Cheap Los Angeles FC 2024 Tickets

Los Angeles FC

For LAFC 2024 tickets, you can find official tickets on the LAFC website or ticketing platforms like SeatGeek, Vivid Seats, Viagogo, Ticketmaster, TicketNetwork, and StubHub. The prices for tickets may vary depending on the seller and the seating section you choose.

You can compare ticket prices from different sellers and secure your seat for the match. The Banc of California Stadium, where LAFC plays their home games, has a seating capacity of 22,000.

Secure your spot and cheer for the Los Angeles Football Club in 2024 by purchasing your tickets from these authorized ticketing platforms.

Cheap Los Angeles Fc 2024 Tickets

When it comes to experiencing the thrill of an LAFC match, you have a variety of ticket-buying options to choose from. Whether you prefer the official LAFC tickets or want to explore the secondary market, there is something for every fan. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

Official Lafc Tickets

If you’re looking for a guaranteed spot at the Banc of California Stadium, the official LAFC tickets are your best bet. These tickets are directly sold by the club and provide you with the assurance of authenticity and seat selection. You can purchase tickets for individual matches or become a season ticket holder for a whole season of exciting soccer action.

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With official LAFC tickets, you can choose your preferred seating section, whether you want to be right on the field, in the stands, or enjoy a premium view from a private suite. Prices may vary depending on the match and location, but the official tickets ensure a seamless ticket-buying experience and access to all the amenities of the stadium.

Secondary Market Tickets

If you’re unable to secure official LAFC tickets or are looking for a more budget-friendly option, the secondary market is worth exploring. The secondary market is a platform where individuals resell their tickets, allowing fans to find tickets even after they are sold out or at a potentially lower price.

One popular secondary market platform is SeatGeek, where tickets to LAFC matches can be found. With SeatGeek, you can browse and compare tickets from various verified sellers, ensuring a safe and reliable purchasing experience. Prices on the secondary market may be above or below face value, depending on the demand and availability.

Another secondary market option is Viagogo, which is the world’s largest secondary marketplace for live event tickets. Here, you can find a wide selection of LAFC tickets, with prices determined by the sellers. It’s important to note that prices on the secondary market may fluctuate, so it’s always a good idea to check regularly for the best deals.

Whether you choose the convenience and assurance of official LAFC tickets or explore the secondary market for potentially discounted options, the key is to secure your ticket early to avoid missing out on the electrifying atmosphere of an LAFC match.

Ticket Prices And Availability

When it comes to attending a game by Los Angeles FC in 2024, it is important to understand the ticket prices and availability. As one of the most exciting soccer teams in Los Angeles, LAFC games are highly sought after, making it essential to secure your tickets in advance. In this section, we will explore the price range of tickets, as well as the game dates and schedule.

Price Range

The ticket prices for Los Angeles FC games in 2024 may vary depending on the seating section and the popularity of the match. Here is an overview of the price range:

Seating SectionPrice Range
General Admission$30 – $60
Premium Seating$80 – $150
VIP Packages$200 – $500+

These prices provide an estimate and may vary depending on factors such as demand, opponent team, and stadium facilities. Make sure to check the official LAFC website or authorized ticketing platforms for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Game Dates And Schedule & Cheap Los Angeles FC 2024 Tickets

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LAFC’s 2024 season promises an exciting lineup of home games at the Banc of California Stadium. Here are some of the upcoming game dates:

