Diving at 2021 Summer Olympics Schedule & Teams Info

In the 1904 Summer Olympic Games, Driving sports was the first inaugural. This is an aquatic sports event together with swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming.

The Diving consists of men’s and women’s events of 3m springboard, synchronized 3m springboard, 10m platform, and synchronized 10m platform. The regulatory authority of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) is supervised this sports event.

Coming this year of July, This competition will start from 25th July to 7th August at Tokyo Aquatics Centre in Toky Olympic Games. In total 136 Athletes will participate in the eight events.

Diving Sports at 2021 Summer Olympics Schedule

The Diving sports will start with the Women’s Synchronized 3m Springboard Final on 25th July 2021 at Tokyo Aquatics Centre. Here the full Diving schedule and fixtures at the 2021 Summer Olympics.

Date (2021)Time (JST)Event
25th July15:00 – 16:00Women’s Synchronized 3m Springboard Final
26th July15:00 – 16:00Men’s Synchronized 10m Platform Final
27th July15:00 – 16:00Women’s Synchronized 10-meter Platform Final
28th July15:00 – 16:00Men’s Synchronized 3-meter Springboard Final
30th July15:00 – 16:00Women’s 3-meter Springboard Preliminary
31st July15:00 – 16:00Women’s 3-meter Springboard Semifinal
1st August15:00 – 16:00Women’s 3-meter Springboard Final
2nd August15:00 – 16:00 Men’s 3-meter Springboard Preliminary
3rd August10:00 -11:30
15:00 -16:30
Men’s 3-meter Springboard Semifinal
Men’s 3-meter Springboard Final
4th August15:00 – 17:30Women’s 10-meter Platform Preliminary
5th August10:00 – 11:30
15:00 – 16:30
Women’s 10-meter Platform Semifinal
Women’s 10-meter Platform Final
6th August15:00 – 17:30Men’s 10-meter Platform Preliminary
7th August10:00 – 11:30
15:00 – 16:30
Men’s 10-meter Platform Semifinal
Men’s 10-meter Platform Final

Diving Sports of 2021 Tokyo Olympic Teams Info

This list will be added to futhur qualifying nations.

Japan (8+)United States (2+)
China (16+)Great Britain (16)
Mexico (4+)Canada (2+)
Malaysia (2+)Italy (5+)

Gold Medalist of Diving Athletics at the Rio Summer Olympic Games

In the Rio Summer Olympics, Chen Aisen was the gold medalist of the man’s 10 metre platform of Diving from China. In man’s 3 metre springboard, Cao Yuan was the gold medalist from China also. In that edition, Chen Aisen and Lin Yue were gold medalists of man’s Synchronized 10 metre platform.

Gold Medalist Athletes Event
Chen Aisen (China) Man’s 10 metre platform
Cao Yuan (China)Man’s 3 metre springboard
Chen Aisen (China)
Lin Yue (China)
Man’s Synchronized 10 metre platform
Chris Mears (UK)
Jack Laugher (UK)
Man’s Synchronized 3 metre springboard
Ren Qian (China)Women’s 10 metre platform
Shi Tingmao (China)Women’s 3 metre springboard
Chen Ruolin (China)
Liu Huixia (China)
Women’s Synchronized 10 metre platform
Shi Tingmao (China)
Wu Minxia (China)
Women’s Synchronized 3 metre springboard

Medal Records of Diving at Summer Olympic Games

The USA (49) and China (40) were the top gold medalist nations of the past records. Here we created a table of the Driving records at the past Summer Olympics.

1United States494445138
5Soviet Union44614
8United Team of Germany3104
10East Germany2237