What is the Dallas Mavericks Schedule for 2022-2023

Dallas Mavericks 2022 Schedule

In the last season, Dallas Mavericks recorded 52-30 and got 2nd position in the southwest division, and 4th in the western conference.

Dallas Mavericks NBA 2022-2023 Regular Season Schedule Released

Spencer Dinwiddie - Dallas Mavericks
Spencer Dinwiddie – Dallas Mavericks | Instagram

You already knew that the NBA 2022-23 regular season has been started on 19th October 2022. Their first game was against Phoenix Suns on 20th October 2022 and they lost 105-107. Their 2nd game happened on 23rd October against Memphis Grizzlies and won that match 137-96.

Dallas Mavericks Current Roster

Over the period, they have 5 strong rivalries with Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, and Los Angeles Lakers.

Here is the key date of their NBA 2022/23 season.

  • 27-Oct-2022 – @ Brooklyn Nets
  • 2-Nov-2022 – vs Utah Jazz
  • 9-Nov-2022 – @ Orlando Magic
  • 15-Nov-2022 – vs Los Angeles Clippers
  • 16-Nov-2022 – vs Houston Rockets
  • 26-Nov-2022 – @ Toronto Raptors
  • 1-Dec-2022 – @ Detroit Pistons
  • 5-Dec-2022 – vs Phoenix Suns
  • 14-Dec-2022 – vs Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 19-Dec-2022 – @ Minnesota Timberwolves
  • 23-Dec-2022 – @ Houston Rockets
  • 25-Dec-2022 – vs Los Angeles Lakers
  • 29-Dec-2022 – vs Houston Rockets
  • 31-Dec-2022 – @ San Antonio Spurs
  • 2-Jan-2023 – @ Houston Rockets
  • 12-Jan-2023 – @ Los Angeles Lakers
  • 20-Jan-2023 – vs Miami Heat
  • 26-Jan-2023 – @ Phoenix Suns
  • 6-Feb-2023 – @ Utah Jazz
  • 15-Feb-2023 – @ Denver Nuggets
  • 23-Feb-2023 – vs San Antonio Spurs
  • 2-Mar-2023 – vs Philadelphia 76ers
  • 5-Mar-2023 – vs Phoenix Suns
  • 15-Mar-2023 – @ San Antonio Spurs
  • 24-Mar-2023 – vs Charlotte Hornets
  • 1-Apr-2023 – @ Miami Heat
  • 9-Apr-2023 – vs San Antonio Spurs

Fans and supporters will watch their games on ESPN, TNT, ABC, NBA TV, Amazon Prime, and local media Bally Sports Southwest TV channels.

