New York Rangers 2023-24 NHL Schedule

New York Rangers 2023-24 NHL Schedule

The puck drops, the cheers echo, and the Madison Square Garden roars to life as the New York Rangers embark on their 2023-24 NHL journey. As a sports enthusiast, there’s nothing quite like the anticipation of a new season, especially when your team has intense rivalries with the St. Louis Blues, New Jersey Devils, and the New York Islanders.

In this blog post, we’ll dissect the Rangers’ full schedule, highlighting key matchups, road trips, and the most anticipated clashes with their fiercest adversaries.

New York Rangers 2023-24 Rosters

Breaking Down the New York Rangers 2023-24 NHL Schedule: A Rivalry-Filled Journey

Testing Waters and Road Challenges The Rangers kick off the season with an away game against the Buffalo Sabres on October 12, followed by a face-off with the Columbus Blue Jackets on October 14. Their first home game is against the Arizona Coyotes on October 16, setting the stage for a thrilling season at Madison Square Garden.

New York Rangers Players
New York Rangers Players | Image Source: Instagram

Rivalry Intensifies November brings pivotal matchups against the Carolina Hurricanes, Detroit Red Wings, and a showdown with the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Rangers will also hit the road to face the New Jersey Devils on November 18, making every game a must-watch.

Festive Hockey Season As the holiday season approaches, the Rangers face tough opponents like the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Washington Capitals. The battle against the Boston Bruins on December 16 promises to be a highlight before they head into the new year.