25-Feb-20243:30 AMLAFCvsSeattle Sounders FCBuy Ticket
3-Mar-20241:00 AMReal Salt LakevsLAFCBuy Ticket
10-Mar-20249:30 AMLAFCvsSporting Kansas CityBuy Ticket
17-Mar-20246:30 AMMinnesota United FCvsLAFCBuy Ticket
24-Mar-20248:30 AMLAFCvsNashville SCBuy Ticket
31-Mar-20242:00 AMColorado RapidsvsLAFCBuy Ticket
7-Apr-20245:30 AMLAFCvsLA GalaxyBuy Ticket
14-Apr-20242:30 AMPortland TimbersvsLAFCBuy Ticket
21-Apr-20248:30 AMLAFCvsNew York Red BullsBuy Ticket
28-Apr-20248:30 AMLAFCvsPortland TimbersBuy Ticket
5-May-20245:30 AMSan Jose EarthquakesvsLAFCBuy Ticket
12-May-20248:30 AMLAFCvsVancouver WhitecapsBuy Ticket
16-May-20246:30 AMSt. Louis CITY SCvsLAFCBuy Ticket
26-May-20245:30 AMAtlanta United FCvsLAFCBuy Ticket
30-May-20248:30 AMLAFCvsMinnesota United FCBuy Ticket
2-Jun-20248:30 AMLAFCvsFC DallasBuy Ticket
16-Jun-20245:30 AMOrlando City SCvsLAFCBuy Ticket
20-Jun-20246:30 AMAustin FCvsLAFCBuy Ticket
23-Jun-20248:30 AMLAFCvsSan Jose EarthquakesBuy Ticket
30-Jun-20248:30 AMLAFCvsColorado RapidsBuy Ticket
5-Jul-20248:30 AMLA GalaxyvsLAFCBuy Ticket
8-Jul-20246:30 AMHouston Dynamo FCvsLAFCBuy Ticket
14-Jul-20248:30 AMLAFCvsColumbus CrewBuy Ticket
18-Jul-20248:30 AMLAFCvsReal Salt LakeBuy Ticket
21-Jul-20248:30 AMSeattle Sounders FCvsLAFCBuy Ticket
25-Aug-20248:30 AMVancouver WhitecapsvsLAFCBuy Ticket
1-Sep-20248:30 AMLAFCvsHouston Dynamo FCBuy Ticket
15-Sep-20248:30 AMLA GalaxyvsLAFCBuy Ticket
19-Sep-20248:30 AMLAFCvsAustin FCBuy Ticket
22-Sep-20246:30 AMFC DallasvsLAFCBuy Ticket
29-Sep-20245:30 AMFC CincinnativsLAFCBuy Ticket
3-Oct-20248:30 AMLAFCvsSt. Louis CITY SCBuy Ticket
6-Oct-20246:30 AMSporting Kansas CityvsLAFCBuy Ticket
20-Oct-20247:00 AMLAFCvsSan Jose EarthquakesBuy Ticket

Please note that game dates and schedules are subject to change. It is recommended to visit the official LAFC website or check with authorized ticketing platforms for the most updated schedule information.

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With the LAFC’s popularity, tickets often sell out quickly. It is advisable to secure your tickets in advance to ensure your spot at these thrilling matches. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the excitement of LAFC games in 2024. Get your tickets now!

Seating At Banc Of California Stadium

When it comes to attending a Los Angeles FC match at the Banc of California Stadium, it’s important to know about the seating options available. The stadium offers a range of seating choices, including premium seating areas and general admission sections.

Capacity Of The Stadium

The Banc of California Stadium has a total seating capacity of approximately 22,000. This means there are plenty of seats available for fans to cheer on their favorite team. Whether you’re attending a regular season match or a special event, you can be sure that there will be ample seating options for you and your fellow supporters.

Seating Layout

The seating layout at the Banc of California Stadium is designed to provide spectators with optimal views of the action on the field. The stadium features multiple levels, including a lower bowl, club level, and upper level. Each level offers different types of seating, catering to various preferences and budgets.

Here’s a breakdown of the seating options at Banc of California Stadium:

  1. Lower Bowl: Located closest to the field, the lower bowl offers an intimate experience with excellent sightlines. It consists of sections A to G, with different rows in each section. Seats in this area provide fans with an up-close view of the players as they compete.
  2. Club Level: The club level provides a premium seating experience, with access to exclusive amenities and services. This area is ideal for those looking to enjoy luxurious comforts while watching the match. Club seats often come with added perks such as in-seat food and beverage service.
  3. Upper Level: For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the upper level provides a great vantage point at a lower price point. While the seats may be farther from the field, they still offer clear views of the action. This area is perfect for fans who want to be a part of the lively atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Additionally, the stadium offers accessible seating options for individuals with disabilities. These seats are strategically located to ensure equal enjoyment of the match for everyone in attendance.

Overall, the seating at Banc of California Stadium offers a diverse range of options for fans to choose from. Whether you prefer to be up close to the action or enjoy the match from a higher vantage point, there’s a seat for you at this state-of-the-art venue.

How Many Seats Are In The Banc Of California Stadium?

The Banc of California Stadium has a capacity of 22,000 seats.

How Much Are Seats At A Soccer Game?

Soccer game seat prices vary. It is recommended to check ticket websites like TicketNetwork, SeatGeek, Vivid Seats, Viagogo, and StubHub for specific prices.

Is Bmo Stadium Outside?

Yes, BMO Stadium is an outdoor stadium. It does not have a roof or a retractable roof.

Who Owns La Football Club?

The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is owned by several individuals and organizations, including actor Will Ferrell and businessman Henry Nguyen.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of a Los Angeles FC match in 2024. With a capacity of 22,000 seats at the Banc of California Stadium, you can be a part of the electric atmosphere and cheering crowd.

Purchase your tickets from trusted sources like SeatGeek, or StubHub to ensure a hassle-free and secure experience. Grab your LAFC tickets now and get ready to support your favorite team in action!