Women’s Singles Wimbledon Past Champions List by Year

Women’s Singles Wimbledon Past Champions List

Wimbledon is so popular tennis tournament all over the world. And it is the oldest annual tennis grand slam that has a huge craze still now. Historically it has been held in the last week of June.

The inauguration edition was held in 1877 on the outdoor grass court. At first men’s tennis players participated in this tournament, and women have been participating since 1884.

The 2022 Wimbledon tennis tournament will take place from 27 June to 10 July 2022 at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom.

Women’s Singles Wimbledon Past Winners & Champions List

Maud Watson, the first female Wimbledon winner of women’s singles. She took that crown for two consecutive years in 1884 & 1885. Maybe you want to know – Which lady has won Wimbledon the most? Martina Navratilova, a nine-time Wimbledon winner in 1978, 1979, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1990.

Another USA tennis player Helen Wills Moody, took that crown in eight-time in 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1935, and 1938.

Serena Williams from the USA is still playing tennis. She took that title in seven-time in 2002, 2003, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015, and 2016.

From the United Kingdom, Dorothea Lambert Chambers got the Wimbledon title seven times.

Last edition, from the women’s singles Ashleigh Barty an Australian tennis player took that crown for the first time.

The tournament was postponed from 1915 to 1918 because of World War I and again from 1940 to 1945 because of World War II. The event was also not contested in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the full women’s singles Wimbledon past winners & champions List by year.

