Boston Celtics 2022-23 NBA Game TV Schedule

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are an American professional basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league’s Eastern Conference Atlantic Division.

Founded in 1946, the team was one of the league’s original eight teams. The Celtics have won 17 NBA championships, and 10 conference titles, and made 32 division titles in NBA history.

Wyc Grousbeck, an American business entrepreneur is the owner of the Boston Celtics. Ime Udoka is playing the current head coach of the team.

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Boston Celtics 2022-23 NBA Game TV Schedule (Today)

Robert Williams - Boston Celtics
Robert Williams – Boston Celtics

The NBA 2022-23 regular season will be scheduled from 18th October to 9th April 2023. The whole tournament’s matches will be telecast on ESPN and NBC Sports Boston TV networks.

The Celtics’ have a strong rival against Washington Wizards. Here is the full Boston Celtics 2022-23 NBA match schedule, fixture & calendar. Check it out.

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Boston Celtics 2022-23 NBA Regular Game Schedule & Fixture

DateTimeOpponentTV Channel
18-Oct-20226:30 PMvs Philadelphia 76ersTNT
21-Oct-20226:30 PM@ Miami HeatABC
22-Oct-20226:00 PM@ Orlando MagicESPN
24-Oct-20227:00 PM@ Chicago BullsNBA TV
28-Oct-20226:30 PMvs Cleveland CavaliersTNT
30-Oct-20225:00 PMvs Washington WizardsABC
2-Nov-20226:00 PM@ Cleveland CavaliersESPN
4-Nov-20226:30 PMvs Chicago BullsNBA TV
5-Nov-20226:30 PM@ New York KnicksTNT
7-Nov-20228:00 PM@ Memphis GrizzliesABC
9-Nov-20226:30 PMvs Detroit PistonsESPN
11-Nov-20226:00 PMvs Denver NuggetsNBA TV
12-Nov-20226:00 PM@ Detroit PistonsTNT
14-Nov-20226:30 PMvs Oklahoma City ThunderABC
16-Nov-20226:30 PM@ Atlanta HawksESPN
18-Nov-20227:30 PM@ New Orleans PelicansNBA TV
21-Nov-20227:00 PM@ Chicago BullsTNT
23-Nov-20226:30 PMvs Dallas MavericksABC
25-Nov-20227:00 PMvs Sacramento KingsESPN
27-Nov-20225:00 PMvs Washington WizardsNBA TV
28-Nov-20226:30 PMvs Charlotte HornetsTNT
30-Nov-20226:30 PMvs Miami HeatABC
2-Dec-20226:30 PMvs Miami HeatESPN
4-Dec-20225:00 PM@ Brooklyn NetsNBA TV
5-Dec-20226:30 PM@ Toronto RaptorsTNT
7-Dec-20229:00 PM@ Phoenix SunsABC
10-Dec-20227:30 PM@ Golden State WarriorsESPN
12-Dec-20229:30 PM@ Los Angeles ClippersNBA TV
13-Dec-20229:00 PM@ Los Angeles LakersTNT
16-Dec-20226:30 PMvs Orlando MagicABC
18-Dec-20222:00 PMvs Orlando MagicESPN
21-Dec-20226:30 PMvs Indiana PacersNBA TV
23-Dec-20226:30 PMvs Minnesota TimberwolvesTNT
25-Dec-20224:00 PMvs Milwaukee BucksABC
27-Dec-20226:30 PMvs Houston RocketsESPN
29-Dec-20226:30 PMvs Los Angeles ClippersNBA TV
1-Jan-20237:00 PM@ Denver NuggetsTNT
3-Jan-20237:00 PM@ Oklahoma City ThunderABC
5-Jan-20236:30 PM@ Dallas MavericksESPN
7-Jan-20235:00 PM@ San Antonio SpursNBA TV
9-Jan-20236:30 PMvs Chicago BullsTNT
11-Jan-20236:30 PMvs New Orleans PelicansABC
12-Jan-20236:30 PM@ Brooklyn NetsESPN
14-Jan-20236:00 PM@ Charlotte HornetsNBA TV
16-Jan-202312:00 PM@ Charlotte HornetsTNT
19-Jan-20236:30 PMvs Golden State WarriorsABC
21-Jan-20234:00 PM@ Toronto RaptorsESPN
23-Jan-20236:00 PM@ Orlando MagicNBA TV
24-Jan-20236:30 PM@ Miami HeatTNT
26-Jan-20236:30 PMvs New York KnicksABC
28-Jan-20237:30 PMvs Los Angeles LakersESPN
1-Feb-20236:30 PMvs Brooklyn NetsNBA TV
3-Feb-20236:30 PMvs Phoenix SunsTNT
6-Feb-20236:00 PM@ Detroit PistonsABC
8-Feb-20236:30 PMvs Philadelphia 76ersESPN
10-Feb-20236:30 PMvs Charlotte HornetsNBA TV
12-Feb-20231:00 PMvs Memphis GrizzliesTNT
14-Feb-20236:30 PM@ Milwaukee BucksABC
15-Feb-20236:30 PMvs Detroit PistonsESPN
23-Feb-20236:00 PM@ Indiana PacersNBA TV
25-Feb-20237:30 PM@ Philadelphia 76ersTNT
27-Feb-20236:30 PM@ New York KnicksABC
1-Mar-20236:30 PMvs Cleveland CavaliersESPN
3-Mar-20236:30 PMvs Brooklyn NetsNBA TV
5-Mar-20236:30 PMvs New York KnicksTNT
6-Mar-20236:00 PM@ Cleveland CavaliersABC
8-Mar-20236:30 PMvs Portland Trail BlazersESPN
11-Mar-20236:30 PM@ Atlanta HawksNBA TV
13-Mar-20237:00 PM@ Houston RocketsTNT
15-Mar-20237:00 PM@ Minnesota TimberwolvesABC
17-Mar-20239:00 PM@ Portland Trail BlazersESPN
18-Mar-20238:00 PM@ Utah JazzNBA TV
21-Mar-20239:00 PM@ Sacramento KingsTNT
24-Mar-20236:00 PMvs Indiana PacersABC
26-Mar-20235:00 PMvs San Antonio SpursESPN
28-Mar-20236:00 PM@ Washington WizardsNBA TV
30-Mar-20236:30 PM@ Milwaukee BucksTNT
31-Mar-20236:30 PMvs Utah JazzABC
4-Apr-20237:00 PM@ Philadelphia 76ersESPN
5-Apr-20236:30 PMvs Toronto RaptorsNBA TV
7-Apr-20236:30 PMvs Toronto RaptorsTNT
9-Apr-202312:00 PMvs Atlanta HawksABC

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