Breaking Down the New York Rangers 2023-24 NHL Schedule

DateTime (EST)OpponentTV Channel
12-Oct-20236:00 PM@ Buffalo SabresESPN
14-Oct-20236:00 PM@ Columbus Blue JacketsABC
16-Oct-20236:00 PMvs Arizona CoyotesTNT
19-Oct-20236:00 PMvs Nashville PredatorsABC
21-Oct-20239:00 PM@ Seattle KrakenNHL
24-Oct-20238:45 PM@ Calgary FlamesAMZ
26-Oct-20238:00 PM@ Edmonton OilersAMZ
28-Oct-20239:00 PM@ Vancouver CanucksAMZ
30-Oct-20236:30 PM@ Winnipeg JetsESPN
2-Nov-20236:00 PMvs Carolina HurricanesABC
4-Nov-20237:00 PM@ Minnesota WildTNT
7-Nov-20236:30 PMvs Detroit Red WingsABC
9-Nov-20236:00 PMvs Minnesota WildNHL
12-Nov-20236:00 PMvs Columbus Blue JacketsAMZ
18-Nov-20236:00 PM@ New Jersey DevilsAMZ
20-Nov-20237:00 PM@ Dallas StarsAMZ
22-Nov-20236:00 PM@ Pittsburgh PenguinsESPN
24-Nov-202312:00 PM@ Philadelphia FlyersABC
25-Nov-202312:00 PMvs Boston BruinsTNT
27-Nov-20236:00 PMvs Buffalo SabresABC
29-Nov-20236:30 PMvs Detroit Red WingsNHL
2-Dec-20233:00 PM@ Nashville PredatorsAMZ
3-Dec-20235:00 PMvs San Jose SharksAMZ
5-Dec-20236:00 PM@ Ottawa SenatorsAMZ
9-Dec-20236:00 PM@ Washington CapitalsESPN
10-Dec-20236:00 PMvs Los Angeles KingsABC
12-Dec-20236:00 PMvs Toronto Maple LeafsTNT
15-Dec-20236:00 PMvs Anaheim DucksABC
16-Dec-20236:00 PM@ Boston BruinsNHL
19-Dec-20236:00 PM@ Toronto Maple LeafsAMZ
22-Dec-20236:30 PMvs Edmonton OilersAMZ
23-Dec-20236:30 PMvs Buffalo SabresAMZ
27-Dec-20236:00 PMvs Washington CapitalsAMZ
29-Dec-20236:00 PM@ Florida PanthersAMZ
30-Dec-20236:00 PM@ Tampa Bay LightningESPN
2-Jan-20246:00 PMvs Carolina HurricanesABC
4-Jan-20246:00 PMvs Chicago BlackhawksTNT
6-Jan-20246:00 PM@ Montreal CanadiensABC
8-Jan-20246:00 PMvs Vancouver CanucksNHL
11-Jan-20247:00 PM@ St. Louis BluesAMZ
13-Jan-202412:00 PM@ Washington CapitalsAMZ
14-Jan-202412:00 PMvs Washington CapitalsAMZ
16-Jan-20246:00 PMvs Seattle KrakenESPN
18-Jan-20249:00 PM@ Vegas Golden KnightsABC
20-Jan-20249:30 PM@ Los Angeles KingsTNT
21-Jan-20247:30 PM@ Anaheim DucksABC
23-Jan-20249:30 PM@ San Jose SharksNHL
26-Jan-20246:00 PMvs Vegas Golden KnightsAMZ
27-Jan-20246:00 PM@ Ottawa SenatorsAMZ
5-Feb-20246:00 PMvs Colorado AvalancheAMZ
7-Feb-20246:00 PMvs Tampa Bay LightningAMZ
9-Feb-20247:30 PM@ Chicago BlackhawksAMZ
12-Feb-20246:00 PMvs Calgary FlamesAMZ
15-Feb-20246:00 PMvs Montreal CanadiensESPN
18-Feb-20242:00 PM@ New York IslandersABC
20-Feb-20246:00 PMvs Dallas StarsTNT
22-Feb-20246:00 PM@ New Jersey DevilsABC
24-Feb-20242:00 PM@ Philadelphia FlyersNHL
25-Feb-20245:00 PM@ Columbus Blue JacketsAMZ
28-Feb-20246:00 PMvs Columbus Blue JacketsAMZ
2-Mar-20246:00 PM@ Toronto Maple LeafsAMZ
4-Mar-20246:00 PMvs Florida PanthersESPN
9-Mar-20246:30 PMvs St. Louis BluesABC
11-Mar-20246:00 PMvs New Jersey DevilsTNT
12-Mar-20246:00 PM@ Carolina HurricanesABC
14-Mar-20246:00 PM@ Tampa Bay LightningNHL
16-Mar-20242:00 PM@ Pittsburgh PenguinsAMZ
17-Mar-202412:00 PMvs New York IslandersAMZ
19-Mar-20246:00 PMvs Winnipeg JetsESPN
21-Mar-20246:00 PM@ Boston BruinsABC
23-Mar-20247:00 PMvs Florida PanthersTNT
26-Mar-20246:00 PMvs Philadelphia FlyersABC
28-Mar-20248:00 PM@ Colorado AvalancheNHL
30-Mar-20245:00 PM@ Arizona CoyotesAMZ
1-Apr-20246:00 PMvs Pittsburgh PenguinsAMZ
3-Apr-20246:00 PMvs New Jersey DevilsESPN
5-Apr-20246:00 PM@ Detroit Red WingsABC
7-Apr-20246:00 PMvs Montreal CanadiensTNT
9-Apr-20246:00 PM@ New York IslandersABC
11-Apr-20246:00 PMvs Philadelphia FlyersNHL
13-Apr-202411:30 AMvs New York IslandersAMZ
15-Apr-20246:30 PMvs Ottawa SenatorsAMZ

Road Warriors and Home Delights The Rangers begin the year with a challenging road trip against the St. Louis Blues and Washington Capitals. The January 18 clash with the Vegas Golden Knights and the following games against California teams will test their mettle.

Facing the Best in the League February features matchups against the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning, providing a measure of the Rangers’ capabilities against top contenders. A late-month duel with the Montreal Canadiens adds spice to the mix.

Playoff Push and Rivalry Rekindled As the regular season winds down, every point becomes crucial for the Rangers. March sees battles with the St. Louis Blues and New Jersey Devils, crucial for playoff positioning. A late March matchup with the Pittsburgh Penguins on the road is another game to circle on the calendar.

The Final Stretch The Rangers conclude the regular season with matchups against the New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and Ottawa Senators. The season finale against the Islanders on April 15 could potentially have playoff implications, making it a fitting end to a rollercoaster season.

The 2023-24 NHL season promises excitement, drama, and intense rivalries for the New York Rangers. As fans, we’ll be on the edge of our seats, cheering for every goal, and holding our breath during every penalty kill. Let the games begin, and may the Blueshirts emerge victorious in their quest for glory!