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Boston Red Sox 2023 Roster & Player List

You have already known that the MLB 2023 season will be started on 30th March 2023.

The 9 times world series champion team Boston Red Sox has announced their current roster who will face the regular season for the 2023 MLB tournament.

Today, we covered the player’s full information – supporters who want to know about their current roster players. Stay with us.

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Alex Verdugo - Boston Red Sox Player
Alex Verdugo – Boston Red Sox Player | Photo: Instagram

Boston Red Sox 2023 Roster & Player List

The previous season, they had struggled to meet their expectation. Alex Cora will lead this team and their notable start player Xander Bogaerts signed $280 million for 11 years to San Diego Padres in December 2022.

Here is the full Red Sox player list and roster for the upcoming MLB 2023 season.

35Richard BleierRPLL6-321535
70Ryan BrasierRPRR6-022535
50Kutter CrawfordSPRR6-120926
89Tanner HouckRPRR6-523026
74Kenley JansenRPSR6-527535
76Zack KellyRPRR6-320528
28Corey KluberSPRR6-421536
55Chris MartinRPRR6-822536
61Kaleb OrtRPRR6-424031
37Nick PivettaSPRR6-521030
41Chris SaleSPLL6-618134
46John SchreiberRPRR6-321529
25Josh WinckowskiSPRR6-420224
3Reese McGuireCLR5-1121528
12Connor WongCRR6-118126
39Christian Arroyo2BRR6-120527
36Triston Casas1BLR6-524023
20Yu Chang2BRR6-118027
11Rafael Devers3BLR6-023726
2Justin Turner3BRR5-1120538
Allan CastroRFSR6-117019
18Adam DuvallCFRR6-121534
5Enrique HernandezCFRR5-1120031
30Rob RefsnyderRFRR6-019932
17Raimel TapiaLFLL6-318029
99Alex VerdugoLFLL6-020926
7Masataka YoshidaLFLR5-817629