Pittsburgh Penguins TV Schedule for 2022-2023

Pittsburgh Penguins 2022-23 Schedule

Pittsburgh Penguins will go to participate in the coming NHL 2022-23 season. Last season, they got 3rd in the metropolitan division and 7th in the eastern conference.

Pittsburgh Penguins 2022-23 TV Schedule & Fixture

Over the period, the Penguins have two strong rivals – one is the Flyers and another is Washington Capitals. Their very first game will happen on 13th October 2022 against Arizona.

On 10th November 2022, they will fight against Washington Capitals at 6:30 AM. All-game will be telecast on ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NHL TV.

Pittsburgh Penguins Game Playing
Pittsburgh Penguins Game Playing

The key date of the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 2022-23 regular season.

  • 17-Oct-2022 – 6:00 PM – @ Montreal Canadiens
  • 25-Oct-2022 – 8:00 PM – @ Calgary Flames
  • 2-Nov-2022 – 6:00 AM – vs Boston Bruins
  • 3-Nov-2022 – 5:30 AM – @ Buffalo Sabres
  • 10-Nov-2022 – 6:30 AM – @ Washington Capitals
  • 13-Nov-2022 – 6:00 AM – @ Montreal Canadiens
  • 24-Nov-2022 – 6:00 AM – vs Calgary Flames
  • 26-Nov-2022 – 4:30 AM – @ Philadelphia Flyers
  • 4-Dec-2022 – 6:00 AM – vs St. Louis Blues
  • 11-Dec-2022 – 6:00 AM – vs Buffalo Sabres
  • 19-Dec-2022 – 4:00 AM – @ Carolina Hurricanes
  • 28-Dec-2022 – 6:30 AM – @ New York Islanders
  • 31-Dec-2022 – 6:00 AM – vs New Jersey Devils
  • 17-Jan-2023 – 6:00 AM – vs Anaheim Ducks
  • 25-Jan-2023 – 6:00 AM – vs Florida Panthers
  • 27-Jan-2023 – 6:00 AM – @ Washington Capitals
  • 12-Feb-2023 – 9:30 AM – @ Los Angeles Kings
  • 21-Feb-2023 – 6:00 AM – vs New York Islanders
  • 27-Feb-2023 – 5:00 AM – vs Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 12-Mar-2023 – 2:30 AM – vs Philadelphia Flyers
  • 15-Mar-2023 – 5:00 AM – vs Montreal Canadiens
  • 17-Mar-2023 – 5:00 AM – @ New York Rangers
  • 26-Mar-2023 – 6:00 AM – vs Washington Capitals
  • 29-Mar-2023 – 5:00 AM – @ Detroit Red Wings
  • 3-Apr-2023 – 4:00 AM – vs Philadelphia Flyers
  • 9-Apr-2023 – 6:00 AM – @ Detroit Red Wings
  • 12-Apr-2023 – 5:00 AM – vs Chicago Blackhawks

