Hawaiian Open 2024 Prize Money

Hawaiian Open 2024 Prize Money

The prize money for the Hawaiian Open 2024 is $8.3 million. The Hawaiian Open 2024 is expected to be an exciting and highly anticipated golf tournament held in Hawaii.

As one of the prominent events on the golfing calendar, it attracts top players from around the world to compete for the prestigious title. Alongside the thrill of the competition, golfers are also motivated by the lucrative prize money awarded to the winners.

While the exact prize money for the Hawaiian Open 2024 is $8.3 million, it is expected to be substantial, reflecting the significance and popularity of the tournament. Participants and fans eagerly await the announcement to gauge the level of competition and the rewards that await the champions.

Hawaiian Open 2024: Key Details

Welcome to the Hawaiian Open 2024, one of the most anticipated golf tournaments of the year! In this blog post, we’ll be delving into the key details of the event, including the date and venue, the participants, and the highly anticipated prize money that awaits the winners.

Date And Venue:

The Hawaiian Open 2024 will be held from January 11th to 14th, 2024. The stunning Waialae Country Club has been chosen as the venue for this prestigious event. Situated amidst the breathtaking scenery of Hawaii, the resort boasts world-class facilities, making it an ideal setting for this thrilling golf competition.


The Hawaiian Open 2024 will gather some of the most talented golfers from around the globe. Pro players from different countries will compete against each other, showcasing their exceptional skills and techniques on the magnificent greens of Waialae Country Club. With a highly competitive field, spectators can expect to witness an intense battle for the top spot.

Prize Money:

The prize money for the Hawaiian Open 2024 is a staggering amount of $8.3 million. This substantial prize pool attracts the best golfers in the world, providing them with a strong incentive to perform at their absolute peak.

The top performers in the tournament will be rewarded, with the lion’s share of the prize money going to the winner, while the remaining amount will be distributed among the top contenders.

As the Hawaiian Open 2024 approaches, excitement is building among golf enthusiasts worldwide. The tournament promises to be an unforgettable experience, showcasing exceptional golfing talent against the backdrop of Hawaii’s natural beauty. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling event!

Prize Distribution

Waialae Country Club
Waialae Country Club | Image Source: Instagram

The Hawaiian Open is an eagerly anticipated tennis tournament that showcases some of the world’s top tennis talents. As an elite event on the ATP Tour, the Hawaiian Open attracts not only the best singles players but also the most talented doubles partnerships.


When it comes to the singles category at the Hawaiian Open 2024, the prize money is nothing short of awe-inspiring. With a total prize pool of $8.3 million, the tournament offers lucrative rewards for those who make their way to the top of the singles leaderboard.

Here is a breakdown of the prize distribution for the singles category:

1Grayson Murray-17$1,494,000
T2Keegan Bradley-17$738,700
T2Byeong Hun An-17$738,700
T4Russell Henley-16$373,500
T4Carl Yuan-16$373,500
6J.T. Poston-15$300,875
T7Nick Taylor-14$260,758
T7Emiliano Grillo-14$260,758
T7Matthieu Pavon-14$260,758
T10Andrew Putnam-13$209,575
T10Harris English-13$209,575
T10Taylor Pendrith-13$209,575
T13Eric Cole-12$153,135
T13Tyrrell Hatton-12$153,135
T13Patton Kizzire-12$153,135
T13Akshay Bhatia-12$153,135
T13Taylor Montgomery-12$153,135
T18Billy Horschel-11$106,102
T18Brandon Wu-11$106,102
T18Brian Harman-11$106,102
T18Stephan Jaeger-11$106,102
T18Ben Silverman-11$106,102
T18Chris Kirk-11$106,102
T24Denny McCarthy-10$67,645
T24Patrick Rodgers-10$67,645
T24Stewart Cink-10$67,645
T24Troy Merritt-10$67,645
T24Kurt Kitayama-10$67,645
T24Sam Stevens-10$67,645
T30Hideki Matsuyama-9$44,751
T30Ludvig Åberg-9$44,751
T30Keith Mitchell-9$44,751
T30K.H. Lee-9$44,751
T30Ryo Hisatsune-9$44,751
T30Zac Blair-9$44,751
T30Brendon Todd-9$44,751
T30Adam Svensson-9$44,751
T30Ben Griffin-9$44,751
T30Cam Davis-9$44,751
T30S.H. Kim-9$44,751
T30Taiga Semikawa-9$44,751
T42Scott Stallings-8$25,913
T42Charley Hoffman-8$25,913
T42Dylan Wu-8$25,913
T42Harry Hall-8$25,913
T42Nick Hardy-8$25,913
T42Will Gordon-8$25,913
T42Si Woo Kim-8$25,913
T42Michael Kim-8$25,913
T42Alex Noren-8$25,913
T42Austin Eckroat-8$25,913
T52Robert MacIntyre-7$19,771
T52Ben Kohles-7$19,771
T52Erik van Rooyen-7$19,771
T52Matt Wallace-7$19,771
T52Joseph Bramlett-7$19,771
T57Robby Shelton-6$18,592
T57Davis Thompson-6$18,592
T57Mark Hubbard-6$18,592
T57Maverick McNealy-6$18,592
T57Chandler Phillips-6$18,592
T57Corey Conners-6$18,592
T57Justin Rose-6$18,592
T57Aaron Rai-6$18,592
65Tyler Duncan-5$17,845
T66Greyson Sigg-4$17,430
T66Luke List-4$17,430
T66Webb Simpson-4$17,430
T66Nico Echavarria-4$17,430
T70Alejandro Tosti-3$16,932
T70Jake Knapp-3$16,932
T72Lanto Griffin-2$16,600
T72Joel Dahmen-2$16,600
T74Yuto Katsuragawa-1$16,019
T74Martin Trainer-1$16,019
T74Justin Lower-1$16,019
T74Séamus Power-1$16,019
T74Parker Coody-1$16,019
79Norman XiongE$15,521
T80Garrick Higgo2$15,272
T80Matt NeSmith2$15,272

