Boston Red Sox 2023 TV Schedule & Fixture

Boston Red Sox 2023 Schedule

In the last season, Boston Red Sox took 5th place in the divisional place. And right now, the 2023 MLB season will take place on 30th March 2023.

However, the team is ready for the battlefield fight. On 30th March 2023 will face their very first game against Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park.

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Boston Red Sox 2023 Season TV Schedule & Fixture

Christian Arroyo & Triston Casas - Red Sox Players
Christian Arroyo & Triston Casas – Red Sox Players | Photo: Instagram

They have two strong rivalries with New York Yankees & Tampa Bay Rays. On 11th April 2023, they will fight against Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field and face against New York Yankees on 17th June 2023 at Yankee Stadium.

All-game will be aired on Fox TV, ESPN, MLB Network, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. Supporters who will not go to the venue can watch live matches on their suitable TV channel.

Here is the full Red Sox’s 2023 TV schedule, fixture, and calendar. Check it out.

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

31-Mar-20232:10 AMvs. Baltimore OriolesAMZP
2-Apr-20232:10 AMvs. Baltimore OriolesMLBN
2-Apr-202311:35 PMvs. Baltimore OriolesESPN
4-Apr-20235:10 AMvs. Pittsburgh PiratesFOX TV
5-Apr-20235:10 AMvs. Pittsburgh PiratesApple TV+
5-Apr-202311:35 PMvs. Pittsburgh PiratesAMZP
6-Apr-202311:10 PM@ Detroit TigersMLBN
9-Apr-20232:10 AM@ Detroit TigersESPN
9-Apr-202311:10 PM@ Detroit TigersFOX TV
11-Apr-20234:40 AM@ Tampa Bay RaysApple TV+
12-Apr-20234:40 AM@ Tampa Bay RaysAMZP
13-Apr-20234:40 AM@ Tampa Bay RaysMLBN
13-Apr-202311:10 PM@ Tampa Bay RaysFOX TV
15-Apr-20235:10 AMvs. Los Angeles AngelsApple TV+
16-Apr-20232:10 AMvs. Los Angeles AngelsAMZP
16-Apr-202311:35 PMvs. Los Angeles AngelsMLBN
17-Apr-20239:10 PMvs. Los Angeles AngelsESPN
19-Apr-20235:10 AMvs. Minnesota TwinsFOX TV
20-Apr-20235:10 AMvs. Minnesota TwinsApple TV+
20-Apr-202311:35 PMvs. Minnesota TwinsApple TV+
22-Apr-20236:10 AM@ Milwaukee BrewersAMZP
23-Apr-20235:10 AM@ Milwaukee BrewersMLBN
24-Apr-202312:10 AM@ Milwaukee BrewersApple TV+
25-Apr-20234:35 AM@ Baltimore OriolesAMZP
26-Apr-20234:35 AM@ Baltimore OriolesMLBN
26-Apr-202311:05 PM@ Baltimore OriolesApple TV+
29-Apr-20235:10 AMvs. Cleveland GuardiansAMZP
30-Apr-20232:10 AMvs. Cleveland GuardiansMLBN
30-Apr-202311:35 PMvs. Cleveland GuardiansFOX TV
2-May-20235:10 AMvs. Toronto Blue JaysFOX TV
3-May-20235:10 AMvs. Toronto Blue JaysTBS
4-May-20235:10 AMvs. Toronto Blue JaysApple TV+
5-May-20234:10 AMvs. Toronto Blue JaysESPN
6-May-20235:05 AM@ Philadelphia PhilliesESPN
7-May-20235:15 AM@ Philadelphia PhilliesFOX
7-May-202311:35 PM@ Philadelphia PhilliesApple TV+
10-May-20235:20 AM@ Atlanta BravesTBS
11-May-20235:20 AM@ Atlanta BravesAMZP
