Detroit Tigers 2022 MLB TV Schedule & Fixture

Detroit Tigers

Looking to see all the games the Detroit Tigers have scheduled for the upcoming season? In this article, you will get the upcoming Detroit Tigers’ 2022 MLB schedule & fixture.

The Detroit Tigers are a professional baseball team that plays in the American League. The Tigers were one of the most successful teams in baseball during the 1990s and early 2000s, but have since fallen on hard times.

The Tigers have made several attempts to get back to their former glory but have not been successful yet. If you’re a fan of baseball, or just want to learn more about one of the most popular teams in the MLB.

Detroit Tigers Current Roster

Detroit Tigers 2022 MLB TV Schedule & Fixture

The team is scheduled to play a total of 162 games in the upcoming season, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. The very first game will be held on 8th April against Chi. White Sox at Comerica Park.

They have two strong rivalries with Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox. Moreover, they have also rivalries with Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins, and Toronto Blue Jays.

Key-date of Detroit Tigers 2022 MLB Schedule

9-Apr-2022 – Chi. White Sox – 1:10 PM – Comerica Park
14-Apr-2022 – Kansas City Royals – 8:10 PM – Kauffman Stadium
21-Apr-2022 – N.Y. Yankees – 1:10 PM – Comerica Park
26-Apr-2022 – Minnesota Twins – 7:40 PM – Target Field
29-Apr-2022 – L.A. Dodgers – 10:10 PM – Dodger Stadium
4-May-2022 – Pittsburgh Pirates – 1:10 PM – Comerica Park
5-May-2022 – Houston Astros – 8:10 PM – Minute Maid Park
15-May-2022 – Baltimore Orioles – 1:40 PM – Comerica Park
18-May-2022 – Tampa Bay Rays – 1:10 PM – Tropicana Field
20-May-2022 – Cleveland Guardians – 7:10 PM – Progressive Field
5-Jun-2022 – N.Y. Yankees – 11:35 AM – Yankee Stadium
7-Jun-2022 – Pittsburgh Pirates – 7:05 PM – PNC Park
12-Jun-2022 – Toronto Blue Jays – 1:40 PM – Comerica Park
19-Jun-2022 – Texas Rangers – 1:40 PM – Comerica Park
3-Jul-2022 – Kansas City Royals – 12:05 PM – Comerica Park

6-Jul-2022 – Cleveland Guardians – 1:10 PM – Comerica Park
7-Jul-2022 – Chi. White Sox – 8:10 PM – Guaranteed Rate Field
17-Jul-2022 – Cleveland Guardians – 1:40 PM – Progressive Field
21-Jul-2022 – Oakland Athletics – 3:37 PM – Oakland-Alameda
27-Jul-2022 – San Diego Padres – 1:10 PM – Comerica Park
28-Jul-2022 – Toronto Blue Jays – 7:07 PM – Rogers Centre
9-Aug-2022 – Cleveland Guardians – 7:10 PM – Comerica Park
19-Aug-2022 – L.A. Angels – 7:10 PM – Comerica Park
28-Aug-2022 – Texas Rangers – 2:35 PM – Globe Life Field
30-Aug-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 7:10 PM – Comerica Park
5-Sep-2022 – L.A. Angels – 9:38 PM – Angel Stadium of Anaheim
11-Sep-2022 – Kansas City Royals – 2:10 PM – Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium
21-Sep-2022 – Baltimore Orioles – 7:05 PM – Camden Yards
25-Sep-2022 – Chi. White Sox – 2:10 PM – Guaranteed Rate Field
27-Sep-2022 – Kansas City Royals – 6:40 PM – Comerica Park
4-Oct-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 6:10 PM – T-Mobile Park
5-Oct-2022 – Seattle Mariners – 9:40 PM – T-Mobile Park

All-game with the Tigers – will be broadcast on ESPN, Fox, ABC, Fox Sports 1, TSN and MLB Network. Moreover, baseball fans will watch live on fuboTV. Make sure, you need have access to the fuboTV plan.

Live Stream Detroit Tigers’ Game on fuboTV

Don’t miss out – check out the schedule below and get ready for some thrilling baseball action!

