Swimming at Summer Olympics 2020 Schedule & Calendar


Swimming is the most popular sport in the Summer Olympic Games. Coming this year from 25th July to 6th August 2020, it will be scheduled at Olympic Aquatics Centre, in Japan. In these sports, there are 37 events will be held from different sections.

In the Swimming sports, men’s and women’s will take schedule 18 each for both genders and 1 event will be mixed. And those event has long course and distance is counted in metres.

Freestyle50, 100, 200, 400, 800, & 1,500
Backstroke100 & 200
Breaststroke100 & 200
Butterfly100 & 200
Individual medley200 & 400
Relays4×100 free, 4×200 free; 4×100 medley
(men’s, women’s, and mixed)
Marathon10 kilometres

Swimming at Summer Olympics 2020 Schedule & Fixtures

Here are the full Swimming Schedule and Calendar of 2020 Summer Olympics. Check this out!

Date (2020)Time (JST)Event
25th July 19:00-21:30Men 400m Individual Medley
Men 400m Freestyle
Men 100m Breaststroke
Women 100m Butterfly
Women 4x100m Freestyle
Women 400m Individual Medley
26th July10:30-12:30Men 400m Individual Medley Final
Men 400m Freestyle Final
Men 400m Breaststroke Semi-Final
Women 100m Butterfly Semi-Final
Women 400m Individual Medley Final
Women 4x100m Freestyle Final
26th July19:00-21:30Men 4x100m Freestyle
Men 100m Backstroke
Men 200m Freestyle
Women 100m Backstroke
Women 100m Breaststroke
Women 400m Freestyle
27th July10:30-12:30Men 100m Breaststroke Final
Men 100m Backstroke Semi-Final
Men 200m Freestyle Semi-Final
Men 4x100m Freestyle Final
Women 100m Butterfly Final
Women 100m Breaststroke Semi-Final
Women 400m Freestyle Final
Women 100m Backstroke Semi-Final
27th July19:00-21:30Men 200m Butterfly
Women 200m Freestyle
Women 200m Individual Medley
Women 1500m Freestyle
28th July10:30-12:30Men 200m Freestyle Final
Men 100m Backstroke Final
Men 200m Butterfly Semi-Final
Women 100m Breaststroke Final
Women 200m Freestyle Semi-Final
Women 100m Backstroke Final
Women 200m Individual Medley Semi-Final
28th July19:00-21:30Men 100m Freestyle
Men 200m Breaststroke
Men 4x200m Freestyle
Men 800m Freestyle
Women 200m Butterfly
29th July10:30-12:30Men 100m Freestyle Semi-Final
Men 200m Butterfly Final
Men 200m Breaststroke Semi-Final
Men 4x200m Freestyle Final
Women 200m Freestyle Final
Women 200m Butterfly Semi-Final
Women 200m Individual Medley Final
Women 1500m Freestyle Final
29th July19:00-21:30Men 200m Backstroke
Men 200m Individual Medley
Women 100m Freestyle
Women 200m Breaststroke
Women 4x200m Freestyle
30th July10:30-12:30Men 800m Freestyle Final
Men 200m Breaststroke Final
Men 200m Backstroke Semi-Final
Men 100m Freestyle Final
Men 200m Individual Medley Semi-Final
Women 100m Freestyle Semi-Final
Women 200m Butterfly Final
Women 200m Breaststroke Semi-Final
Women 4x200m Freestyle Final
30th July19:00-21:30Men 100m Butterfly
Women 800m Freestyle
Women 200m Backstroke
4x100m Medley Mix
31st July10:30-12:30Men 200m Backstroke Final
Men 200m Individual Medley Final
Men 100m Butterfly Semi-Final
Women 200m Breaststroke Final
Women 200m Backstroke Semi-Final
Women 100m Freestyle Final
31st July19:00-21:30Men 50m Freestyle
Men 1500m Freestyle
Men 4x100m Medley
Women 50m Freestyle
Women 4x100m Medley
1st August10:30-12:30Men 100m Butterfly Final
Men 50m Freestyle Semi-Final
Women 200m Backstroke Final
Women 800m Freestyle Final
Women 50m Freestyle Semi-Final
4x100m Medley Mix Final
2nd August10:30-12:30Men 50m Freestyle Final
Men 1500m Freestyle Final
Men 4x100m Medley Final
Women 50m Freestyle Final
Women 4x100m Medley Final

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