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateTime (EST)OpponentTV
13-Oct-20226:00 PMvs Arizona CoyotesTNT
15-Oct-20226:00 PMvs Tampa Bay LightningESPN
17-Oct-20226:00 PM@ Montreal CanadiensABC
20-Oct-20226:00 PMvs Los Angeles KingsESPN
22-Oct-20226:00 PM@ Columbus Blue JacketsNHL TV
24-Oct-20227:00 PM@ Edmonton OilersTNT
25-Oct-20228:00 PM@ Calgary FlamesTNT
28-Oct-20229:00 PM@ Vancouver CanucksESPN
29-Oct-20229:00 PM@ Seattle KrakenABC
2-Nov-20226:00 AMvs Boston BruinsESPN
3-Nov-20225:30 AM@ Buffalo SabresNHL TV
6-Nov-20225:00 AMvs Seattle KrakenTNT
10-Nov-20226:30 AM@ Washington CapitalsTNT
12-Nov-20226:00 AM@ Toronto Maple LeafsTNT
13-Nov-20226:00 AM@ Montreal CanadiensESPN
16-Nov-20226:00 AMvs Toronto Maple LeafsABC
18-Nov-20227:00 AM@ Minnesota WildESPN
20-Nov-20226:00 AM@ Winnipeg JetsNHL TV
21-Nov-20226:00 AM@ Chicago BlackhawksTNT
24-Nov-20226:00 AMvs Calgary FlamesTNT
26-Nov-20224:30 AM@ Philadelphia FlyersESPN
27-Nov-20226:00 AMvs Toronto Maple LeafsABC
30-Nov-20226:00 AMvs Carolina HurricanesESPN
2-Dec-20226:00 AMvs Vegas Golden KnightsNHL TV
4-Dec-20226:00 AMvs St. Louis BluesTNT
7-Dec-20226:00 AMvs Columbus Blue JacketsTNT
10-Dec-20226:00 AM@ Buffalo SabresESPN
11-Dec-20226:00 AMvs Buffalo SabresABC
13-Dec-20226:00 AMvs Dallas StarsESPN
16-Dec-20226:00 AM@ Florida PanthersNHL TV
19-Dec-20224:00 AM@ Carolina HurricanesTNT
21-Dec-20226:00 AMvs New York RangersTNT
23-Dec-20226:00 AMvs Carolina HurricanesESPN
28-Dec-20226:30 AM@ New York IslandersABC
29-Dec-20226:30 AMvs Detroit Red WingsESPN
31-Dec-20226:00 AMvs New Jersey DevilsNHL TV
3-Jan-20231:00 AM@ Boston BruinsTNT
6-Jan-20239:00 AM@ Vegas Golden KnightsTNT
9-Jan-20236:00 AM@ Arizona CoyotesESPN
11-Jan-20236:00 AMvs Vancouver CanucksABC
14-Jan-20236:00 AMvs Winnipeg JetsESPN
15-Jan-20236:00 AM@ Carolina HurricanesNHL TV
17-Jan-20236:00 AMvs Anaheim DucksTNT
19-Jan-20236:00 AM@ Ottawa SenatorsTNT
21-Jan-20236:00 AMvs Ottawa SenatorsESPN
23-Jan-20231:00 AM@ New Jersey DevilsABC
25-Jan-20236:00 AMvs Florida PanthersESPN
27-Jan-20236:00 AM@ Washington CapitalsNHL TV
29-Jan-20236:00 AMvs San Jose SharksTNT
8-Feb-20236:00 AMvs Colorado AvalancheTNT
11-Feb-20239:00 AM@ Anaheim DucksESPN
12-Feb-20239:30 AM@ Los Angeles KingsABC
15-Feb-20239:30 AM@ San Jose SharksESPN
18-Feb-20236:00 AM@ New York IslandersNHL TV
19-Feb-20234:30 AMvs New Jersey DevilsTNT
21-Feb-20236:00 AMvs New York IslandersTNT
24-Feb-20236:00 AMvs Edmonton OilersESPN
26-Feb-20232:30 AM@ St. Louis BluesABC
27-Feb-20235:00 AMvs Tampa Bay LightningESPN
1-Mar-20237:00 AM@ Nashville PredatorsNHL TV
3-Mar-20236:00 AM@ Tampa Bay LightningTNT
5-Mar-20235:00 AM@ Florida PanthersTNT
8-Mar-20236:00 AMvs Columbus Blue JacketsESPN
10-Mar-20236:00 AMvs New York IslandersABC
12-Mar-20232:30 AMvs Philadelphia FlyersESPN
13-Mar-20232:00 AMvs New York RangersTNT
15-Mar-20235:00 AMvs Montreal CanadiensTNT
17-Mar-20235:00 AM@ New York RangersTNT
19-Mar-20236:00 AM@ New York RangersESPN
21-Mar-20235:00 AMvs Ottawa SenatorsABC
23-Mar-20236:00 AM@ Colorado AvalancheTNT
24-Mar-20237:00 AM@ Dallas StarsNHL TV
26-Mar-20236:00 AMvs Washington CapitalsTNT
29-Mar-20235:00 AM@ Detroit Red WingsTNT
31-Mar-20235:00 AMvs Nashville PredatorsESPN
2-Apr-20231:00 AMvs Boston BruinsABC
3-Apr-20234:00 AMvs Philadelphia FlyersTNT
5-Apr-20235:00 AM@ New Jersey DevilsESPN
7-Apr-20235:00 AMvs Minnesota WildABC
9-Apr-20236:00 AM@ Detroit Red WingsESPN
12-Apr-20235:00 AMvs Chicago BlackhawksNHL TV
14-Apr-20235:00 AM@ Columbus Blue JacketsTNT