New York Yankees 2022 MLB TV Schedule & Fixture

New York Yankees

Looking for a place to watch the Yankees game today? And want to know about their next game schedule for the upcoming 2022 MLB season? This article helps you a lot. Read carefully.

The New York Yankees are one of the most beloved teams in all of the sports, and their fan base is arguably the largest and most passionate in all of baseball. The Yankees have a long and storied history, and their fans are always ready to show their support for the team.

They have a history of winning, and their fan base is passionate and loyal. From the classics to the rare moments of brilliance, here are some of the best moments in Yankees history.

New York Yankees Current Roster

New York Yankees 2022 MLB TV Schedule & Game Fixture

The Yankees have won 27 World Series titles till now. In the last season of MLB, they ranked 3rd in the divisional place with (92-70) won and lost.

However, the upcoming MLB 2022 regular season will take place from 7th April 2022. 30 teams will compete in 162 games with each other.

They will fight against Boston on 7th April 2022. Yankees have a strong rivalry with Boston Red Sox over the period. Here is the key-date schedule for 2022 MLB.

  • 7-Apr-2022 – Boston 11:05 PM MLB Network
  • 10-Apr-2022 – Boston 2:05 AM NBCS-PH+
  • 11-Apr-2022 – Boston – 5:00 AM – Fox Sports 1
  • 16-Apr-2022 – Baltimore – 5:05 AM – fuboTV
  • 20-Apr-2022 – Detroit – 4:40 AM – MLB Network
  • 30-Apr-2022 – Kansas City – 6:10 AM – BSMW
  • 5-May-2022 – Toronto – 5:07 AM – BSDET
  • 7-May-2022 – Texas – 5:05 AM – Apple TV+
  • 14-May-2022 – Chicago – 6:10 AM – fuboTV
  • 27-May-2022 – Tampa Bay – 4:40 AM – BSDET
  • 2-Jun-2022 – Los Angeles – 5:05 AM – BSMW
  • 8-Jun-2022 – Minnesota – 5:40 AM – fuboTV
  • 25-Jun-2022 – Houston – 5:05 AM – BSN
  • 3-Jul-2022 – Cleveland – 4:10 AM – Apple TV+
  • 15-Jul-2022 – Cincinnati – 5:05 AM – Apple TV+
  • 3-Aug-2022 – Seattle – 5:05 AM – NBCS-PH+
  • 11-Aug-2022 – Seattle – 2:10 AM – BSGL
  • 24-Aug-2022 – New York – 5:05 AM – MLB Network
  • 18-Sep-2022 – Milwaukee – 5:10 AM – NBCS-PH+
  • 4-Oct-2022 – Texas – 5:05 AM – Apple TV+
  • 5-Oct-2022 – Texas – 6:05 AM – fuboTV

Where can You Watch the Yankees Game Today?

There have some broadcasters – that you can watch live streaming all-game of Yankees. MLB Network, NBCS-PH+, Fox Sports 1, ESPN, Apple TV+, TBS, BSN, BSMW will telecast all matches on their network on time.

Apart from these TV channels, you can also enjoy the whole MLB season on fuboTV. But you need to have an internet-connected device and have access to the fuboTV network.

Live Stream on fuboTV

Here is the whole New York Yankees 2022 MLB TV schedule & game fixture.