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

DateOpponentTime (EST)VenueTV
20-Oct-2022@ Phoenix Suns8:00 PMBarclays CenterESPN
23-Oct-2022vs Memphis Grizzlies6:30 PMBarclays CenterNBA TV
25-Oct-2022@ New Orleans Pelicans7:30 PMSmoothie King CenterABC
27-Oct-2022@ Brooklyn Nets7:30 PMBarclays CenterTNT
29-Oct-2022vs Oklahoma City Thunder9:00 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
30-Oct-2022vs Orlando Magic7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterAMZP
2-Nov-2022vs Utah Jazz8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
4-Nov-2022vs Toronto Raptors8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterNBA TV
7-Nov-2022vs Brooklyn Nets9:45 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
9-Nov-2022@ Orlando Magic7:00 PMAmway CenterESPN
10-Nov-2022@ Washington Wizards7:00 PMCapital One ArenaNBA TV
12-Nov-2022vs Portland Trail Blazers8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
15-Nov-2022vs Los Angeles Clippers8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterTNT
16-Nov-2022vs Houston Rockets8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
18-Nov-2022vs Denver Nuggets8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterAMZP
20-Nov-2022vs Denver Nuggets7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
23-Nov-2022@ Boston Celtics7:30 PMTD GardenNBA TV
26-Nov-2022@ Toronto Raptors5:00 PMScotiabank ArenaESPN
27-Nov-2022@ Milwaukee Bucks8:00 PMFiserv ForumESPN
29-Nov-2022vs Golden State Warriors7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterNBA TV
1-Dec-2022@ Detroit Pistons7:00 PMLittle Caesars ArenaNBA TV
3-Dec-2022@ New York Knicks12:30 PMMadison Square GardenABC
5-Dec-2022vs Phoenix Suns8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterTNT
6-Dec-2022@ Denver Nuggets10:00 PMBall ArenaESPN
9-Dec-2022vs Milwaukee Bucks10:00 PMAmerican Airlines CenterAMZP
10-Dec-2022@ Chicago Bulls8:00 PMUnited CenterABC
12-Dec-2022vs Oklahoma City Thunder8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterNBA TV
14-Dec-2022vs Cleveland Cavaliers9:00 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
16-Dec-2022vs Portland Trail Blazers8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
17-Dec-2022@ Cleveland Cavaliers8:00 PMRocket Mortgage FieldhouseNBA TV
19-Dec-2022@ Minnesota Timberwolves8:00 PMTarget CenterNBA TV
21-Dec-2022@ Minnesota Timberwolves8:00 PMTarget CenterABC
23-Dec-2022@ Houston Rockets8:00 PMToyota CenterTNT
25-Dec-2022vs Los Angeles Lakers2:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
27-Dec-2022vs New York Knicks8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterAMZP
29-Dec-2022vs Houston Rockets8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
31-Dec-2022@ San Antonio Spurs7:00 PMAT&T CenterNBA TV
2-Jan-2023@ Houston Rockets8:00 PMToyota CenterESPN
5-Jan-2023vs Boston Celtics7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterNBA TV
7-Jan-2023vs New Orleans Pelicans8:00 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
8-Jan-2023@ Oklahoma City Thunder7:00 PMPaycom CenterTNT
10-Jan-2023@ Los Angeles Clippers10:30 PMCrypto.com ArenaESPN
12-Jan-2023@ Los Angeles Lakers10:00 PMCrypto.com ArenaAMZP
14-Jan-2023@ Portland Trail Blazers10:00 PMModa Center at the Rose QuarterABC
15-Jan-2023@ Portland Trail Blazers9:00 PMModa Center at the Rose QuarterNBA TV
18-Jan-2023vs Atlanta Hawks7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
20-Jan-2023vs Miami Heat7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
22-Jan-2023vs Los Angeles Clippers7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterNBA TV
24-Jan-2023vs Washington Wizards8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
26-Jan-2023@ Phoenix Suns10:00 PMFootprint CenterTNT
28-Jan-2023@ Utah Jazz9:00 PMVivint ArenaESPN
30-Jan-2023vs Detroit Pistons8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterAMZP
2-Feb-2023vs New Orleans Pelicans8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
4-Feb-2023@ Golden State Warriors8:30 PMChase CenterNBA TV
6-Feb-2023@ Utah Jazz9:00 PMVivint ArenaESPN
8-Feb-2023@ Los Angeles Clippers10:00 PMCrypto.com ArenaESPN
10-Feb-2023@ Sacramento Kings10:00 PMGolden 1 CenterNBA TV
11-Feb-2023@ Sacramento Kings10:00 PMGolden 1 CenterNBA TV
13-Feb-2023vs Minnesota Timberwolves8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
15-Feb-2023@ Denver Nuggets9:00 PMBall ArenaTNT
23-Feb-2023vs San Antonio Spurs8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
26-Feb-2023vs Los Angeles Lakers3:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterAMZP
28-Feb-2023vs Indiana Pacers8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
2-Mar-2023vs Philadelphia 76ers7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterNBA TV
5-Mar-2023vs Phoenix Suns1:00 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
7-Mar-2023vs Utah Jazz8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterNBA TV
8-Mar-2023@ New Orleans Pelicans7:30 PMSmoothie King CenterESPN
11-Mar-2023@ Memphis Grizzlies8:00 PMFedExForumNBA TV
13-Mar-2023vs Memphis Grizzlies7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
15-Mar-2023@ San Antonio Spurs8:30 PMAT&T CenterTNT
17-Mar-2023@ Los Angeles Lakers10:30 PMCrypto.com ArenaESPN
20-Mar-2023@ Memphis Grizzlies8:00 PMFedExForumAMZP
22-Mar-2023vs Golden State Warriors7:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC
24-Mar-2023vs Charlotte Hornets8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterNBA TV
26-Mar-2023@ Charlotte Hornets1:00 PMSpectrum CenterESPN
27-Mar-2023@ Indiana Pacers7:00 PMGainbridge FieldhouseESPN
29-Mar-2023@ Philadelphia 76ers7:30 PMWells Fargo CenterNBA TV
1-Apr-2023@ Miami Heat7:30 PMFTX ArenaABC
2-Apr-2023@ Atlanta Hawks6:00 PMState Farm ArenaTNT
5-Apr-2023vs Sacramento Kings8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterESPN
7-Apr-2023vs Chicago Bulls8:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterAMZP
9-Apr-2023vs San Antonio Spurs3:30 PMAmerican Airlines CenterABC