The prize money for the singles category is a testament to the prestigious nature of the Hawaiian Open. The winners and top performers in singles matches will be richly rewarded, both in terms of prize money and recognition.


The doubles category at the Hawaiian Open 2024 also offers a substantial prize pool for those competing in this dynamic format of the game. Doubles partnerships have the opportunity to earn their fair share of the prize money, showcasing their teamwork and strategic prowess. Here is a breakdown of the prize distribution for the doubles category:

The doubles category offers an exciting and challenging platform for players seeking both individual and team success. The prize money provided to the top performers in doubles matches demonstrates the value placed on this unique and engaging format.

Impact Of Prize Money On Tennis

The Hawaiian Open 2024 prize money has had a significant impact on tennis, attracting top players from around the world. These increased financial rewards create a competitive environment and motivate players to perform at their best.

Tennis is a highly competitive sport that brings together athletes from all around the world to showcase their skills and strive for victory. One of the key factors that drive players to give their best on the court is the prize money at stake.

The amount of money awarded to the winners not only serves as a motivation for the players but also influences the overall perception of the tournament and generates a significant economic impact. In this blog post, we will explore the different aspects of how prize money impacts tennis, including player motivation, tournament prestige, and economic implications.

Player Motivation

The allure of a substantial prize money pool serves as a driving force that motivates tennis players to push themselves to their limits. The desire to earn a significant amount of money can push players to train harder, enhance their skills, and compete fiercely on the court. The knowledge that their efforts can lead to a substantial financial reward boosts their determination and helps them overcome challenges during matches.

Moreover, the opportunity to secure a substantial paycheck can also attract talented individuals to pursue tennis as a career. The promise of a lucrative career in the sport incentivizes aspiring players to invest their time and effort into honing their tennis skills, increasing the competitiveness of the overall tennis landscape.

Tournament Prestige

The prize money offered at a tennis tournament plays a crucial role in establishing its prestige and attracting top-ranked players. Tennis professionals are more likely to participate in tournaments that offer significant financial rewards, as it not only allows them to earn a handsome paycheck but also adds to their reputation and ranking in the sport.

By offering a generous prize money pool, the Hawaiian Open 2024 solidifies its position as a prestigious tournament that attracts top-tier tennis athletes. The allure of competing for a substantial cash prize incentivizes prominent players to participate, ensuring a higher level of competition and an exhilarating experience for fans.

Economic Impact

The prize money offered at tennis tournaments has a significant economic impact, both locally and globally. The influx of players, spectators, and media attention leads to increased tourism, hotel bookings, and revenue for the host city. As fans travel from afar to witness their favorite players in action, local businesses thrive, benefiting from increased footfall and customer spending.

Furthermore, the economic impact extends beyond the duration of the tournament. The exposure gained through televised coverage and media attention can boost the host city’s reputation as a sporting destination, attracting future tournaments and contributing to the growth of the local economy in the long run.

Overall, the prize money offered at tennis tournaments such as the Hawaiian Open 2024 has a profound impact on the sport. It serves as a driving force for player motivation, elevates the tournament’s prestige, and generates a significant economic boost. As the tournament unfolds, we can expect to witness exceptional performances and fierce competition fueled by the desire to secure a share of the prestigious prize money pool.

The Hawaiian Open 2024 has certainly showcased some remarkable talent on the golf course. With the substantial increase in the prize money this year, it has attracted top players from around the world.

This significant financial incentive not only rewards the players for their skills and dedication but also elevates the overall competition to new heights.

The Hawaiian Open continues to be a prestigious event in the golfing world and promises an exciting future ahead.