Los Angeles FC 2024 Season Roster

Los Angeles FC Roster

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Major League Soccer (MLS) season, Los Angeles FC (LAFC) has unveiled its diverse and talented roster for 2024. With a mix of experienced players, emerging talents, and strategic acquisitions, the team is poised for an exciting campaign.

Los Angeles FC 2024 Season Roster

Draft Picks Add Depth to Squad

LAFC’s draft selections have introduced promising young talents to the roster. The team’s #28 pick, goalkeeper Jackson Lee, is expected to provide additional depth in the goalkeeping department. Additionally, defender Kenny Nielsen, chosen as the #57 pick, brings defensive skills and versatility to the squad.

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Strategic Loan Moves

In a bid to enhance the team’s capabilities, LAFC has made strategic loan moves. Filip Krastev, a midfielder, joins the squad on loan, bringing his skills and flair to the midfield. The team is hopeful that Krastev’s contributions will play a crucial role in the upcoming season.

Outgoing Loans and Departures

As part of the dynamic nature of team rosters, LAFC has facilitated loan moves for Francisco Ginella and Mamadou Fall. While Francisco Ginella has embarked on a loan spell, Mamadou Fall has temporarily moved to another club. These loan moves provide players with valuable experience while ensuring a competitive edge for the team.

Current Los Angeles FC 2024 Season Roster

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LAFC’s current roster boasts a mix of seasoned players and emerging talents. Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and defender Eddie Segura provide a solid foundation, while Jesús Murillo, Aaron Long, and Ryan Hollingshead bring defensive prowess to the squad.

Maxime Crépeau16G295′ 11″192 lbsCanada
Abraham Romero32G256′ 2″183 lbsMexico
John McCarthy77G316′ 1″183 lbsUSA
Denil Maldonado2D256′ 0″172 lbsHonduras
Jesús Murillo3D296′ 0″159 lbsColombia
Eddie Segura4D265′ 10″152 lbsColombia
Diego Palacios12D245′ 7″150 lbsEcuador
Giorgio Chiellini14D396′ 2″185 lbsItaly
Erik Dueñas18D195′ 4″128 lbsMexico
Ryan Hollingshead24D326′ 2″183 lbsUSA
Sergi Palencia30D275′ 6″148 lbsSpain
Aaron Long33D316′ 1″172 lbsUSA
Noah Dollenmayer35D246′ 6″201 lbsUSA
Jeremi Rodriguez36D206′ 0″Spain
Javen Romero37D17Mexico
Armando Avila41D195′ 10″150 lbsUSA
Diego Rosales43D205′ 11″159 lbsSpain
Lorenzo Dellavalle46D19Italy
Julian Gaines80D215′ 10″161 lbsUSA
Ilie Sánchez6M336′ 0″172 lbsSpain
Mario González9M255′ 9″150 lbsSpain
Timothy Tillman11M256′ 0″161 lbsGermany
Kellyn Acosta23M285′ 9″150 lbsUSA
Cristian Olivera25M215′ 9″170 lbsUruguay
Antonio Leone28M196′ 1″181 lbsMexico
Jeremy Batioja31M20Ecuador
Bryan Moyado34M18USA
Christopher Jaime42M195′ 9″139 lbsUSA
Filip Yavorov Krastev50M225′ 10″Bulgaria
Mamadou Fall5F326′ 0″152 lbsSenegal
Stipe Biuk7F21Croatia
Carlos Vela10F345′ 10″170 lbsMexico
Nathan Ordaz27F19El Salvador
Yekeson Subah38F195′ 11″172 lbsUSA
Ladji Malle39F22Mali
Matheus Vinícius Maia Costa De Almeida40F19Brazil
Dustin Aguirre45F196′ 0″161 lbsUruguay
Leonardo Flores48F205′ 10″157 lbsMexico
Dénis Bouanga99F295′ 9″152 lbsGabon

In the midfield, Ilie Sánchez, Timothy Tillman, and Mateusz Bogusz contribute creativity and control, complemented by the energy and skill of young talents like Erik Dueñas and Filip Krastev.

The forward line is led by Stipe Biuk, Mario González, and Denis Bouanga, promising an attacking force that will keep opposition defenses on their toes. Homegrown talents like Nathan Ordaz and Bajung Darboe add local flair to the squad.

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Coach’s Vision and Fan Expectations

With an impressive and well-balanced roster, LAFC’s head coach is optimistic about the team’s prospects in the upcoming season. The diverse skill set within the squad aligns with the coach’s tactical vision, promising an exciting brand of soccer that fans have come to expect from Los Angeles FC.

As the team prepares for the challenges ahead, supporters are eager to see how the new additions and familiar faces will come together to make the 2024 MLS season a memorable one. The blend of experience, youth, and strategic acquisitions sets the stage for a dynamic and competitive campaign for Los Angeles FC.