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateOpponentTime (EST)StadiumTV Channel
8-Apr-2022Chi. White Sox1:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
9-Apr-2022Chi. White Sox1:10 PMComerica ParkFox
10-Apr-2022Chi. White Sox1:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
11-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox5:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
12-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox1:10 PMComerica ParkABC
13-Apr-2022Boston Red Sox1:10 PMComerica ParkTSN
14-Apr-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMKauffman StadiumDAZN
15-Apr-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMKauffman StadiumESPN+
16-Apr-2022Kansas City Royals4:10 PMKauffman StadiumfuboTV
17-Apr-2022Kansas City Royals2:10 PMKauffman StadiumMLB Network
19-Apr-2022N.Y. Yankees6:40 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
20-Apr-2022N.Y. Yankees6:40 PMComerica ParkFox
21-Apr-2022N.Y. Yankees1:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
22-Apr-2022Colorado Rockies7:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
23-Apr-2022Colorado Rockies1:10 PMComerica ParkABC
24-Apr-2022Colorado Rockies1:10 PMComerica ParkTSN
26-Apr-2022Minnesota Twins7:40 PMTarget FieldDAZN
27-Apr-2022Minnesota Twins7:40 PMTarget FieldESPN+
28-Apr-2022Minnesota Twins1:10 PMTarget FieldfuboTV
29-Apr-2022L.A. Dodgers10:10 PMDodger StadiumMLB Network
30-Apr-2022L.A. Dodgers10:10 PMDodger StadiumMLB Network
1-May-2022L.A. Dodgers4:10 PMDodger StadiumFox
3-May-2022Pittsburgh Pirates7:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
4-May-2022Pittsburgh Pirates1:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
5-May-2022Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkABC
6-May-2022Houston Astros8:10 PMMinute Maid ParkTSN
7-May-2022Houston Astros4:05 PMMinute Maid ParkDAZN
8-May-2022Houston Astros2:10 PMMinute Maid ParkESPN+
9-May-2022Oakland Athletics7:10 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
10-May-2022Oakland Athletics1:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
10-May-2022Oakland Athletics4:40 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
11-May-2022Oakland Athletics7:10 PMComerica ParkFox
12-May-2022Oakland Athletics1:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
13-May-2022Baltimore Orioles7:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
14-May-2022Baltimore Orioles4:10 PMComerica ParkABC
15-May-2022Baltimore Orioles1:40 PMComerica ParkTSN
16-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PMTropicana FieldDAZN
17-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PMTropicana FieldESPN+
18-May-2022Tampa Bay Rays1:10 PMTropicana FieldfuboTV
20-May-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMProgressive FieldMLB Network
21-May-2022Cleveland Guardians6:10 PMProgressive FieldMLB Network
22-May-2022Cleveland Guardians1:40 PMProgressive FieldFox
23-May-2022Minnesota Twins7:40 PMTarget FieldESPN
24-May-2022Minnesota Twins7:40 PMTarget FieldFox Sports 1
25-May-2022Minnesota Twins1:10 PMTarget FieldABC
26-May-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMComerica ParkTSN
27-May-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMComerica ParkDAZN
28-May-2022Cleveland Guardians4:10 PMComerica ParkESPN+
29-May-2022Cleveland Guardians1:40 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
30-May-2022Minnesota Twins1:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
31-May-2022Minnesota Twins1:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
31-May-2022Minnesota Twins7:10 PMComerica ParkFox
1-Jun-2022Minnesota Twins7:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
2-Jun-2022Minnesota Twins1:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
3-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees7:05 PMYankee StadiumABC
4-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees1:05 PMYankee StadiumTSN
5-Jun-2022N.Y. Yankees11:35 AMYankee StadiumDAZN
7-Jun-2022Pittsburgh Pirates7:05 PMPNC ParkESPN+
8-Jun-2022Pittsburgh Pirates12:35 PMPNC ParkfuboTV
10-Jun-2022Toronto Blue Jays7:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
11-Jun-2022Toronto Blue Jays4:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
12-Jun-2022Toronto Blue Jays1:40 PMComerica ParkFox
13-Jun-2022Chi. White Sox7:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
14-Jun-2022Chi. White Sox7:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
15-Jun-2022Chi. White Sox1:10 PMComerica ParkABC
16-Jun-2022Texas Rangers7:10 PMComerica ParkTSN
17-Jun-2022Texas Rangers7:10 PMComerica ParkDAZN
18-Jun-2022Texas Rangers4:10 PMComerica ParkESPN+
19-Jun-2022Texas Rangers1:40 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
20-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkMLB Network
21-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkMLB Network
22-Jun-2022Boston Red Sox7:10 PMFenway ParkFox
24-Jun-2022Arizona Diamondbacks9:40 PMChase FieldESPN
25-Jun-2022Arizona Diamondbacks10:10 PMChase FieldFox Sports 1
26-Jun-2022Arizona Diamondbacks4:10 PMChase FieldABC
28-Jun-2022San Francisco Giants9:45 PMOracle ParkTSN
29-Jun-2022San Francisco Giants3:45 PMOracle ParkDAZN
1-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals7:10 PMComerica ParkESPN+
2-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals4:10 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
3-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals12:05 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
4-Jul-2022Cleveland Guardians1:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
5-Jul-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMComerica ParkFox
6-Jul-2022Cleveland Guardians1:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