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateOpponentTime (EST)TV Network
7-Apr-2022vs Boston11:05 PMMLB Network
10-Apr-2022vs Boston2:05 AMNBCS-PH+
11-Apr-2022vs Boston5:00 AMFox Sports 1
12-Apr-2022vs Toronto5:05 AMESPN
13-Apr-2022vs Toronto5:05 AMBSDET
14-Apr-2022vs Toronto5:05 AMApple TV+
15-Apr-2022vs Toronto5:05 AMTBS
16-Apr-2022@ Baltimore5:05 AMfuboTV
17-Apr-2022@ Baltimore5:05 AMBSGL
17-Apr-2022@ Baltimore11:05 PMBSMW
20-Apr-2022@ Detroit4:40 AMMLB Network
21-Apr-2022@ Detroit4:40 AMNBCS-PH+
21-Apr-2022@ Detroit11:10 PMFox Sports 1
23-Apr-2022vs Cleveland5:05 AMESPN
23-Apr-2022vs Cleveland11:05 PMBSDET
24-Apr-2022vs Cleveland11:35 PMApple TV+
27-Apr-2022vs Baltimore5:05 AMTBS
28-Apr-2022vs Baltimore5:05 AMBSN
28-Apr-2022vs Baltimore11:05 PMBSGL
30-Apr-2022@ Kansas City6:10 AMBSMW
1-May-2022@ Kansas City5:10 AMMLB Network
2-May-2022@ Kansas City12:10 AMfuboTV
3-May-2022@ Toronto5:07 AMFox Sports 1
4-May-2022@ Toronto5:07 AMESPN
5-May-2022@ Toronto5:07 AMBSDET
7-May-2022vs Texas5:05 AMApple TV+
7-May-2022vs Texas11:05 PMTBS
8-May-2022vs Texas11:35 PMBSN
11-May-2022vs Toronto5:05 AMBSGL
11-May-2022vs Toronto10:35 PMBSMW
13-May-2022@ Chicago6:10 AMMLB Network
14-May-2022@ Chicago6:10 AMfuboTV
15-May-2022@ Chicago5:10 AMFox Sports 1
16-May-2022@ Chicago12:10 AMESPN
17-May-2022@ Baltimore5:05 AMBSDET
18-May-2022@ Baltimore5:05 AMApple TV+
19-May-2022@ Baltimore5:05 AMTBS
19-May-2022@ Baltimore10:35 PMBSN
21-May-2022vs Chicago5:05 AMBSGL
21-May-2022vs Chicago11:05 PMBSMW
23-May-2022vs Chicago5:00 AMMLB Network
24-May-2022vs Baltimore5:05 AMfuboTV
25-May-2022vs Baltimore5:05 AMFox Sports 1
26-May-2022vs Baltimore5:05 AMESPN
27-May-2022@ Tampa Bay4:40 AMBSDET
28-May-2022@ Tampa Bay5:10 AMApple TV+
29-May-2022@ Tampa Bay2:10 AMTBS
29-May-2022@ Tampa Bay11:40 PMBSN
1-Jun-2022vs Los Angeles5:05 AMBSGL
2-Jun-2022vs Los Angeles5:05 AMBSMW
3-Jun-2022vs Los Angeles5:05 AMApple TV+
4-Jun-2022vs Detroit5:05 AMApple TV+
4-Jun-2022vs Detroit11:05 PMApple TV+
5-Jun-2022vs Detroit11:35 PMMLB Network
8-Jun-2022@ Minnesota5:40 AMfuboTV
9-Jun-2022@ Minnesota5:40 AMFox Sports 1
10-Jun-2022@ Minnesota5:40 AMESPN
11-Jun-2022vs Chicago5:05 AMBSDET
12-Jun-2022vs Chicago5:15 AMApple TV+
12-Jun-2022vs Chicago11:35 PMTBS
15-Jun-2022vs Tampa Bay5:05 AMBSN
16-Jun-2022vs Tampa Bay5:05 AMBSGL
17-Jun-2022vs Tampa Bay5:05 AMBSMW
18-Jun-2022@ Toronto5:07 AMMLB Network
19-Jun-2022@ Toronto1:07 AMfuboTV
19-Jun-2022@ Toronto11:37 PMFox Sports 1
21-Jun-2022@ Tampa Bay5:10 AMESPN
22-Jun-2022@ Tampa Bay5:10 AMBSDET
23-Jun-2022@ Tampa Bay5:10 AMApple TV+
24-Jun-2022vs Houston5:05 AMTBS
25-Jun-2022vs Houston5:05 AMBSN
25-Jun-2022vs Houston11:05 PMBSGL
26-Jun-2022vs Houston11:35 PMBSMW
28-Jun-2022vs Oakland5:05 AMMLB Network
29-Jun-2022vs Oakland5:05 AMfuboTV
29-Jun-2022vs Oakland11:05 PMFox Sports 1
1-Jul-2022@ Houston4:10 AMESPN
2-Jul-2022@ Cleveland5:10 AMBSDET
3-Jul-2022@ Cleveland4:10 AMApple TV+
3-Jul-2022@ Cleveland11:40 PMTBS