13-May-20235:10 AMvs. St. Louis CardinalsMLBN
14-May-20232:10 AMvs. St. Louis CardinalsESPN
15-May-20235:00 AMvs. St. Louis CardinalsFOX TV
16-May-20235:10 AMvs. Seattle MarinersESPN
17-May-20235:10 AMvs. Seattle MarinersESPN
18-May-20235:10 AMvs. Seattle MarinersESPN
20-May-20237:40 AM@ San Diego PadresApple TV+
21-May-20238:10 AM@ San Diego PadresAMZP
22-May-20232:10 AM@ San Diego PadresMLBN
23-May-20237:38 AM@ Los Angeles AngelsESPN
24-May-20237:38 AM@ Los Angeles AngelsFOX TV
25-May-20237:38 AM@ Los Angeles AngelsApple TV+
27-May-20237:40 AM@ Arizona DiamondbacksApple TV+
28-May-20235:15 AM@ Arizona DiamondbacksFOX
29-May-20232:10 AM@ Arizona DiamondbacksAMZP
31-May-20235:10 AMvs. Cincinnati RedsMLBN
1-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. Cincinnati RedsESPN
2-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. Cincinnati RedsFOX TV
3-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. Tampa Bay RaysMLBN
3-Jun-202311:10 PMvs. Tampa Bay RaysESPN
4-Jun-20234:10 AMvs. Tampa Bay RaysFOX TV
4-Jun-202311:35 PMvs. Tampa Bay RaysMLBN
7-Jun-20235:10 AM@ Cleveland GuardiansESPN
8-Jun-20235:10 AM@ Cleveland GuardiansFOX TV
9-Jun-20235:10 AM@ Cleveland GuardiansESPN
10-Jun-20235:05 AM@ New York YankeesESPN
11-Jun-20235:35 AM@ New York YankeesFOX
11-Jun-202311:35 PM@ New York YankeesAMZP
13-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. Colorado RockiesMLBN
14-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. Colorado RockiesESPN
15-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. Colorado RockiesFOX TV
17-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. New York YankeesESPN
18-Jun-20235:15 AMvs. New York YankeesFOX
19-Jun-20235:00 AMvs. New York YankeesAMZP
20-Jun-20235:40 AM@ Minnesota TwinsMLBN
21-Jun-20235:40 AM@ Minnesota TwinsESPN
22-Jun-20235:40 AM@ Minnesota TwinsFOX TV
22-Jun-202311:10 PM@ Minnesota TwinsMLBN
24-Jun-20236:10 AM@ Chicago White SoxESPN
25-Jun-20232:10 AM@ Chicago White SoxFOX TV
26-Jun-202312:10 AM@ Chicago White SoxESPN
28-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. Miami MarlinsESPN
29-Jun-20235:10 AMvs. Miami MarlinsESPN
30-Jun-20234:10 AMvs. Miami MarlinsAMZP
1-Jul-20235:07 AM@ Toronto Blue JaysMLBN
2-Jul-20231:07 AM@ Toronto Blue JaysESPN
2-Jul-202311:37 PM@ Toronto Blue JaysFOX TV
4-Jul-202311:35 PMvs. Texas RangersMLBN
6-Jul-20235:10 AMvs. Texas RangersESPN
7-Jul-20235:10 AMvs. Texas RangersFOX TV
8-Jul-20235:10 AMvs. Oakland AthleticsAMZP
9-Jul-20232:10 AMvs. Oakland AthleticsMLBN
9-Jul-202311:35 PMvs. Oakland AthleticsESPN
15-Jul-20236:05 AM@ Chicago CubsFOX TV
16-Jul-202312:20 AM@ Chicago CubsESPN
17-Jul-202312:20 AM@ Chicago CubsAMZP
18-Jul-20237:40 AM@ Oakland AthleticsMLBN
19-Jul-20237:40 AM@ Oakland AthleticsESPN
20-Jul-20231:37 AM@ Oakland AthleticsFOX TV
22-Jul-20235:10 AMvs. New York MetsESPN
23-Jul-20232:10 AMvs. New York MetsFS1
23-Jul-2023TBDvs. New York MetsMLBN