7-Jul-2022Chi. White Sox8:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldFox Sports 1
8-Jul-2022Chi. White Sox8:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldABC
9-Jul-2022Chi. White Sox2:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldTSN
10-Jul-2022Chi. White Sox2:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldDAZN
11-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMKauffman StadiumESPN+
12-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMKauffman StadiumfuboTV
13-Jul-2022Kansas City Royals2:10 PMKauffman StadiumMLB Network
15-Jul-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMProgressive FieldMLB Network
16-Jul-2022Cleveland Guardians4:10 PMProgressive FieldFox
17-Jul-2022Cleveland Guardians1:40 PMProgressive FieldESPN
21-Jul-2022Oakland Athletics3:37 PMOakland-AlamedaFox Sports 1
21-Jul-2022Oakland Athletics7:07 PMOakland-AlamedaABC
23-Jul-2022Minnesota Twins6:10 PMComerica ParkTSN
23-Jul-2022Minnesota Twins6:10 PMComerica ParkDAZN
24-Jul-2022Minnesota Twins1:40 PMComerica ParkESPN+
25-Jul-2022San Diego Padres7:10 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
26-Jul-2022San Diego Padres7:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
27-Jul-2022San Diego Padres1:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
28-Jul-2022Toronto Blue Jays7:07 PMRogers CentreFox
29-Jul-2022Toronto Blue Jays7:07 PMRogers CentreESPN
30-Jul-2022Toronto Blue Jays3:07 PMRogers CentreFox Sports 1
31-Jul-2022Toronto Blue Jays12:05 PMRogers CentreABC
1-Aug-2022Minnesota Twins7:40 PMTarget FieldTSN
2-Aug-2022Minnesota Twins7:40 PMTarget FieldDAZN
3-Aug-2022Minnesota Twins1:10 PMTarget FieldESPN+
4-Aug-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:10 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
5-Aug-2022Tampa Bay Rays7:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
6-Aug-2022Tampa Bay Rays6:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
7-Aug-2022Tampa Bay Rays1:40 PMComerica ParkFox
9-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
10-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
11-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians1:10 PMComerica ParkABC
12-Aug-2022Chi. White Sox7:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldTSN
13-Aug-2022Chi. White Sox7:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldDAZN
14-Aug-2022Chi. White Sox2:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldESPN+
15-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMProgressive FieldfuboTV
16-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMProgressive FieldMLB Network
17-Aug-2022Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMProgressive FieldMLB Network
19-Aug-2022L.A. Angels7:10 PMComerica ParkFox
20-Aug-2022L.A. Angels1:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
21-Aug-2022L.A. Angels1:40 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
23-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants7:10 PMComerica ParkABC
24-Aug-2022San Francisco Giants1:10 PMComerica ParkTSN
26-Aug-2022Texas Rangers8:05 PMGlobe Life FieldDAZN
27-Aug-2022Texas Rangers7:05 PMGlobe Life FieldESPN+
28-Aug-2022Texas Rangers2:35 PMGlobe Life FieldfuboTV
30-Aug-2022Seattle Mariners7:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
31-Aug-2022Seattle Mariners7:10 PMComerica ParkMLB Network
1-Sep-2022Seattle Mariners1:10 PMComerica ParkFox
2-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals7:10 PMComerica ParkESPN
3-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals6:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
4-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals1:40 PMComerica ParkABC
5-Sep-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimTSN
6-Sep-2022L.A. Angels9:38 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimDAZN
7-Sep-2022L.A. Angels4:07 PMAngel Stadium of AnaheimESPN+
9-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals8:10 PMEwing M. Kauffman StadiumfuboTV
10-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals7:10 PMEwing M. Kauffman StadiumMLB Network
11-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals2:10 PMEwing M. Kauffman StadiumMLB Network
12-Sep-2022Houston Astros6:40 PMComerica ParkFox
13-Sep-2022Houston Astros6:40 PMComerica ParkESPN
14-Sep-2022Houston Astros1:10 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
16-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox7:10 PMComerica ParkABC
17-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox6:10 PMComerica ParkTSN
18-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox1:10 PMComerica ParkDAZN
19-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsESPN+
20-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsfuboTV
21-Sep-2022Baltimore Orioles7:05 PMCamden YardsMLB Network
23-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox8:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldMLB Network
24-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox7:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldFox
25-Sep-2022Chi. White Sox2:10 PMGuaranteed Rate FieldESPN
27-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals6:40 PMComerica ParkFox Sports 1
28-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals6:40 PMComerica ParkABC
29-Sep-2022Kansas City Royals1:10 PMComerica ParkTSN
30-Sep-2022Minnesota Twins7:10 PMComerica ParkDAZN
1-Oct-2022Minnesota Twins6:10 PMComerica ParkESPN+
2-Oct-2022Minnesota Twins1:10 PMComerica ParkfuboTV
3-Oct-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMT-Mobile ParkMLB Network
4-Oct-2022Seattle Mariners6:10 PMT-Mobile ParkFox
4-Oct-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMT-Mobile ParkESPN
5-Oct-2022Seattle Mariners9:40 PMT-Mobile ParkFox Sports 1

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