6-Jul-2022@ Pittsburgh5:05 AMBSN
7-Jul-2022@ Pittsburgh5:05 AMBSGL
8-Jul-2022@ Boston5:10 AMBSMW
9-Jul-2022@ Boston5:10 AMMLB Network
10-Jul-2022@ Boston5:15 AMNBCS-PH+
11-Jul-2022@ Boston5:00 AMFox Sports 1
13-Jul-2022vs Cincinnati5:05 AMESPN
14-Jul-2022vs Cincinnati5:05 AMBSDET
15-Jul-2022vs Cincinnati5:05 AMApple TV+
16-Jul-2022vs Boston5:05 AMTBS
17-Jul-2022vs Boston5:15 AMBSN
17-Jul-2022vs Boston11:35 PMBSGL
21-Jul-2022@ Houston11:10 PMBSMW
22-Jul-2022@ Houston4:40 AMMLB Network
23-Jul-2022@ Baltimore5:05 AMNBCS-PH+
24-Jul-2022@ Baltimore5:05 AMFox Sports 1
24-Jul-2022@ Baltimore11:35 PMESPN
27-Jul-2022@ New York5:10 AMBSDET
28-Jul-2022@ New York5:10 AMApple TV+
29-Jul-2022vs Kansas City5:05 AMTBS
30-Jul-2022vs Kansas City5:05 AMBSN
31-Jul-2022vs Kansas City12:05 AMBSGL
31-Jul-2022vs Kansas City11:35 PMBSMW
2-Aug-2022vs Seattle5:05 AMMLB Network
3-Aug-2022vs Seattle5:05 AMNBCS-PH+
3-Aug-2022vs Seattle11:05 PMFox Sports 1
6-Aug-2022@ St. Louis6:15 AMESPN
7-Aug-2022@ St. Louis5:15 AMBSDET
8-Aug-2022@ St. Louis12:15 AMApple TV+
9-Aug-2022@ Seattle8:10 AMTBS
10-Aug-2022@ Seattle8:10 AMBSN
11-Aug-2022@ Seattle2:10 AMBSGL
13-Aug-2022@ Boston5:10 AMBSMW
14-Aug-2022@ Boston5:15 AMMLB Network
14-Aug-2022@ BostonTBDNBCS-PH+
16-Aug-2022vs Tampa Bay5:05 AMFox Sports 1
17-Aug-2022vs Tampa Bay5:05 AMESPN
18-Aug-2022vs Tampa Bay5:05 AMBSDET
19-Aug-2022vs Toronto5:05 AMApple TV+
20-Aug-2022vs Toronto5:05 AMfuboTV
20-Aug-2022vs Toronto11:05 PMBSN
21-Aug-2022vs Toronto11:35 PMBSGL
23-Aug-2022vs New York5:05 AMBSMW
24-Aug-2022vs New York5:05 AMMLB Network
26-Aug-2022@ Oakland7:40 AMNBCS-PH+
27-Aug-2022@ Oakland7:40 AMFox Sports 1
28-Aug-2022@ Oakland7:07 AMESPN
29-Aug-2022@ Oakland2:07 AMBSDET
30-Aug-2022@ Los Angeles7:38 AMApple TV+
31-Aug-2022@ Los Angeles7:38 AMTBS
1-Sep-2022@ Los Angeles7:38 AMBSN
3-Sep-2022@ Tampa Bay5:10 AMBSGL
4-Sep-2022@ Tampa Bay4:10 AMBSMW
4-Sep-2022@ Tampa Bay11:40 PMMLB Network
5-Sep-2022vs Minnesota11:05 PMNBCS-PH+
7-Sep-2022vs Minnesota5:05 AMFox Sports 1
8-Sep-2022vs Minnesota5:05 AMESPN
9-Sep-2022vs Minnesota5:05 AMfuboTV
10-Sep-2022vs Tampa Bay5:05 AMApple TV+
10-Sep-2022vs Tampa Bay11:05 PMTBS
11-Sep-2022vs Tampa Bay11:35 PMBSN
14-Sep-2022@ Boston5:10 AMBSGL
15-Sep-2022@ Boston5:10 AMBSMW
17-Sep-2022@ Milwaukee6:10 AMMLB Network
18-Sep-2022@ Milwaukee5:10 AMNBCS-PH+
19-Sep-2022@ Milwaukee12:10 AMFox Sports 1
21-Sep-2022vs Pittsburgh5:05 AMESPN
22-Sep-2022vs Pittsburgh5:05 AMfuboTV
23-Sep-2022vs Boston5:05 AMApple TV+
24-Sep-2022vs Boston5:05 AMTBS
24-Sep-2022vs Boston11:05 PMBSN
25-Sep-2022vs Boston11:35 PMfuboTV
27-Sep-2022@ Toronto5:07 AMBSMW
28-Sep-2022@ Toronto5:07 AMMLB Network
29-Sep-2022@ Toronto5:07 AMNBCS-PH+
1-Oct-2022vs Baltimore5:05 AMFox Sports 1
1-Oct-2022vs Baltimore11:05 PMESPN
2-Oct-2022vs Baltimore11:35 PMfuboTV
4-Oct-2022@ Texas5:05 AMApple TV+
5-Oct-2022@ Texas12:05 AMTBS
5-Oct-2022@ Texas6:05 AMBSN
5-Oct-2022@ Texas6:05 AMfuboTV

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