26-Jul-20235:10 AMvs. Atlanta BravesESPN
27-Jul-20235:10 AMvs. Atlanta BravesFOX TV
29-Jul-20238:15 AM@ San Francisco GiantsESPN
30-Jul-20235:15 AM@ San Francisco GiantsFOX
31-Jul-20232:05 AM@ San Francisco GiantsESPN
1-Aug-20237:40 AM@ Seattle MarinersAMZP
2-Aug-20237:40 AM@ Seattle MarinersMLBN
3-Aug-20232:10 AM@ Seattle MarinersESPN
5-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Toronto Blue JaysFOX TV
6-Aug-20232:10 AMvs. Toronto Blue JaysMLBN
6-Aug-202311:35 PMvs. Toronto Blue JaysESPN
8-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Kansas City RoyalsFOX TV
9-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Kansas City RoyalsAMZP
10-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Kansas City RoyalsMLBN
11-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Kansas City RoyalsESPN
12-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Detroit TigersFOX TV
13-Aug-20232:10 AMvs. Detroit TigersESPN
13-Aug-202310:05 PMvs. Detroit TigersPeacock
16-Aug-20235:05 AM@ Washington NationalsMLBN
17-Aug-20235:05 AM@ Washington NationalsESPN
18-Aug-20232:05 AM@ Washington NationalsFOX TV
19-Aug-20235:05 AM@ New York YankeesESPN
19-Aug-202311:05 PM@ New York YankeesFS1
20-Aug-202311:35 PM@ New York YankeesESPN
22-Aug-20236:10 AM@ Houston AstrosAMZP
23-Aug-20236:10 AM@ Houston AstrosMLBN
24-Aug-20236:10 AM@ Houston AstrosESPN
25-Aug-202312:10 AM@ Houston AstrosFOX TV
26-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Los Angeles DodgersESPN
27-Aug-20232:10 AMvs. Los Angeles DodgersESPN
27-Aug-2023TBDvs. Los Angeles DodgersAMZP
29-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Houston AstrosMLBN
30-Aug-20235:10 AMvs. Houston AstrosESPN
31-Aug-20232:10 AMvs. Houston AstrosFOX TV
2-Sep-20236:10 AM@ Kansas City RoyalsMLBN
3-Sep-20235:10 AM@ Kansas City RoyalsESPN
4-Sep-202312:10 AM@ Kansas City RoyalsFOX TV
5-Sep-20232:10 AM@ Tampa Bay RaysAMZP
6-Sep-20234:40 AM@ Tampa Bay RaysMLBN
7-Sep-20234:40 AM@ Tampa Bay RaysESPN
9-Sep-20235:10 AMvs. Baltimore OriolesFOX TV
10-Sep-20232:10 AMvs. Baltimore OriolesAMZP
10-Sep-202311:35 PMvs. Baltimore OriolesMLBN
12-Sep-20235:10 AMvs. New York YankeesESPN
13-Sep-20235:10 AMvs. New York YankeesFOX TV
14-Sep-20235:10 AMvs. New York YankeesESPN
15-Sep-20235:15 AMvs. New York YankeesFOX
16-Sep-20235:07 AM@ Toronto Blue JaysESPN
17-Sep-20231:07 AM@ Toronto Blue JaysAMZP
17-Sep-202311:37 PM@ Toronto Blue JaysMLBN
19-Sep-20236:05 AM@ Texas RangersESPN
20-Sep-20236:05 AM@ Texas RangersFOX TV
21-Sep-202312:05 AM@ Texas RangersESPN
23-Sep-20235:10 AMvs. Chicago White SoxAMZP
24-Sep-20232:10 AMvs. Chicago White SoxMLBN
24-Sep-202311:35 PMvs. Chicago White SoxESPN
27-Sep-20235:10 AMvs. Tampa Bay RaysFOX TV
28-Sep-20234:10 AMvs. Tampa Bay RaysESPN
29-Sep-20234:35 AM@ Baltimore OriolesAMZP
30-Sep-20235:05 AM@ Baltimore OriolesMLBN
1-Oct-20235:05 AM@ Baltimore OriolesESPN
2-Oct-20231:05 AM@ Baltimore OriolesFOX TV