5-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
7-Jun-2022Atlanta Braves7:20 PMTruist ParkFox
8-Jun-2022Atlanta Braves7:20 PMTruist ParkAMZP
9-Jun-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMProgressive FieldAPP+
10-Jun-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMProgressive FieldfuboTV
11-Jun-2022Cleveland Guardians4:10 PMProgressive FieldMLBN
12-Jun-2022Cleveland Guardians11:35 AMProgressive FieldFS1
14-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkESPN+
15-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkMLBN
16-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox1:35 PMFenway ParkESPN
17-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
18-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
19-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
21-Jun-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
22-Jun-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
23-Jun-2022Seattle Mariners3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaFS1
24-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanESPN+
25-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals4:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanESPN+
26-Jun-2022Kansas City Royals2:10 PMEwing M. KauffmanMLBN
27-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumESPN
28-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumFox
29-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees1:05 PMYankee StadiumAMZP
30-Jun-2022Seattle Mariners10:10 PMT-Mobile ParkAPP+
1-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners10:10 PMT-Mobile ParkfuboTV
2-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners4:10 PMT-Mobile ParkMLBN
3-Jul-2022Seattle Mariners4:10 PMT-Mobile ParkFS1
4-Jul-2022Toronto Blue Jays9:07 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN+
5-Jul-2022Toronto Blue Jays9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
6-Jul-2022Toronto Blue Jays3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
8-Jul-2022Houston Astros9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
9-Jul-2022Houston Astros4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
10-Jul-2022Houston Astros4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
11-Jul-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldfuboTV
12-Jul-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldMLBN
13-Jul-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldFS1
15-Jul-2022Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkESPN+
16-Jul-2022Houston Astros4:10 PMMinute Maid ParkfuboTV
17-Jul-2022Houston Astros2:10 PMMinute Maid ParkMLBN
21-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaFS1
21-Jul-2022Detroit Tigers7:07 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN+
22-Jul-2022Texas Rangers9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN+
23-Jul-2022Texas Rangers9:07 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
24-Jul-2022Texas Rangers4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
25-Jul-2022Houston Astros9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
26-Jul-2022Houston Astros9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
27-Jul-2022Houston Astros3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
29-Jul-2022Chi. White Sox8:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldfuboTV
30-Jul-2022Chi. White Sox7:15 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldMLBN
31-Jul-2022Chi. White Sox2:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldFS1
2-Aug-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimESPN+
3-Aug-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimMLBN
4-Aug-2022L.A. Angels4:07 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimESPN
6-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants7:07 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
7-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
8-Aug-2022L.A. Angels9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
9-Aug-2022L.A. Angels9:40 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
10-Aug-2022L.A. Angels3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
12-Aug-2022Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkFS1
13-Aug-2022Houston Astros7:10 PMMinute Maid ParkESPN+
14-Aug-2022Houston Astros2:10 PMMinute Maid ParkMLBN
15-Aug-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldESPN
16-Aug-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldFox
17-Aug-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldAMZP
18-Aug-2022Texas Rangers2:05 PMGlobe Life FieldAPP+
19-Aug-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
20-Aug-2022Seattle Mariners7:15 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
21-Aug-2022Seattle Mariners4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaFS1
22-Aug-2022Miami Marlins9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN+
23-Aug-2022Miami Marlins9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
24-Aug-2022Miami Marlins3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
25-Aug-2022N.Y. Yankees9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
26-Aug-2022N.Y. Yankees9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
27-Aug-2022N.Y. Yankees9:07 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
28-Aug-2022N.Y. Yankees4:07 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
30-Aug-2022Washington Nationals7:05 PMNationals ParkMLBN
31-Aug-2022Washington Nationals7:05 PMNationals ParkFS1
1-Sep-2022Washington Nationals4:05 PMNationals ParkESPN+
2-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsMLBN
3-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsESPN
4-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles1:35 PMCamden YardsFox
6-Sep-2022Atlanta Braves9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
7-Sep-2022Atlanta Braves3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
8-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox9:40 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
9-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
10-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
11-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
13-Sep-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldAMZP
14-Sep-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldAPP+
15-Sep-2022Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkfuboTV
16-Sep-2022Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkMLBN
17-Sep-2022Houston Astros7:10 PMMinute Maid ParkFS1
18-Sep-2022Houston Astros2:10 PMMinute Maid ParkMLBN
20-Sep-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN
21-Sep-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFox
22-Sep-2022Seattle Mariners3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaAMZP
23-Sep-2022N.Y. Mets9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaAPP+
24-Sep-2022N.Y. Mets4:07 PMOakland-AlamedafuboTV
25-Sep-2022N.Y. Mets4:07 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
27-Sep-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimMLBN
28-Sep-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimESPN
29-Sep-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimFox
30-Sep-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMT-Mobile ParkAMZP
1-Oct-2022Seattle Mariners4:10 PMT-Mobile ParkAPP+
2-Oct-2022Seattle Mariners4:10 PMT-Mobile ParkfuboTV
3-Oct-2022L.A. Angels9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaMLBN
4-Oct-2022L.A. Angels9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaFS1
5-Oct-2022L.A. Angels9:40 PMOakland-AlamedaESPN+

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