Men’s Singles Wimbledon Past Winners

2021Ashleigh BartyAUSKarolína PlíškováCZE
(due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
2019Simona HalepROUSerena WilliamsUSA
2018Angelique KerberGERSerena WilliamsUSA
2017Garbiñe MuguruzaESPVenus WilliamsUSA
2016Serena WilliamsUSAAngelique KerberGER
2015Serena WilliamsUSAGarbiñe MuguruzaESP
2014Petra KvitováCZEEugenie BouchardCAN
2013Marion BartoliFRASabine LisickiGER
2012Serena WilliamsUSAAgnieszka RadwańskaPOL
2011Petra KvitováCZEMaria SharapovaRUS
2010Serena WilliamsUSAVera ZvonarevaRUS
2009Serena WilliamsUSAVenus WilliamsUSA
2008Venus WilliamsUSASerena WilliamsUSA
2007Venus WilliamsUSAMarion BartoliFRA
2006Amélie MauresmoFRAJustine HeninBEL
2005Venus WilliamsUSALindsay DavenportUSA
2004Maria SharapovaRUSSerena WilliamsUSA
2003Serena WilliamsUSAVenus WilliamsUSA
2002Serena WilliamsUSAVenus WilliamsUSA
2001Venus WilliamsUSAJustine HeninBEL
2000Venus WilliamsUSALindsay DavenportUSA
1999Lindsay DavenportUSASteffi GrafGER
1998Jana NovotnáCZENathalie TauziatFRA
1997Martina HingisSUIJana NovotnáCZE
1996Steffi GrafGERArantxa Sánchez VicarioESP
1995Steffi GrafGERArantxa Sánchez VicarioESP
1994Conchita MartínezESPMartina NavratilovaUSA
1993Steffi GrafGERJana NovotnáCZE
1992Steffi GrafGERMonica SelesYUG
1991Steffi GrafGERGabriela SabatiniARG
1990Martina NavratilovaUSAZina GarrisonUSA
1989Steffi GrafFRGMartina NavratilovaUSA
1988Steffi GrafFRGMartina NavratilovaUSA
1987Martina NavratilovaUSASteffi GrafFRG
1986Martina NavratilovaUSAHana MandlíkováTCH
1985Martina NavratilovaUSAChris EvertUSA
1984Martina NavratilovaUSAChris EvertUSA
1983Martina NavratilovaUSAAndrea JaegerUSA
1982Martina NavratilovaUSAChris EvertUSA
1981Chris EvertUSAHana MandlíkováTCH
1980Evonne GoolagongAUSChris EvertUSA
1979Martina NavratilovaUSAChris EvertUSA
1978Martina NavratilovaUSAChris EvertUSA
1977Virginia WadeGBRBetty StöveNED
1976Chris EvertUSAEvonne GoolagongAUS
1975Billie Jean KingUSAEvonne GoolagongAUS
1974Chris EvertUSAOlga MorozovaURS
1973Billie Jean KingUSAChris EvertUSA
1972Billie Jean KingUSAEvonne GoolagongAUS
1971Evonne GoolagongAUSMargaret CourtAUS
1970Margaret CourtAUSBillie Jean KingUSA
1969Ann JonesGBRBillie Jean KingUSA
1968Billie Jean KingUSAJudy TegartAUS
1967Billie Jean KingUSAAnn JonesGBR
1966Billie Jean KingUSAMaria BuenoBRA
1965Margaret SmithAUSMaria BuenoBRA
1964Maria BuenoBRAMargaret SmithAUS
1963Margaret SmithAUSBillie Jean MoffittUSA
1962Karen SusmanUSAVěra SukováTCH
1961Angela MortimerGBRChristine TrumanGBR
1960Maria BuenoBRASandra ReynoldsRSA
1959Maria BuenoBRADarlene HardUSA
1958Althea GibsonUSAAngela MortimerGBR
1957Althea GibsonUSADarlene HardUSA
1956Shirley FryUSAAngela BuxtonGBR
1955Louise BroughUSABeverly FleitzUSA
1954Maureen ConnollyUSALouise BroughUSA
1953Maureen ConnollyUSADoris HartUSA
1952Maureen ConnollyUSALouise BroughUSA
1951Doris HartUSAShirley FryUSA
1950Louise BroughUSAMargaret duPontUSA
1949Louise BroughUSAMargaret duPontUSA
1948Louise BroughUSADoris HartUSA
1947Margaret OsborneUSADoris HartUSA
1946Pauline BetzUSALouise BroughUSA
1939Alice MarbleUSAKay StammersGBR
1938Helen MoodyUSAHelen JacobsUSA
1937Dorothy RoundGBRJadwiga JędrzejowskaPOL
1936Helen JacobsUSAHilde SperlingDEN
1935Helen MoodyUSAHelen JacobsUSA
1934Dorothy RoundGBRHelen JacobsUSA
1933Helen MoodyUSADorothy RoundGBR
1932Helen MoodyUSAHelen JacobsUSA
1931Cilly AussemGERHilde KrahwinkelGER
1930Helen MoodyUSAElizabeth RyanUSA
1929Helen WillsUSAHelen JacobsUSA
1928Helen WillsUSALilí ÁlvarezESP
1927Helen WillsUSALilí ÁlvarezESP
1926Kitty GodfreeGBRLilí ÁlvarezESP
1925Suzanne LenglenFRAJoan FryGBR
1924Kitty McKaneGBRHelen WillsUSA
1923Suzanne LenglenFRAKitty McKaneGBR
1922Suzanne LenglenFRAMolla MalloryUSA
1921Suzanne LenglenFRAElizabeth RyanUSA
1920Suzanne LenglenFRADorothea Lambert ChambersBRI
1919Suzanne LenglenFRADorothea Lambert ChambersBRI
1914Dorothea Lambert ChambersBRIEthel LarcombeBRI
1913Dorothea Lambert ChambersBRIWinifred McNairBRI
1912Ethel LarcombeBRICharlotte SterryBRI
1911Dorothea Lambert ChambersBRIDora BoothbyBRI
1910Dorothea Lambert ChambersBRIDora BoothbyBRI
1909Dora BoothbyBRIAgnes MortonBRI
1908Charlotte SterryBRIAgnes MortonBRI
1907May SuttonUSADorothea Lambert ChambersBRI
1906Dorothea DouglassBRIMay SuttonUSA
1905May SuttonUSADorothea DouglassBRI
1904Dorothea DouglassBRICharlotte SterryBRI
1903Dorothea DouglassBRIEthel LarcombeBRI
1902Muriel RobbBRICharlotte SterryBRI
1901Charlotte SterryBRIBlanche HillyardBRI
1900Blanche HillyardBRICharlotte CooperBRI
1899Blanche HillyardBRICharlotte CooperBRI
1898Charlotte CooperBRILouisa MartinBRI
1897Blanche HillyardBRICharlotte CooperBRI
1896Charlotte CooperBRIAlice PickeringBRI
1895Charlotte CooperBRIHelen JacksonBRI
1894Blanche HillyardBRIEdith AustinBRI
1893Lottie DodBRIBlanche HillyardBRI
1892Lottie DodBRIBlanche HillyardBRI
1891Lottie DodBRIBlanche HillyardBRI
1890Lena RiceBRIMay JacksBRI
1889Blanche HillyardBRILena RiceBRI
1888Lottie DodBRIBlanche HillyardBRI
1887Lottie DodBRIBlanche BingleyBRI
1886Blanche BingleyBRIMaud WatsonBRI
1885Maud WatsonBRIBlanche BingleyBRI
1884Maud WatsonBRILilian WatsonBRI