Chicago Bulls NBA 2022-23 TV Schedule & Fixture

Chicago Bulls

In the last season, Chicago Bulls made 2nd in the division won 46 games, and lost 36 games. But in the eastern conference, they got 6 positions on that.

Chicago Bulls Roster for 2022

However, they will compete in their 57th season in the coming NBA 2022-23 season that will begin on 18 October 2022. Over the period, the Bulls have four intense rivalries with Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat, and New York Knicks. And fans and supporters are eagerly waiting for those games between them.

Chicago Bulls NBA 2022-23 TV Schedule & Fixture

Chicago Bulls NBA Players
Chicago Bulls NBA Players

Hence, their first match will happen on 19th October 2022 against Miami Heat at FTX Arena. at Capital One Arena, they will fight Washington Wizards on 21st October 2022.

The 3rd game will be scheduled on 22nd October 2022 at United Center against their biggest rival Cleveland Cavaliers.

Key Date of the 2022-23 Chicago Bulls NBA Regular Season

  • 19-Oct-2022 – 7:30 PM – @ Miami Heat
  • 22-Oct-2022 – 8:00 PM – vs Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 14-Dec-2022 – 7:30 PM – vs New York Knicks
  • 20-Dec-2022 – 7:30 PM – @ Miami Heat
  • 30-Dec-2022 – 8:00 PM – vs Detroit Pistons
  • 6-Jan-2023 – 7:30 PM – @ Philadelphia 76ers
  • 23-Jan-2023 – 8:00 PM – vs Atlanta Hawks
  • 9-Feb-2023 – 7:30 PM – @ Brooklyn Nets
  • 11-Feb-2023 – 8:00 PM – @ Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 1-Mar-2023 – 7:00 PM – @ Detroit Pistons
  • 18-Mar-2023 – 8:00 PM – vs Miami Heat
  • 27-Mar-2023 – 10:30 PM – @ Los Angeles Clippers
  • 9-Apr-2023 – 1:00 PM – vs Detroit Pistons

All matches will be telecast on the NBA network, ESPN, ABC, TNT, and Amazon Prime channels.

Note: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

19-Oct-20227:30 PM@ Miami HeatFTX ArenaNBA Network
21-Oct-20227:00 PM@ Washington WizardsCapital One ArenaNBA Network
22-Oct-20228:00 PMvs Cleveland CavaliersUnited CenterESPN
24-Oct-20228:00 PMvs Boston CelticsUnited CenterESPN
26-Oct-20228:00 PMvs Indiana PacersUnited CenterABC
28-Oct-20228:30 PM@ San Antonio SpursAT&T CenterTNT
29-Oct-20228:00 PMvs Philadelphia 76ersUnited CenterTNT
1-Nov-20227:30 PM@ Brooklyn NetsBarclays CenterNBA Network
2-Nov-20227:30 PMvs Charlotte HornetsUnited CenterNBA Network
4-Nov-20227:30 PM@ Boston CelticsTD GardenNBA Network
6-Nov-20226:00 PM@ Toronto RaptorsScotiabank ArenaESPN
7-Nov-20228:45 PMvs Toronto RaptorsUnited CenterESPN
9-Nov-20228:00 PMvs New Orleans PelicansUnited CenterABC
13-Nov-20228:00 PMvs Denver NuggetsUnited CenterTNT
16-Nov-20228:00 PM@ New Orleans PelicansSmoothie King CenterTNT
18-Nov-20228:00 PMvs Orlando MagicUnited CenterNBA Network
21-Nov-20228:00 PMvs Boston CelticsUnited CenterNBA Network
23-Nov-20228:00 PM@ Milwaukee BucksFiserv ForumESPN
25-Nov-20228:00 PM@ Oklahoma City ThunderPaycom CenterESPN
28-Nov-20229:00 PM@ Utah JazzVivint ArenaABC
30-Nov-20229:00 PM@ Phoenix SunsFootprint CenterTNT
2-Dec-202210:00 PM@ Golden State WarriorsChase CenterTNT
4-Dec-20226:00 PM@ Sacramento KingsGolden 1 CenterESPN
7-Dec-20228:00 PMvs Washington WizardsUnited CenterESPN
10-Dec-20228:00 PMvs Dallas MavericksUnited CenterNBA Network
11-Dec-20226:30 PM@ Atlanta HawksState Farm ArenaNBA Network
14-Dec-20227:30 PMvs New York KnicksUnited CenterNBA Network
16-Dec-20228:00 PMvs New York KnicksUnited CenterNBA Network
18-Dec-20227:00 PM@ Minnesota TimberwolvesTarget CenterNBA Network
20-Dec-20227:30 PM@ Miami HeatFTX ArenaTNT
21-Dec-20227:30 PM@ Atlanta HawksState Farm ArenaESPN
23-Dec-20227:30 PM@ New York KnicksMadison Square GardenAMZ
26-Dec-20228:00 PMvs Houston RocketsUnited CenterNBA Network
28-Dec-20228:00 PMvs Milwaukee BucksUnited CenterNBA Network
30-Dec-20228:00 PMvs Detroit PistonsUnited CenterESPN
31-Dec-20227:00 PMvs Cleveland CavaliersUnited CenterESPN
2-Jan-20237:00 PM@ Cleveland CavaliersRocket Mortgage FieldhouseABC
4-Jan-20238:00 PMvs Brooklyn NetsUnited CenterTNT
6-Jan-20237:30 PM@ Philadelphia 76ersWells Fargo CenterTNT
7-Jan-20238:00 PMvs Utah JazzUnited CenterNBA Network
9-Jan-20237:30 PM@ Boston CelticsTD GardenNBA
11-Jan-20237:00 PM@ Washington WizardsCapital One ArenaESPN
13-Jan-20238:00 PMvs Oklahoma City ThunderUnited CenterESPN
15-Jan-20233:30 PMvs Golden State WarriorsUnited CenterNBA Network
19-Jan-20233:00 PM@ Detroit PistonsAccorHotels ArenaNBA Network
23-Jan-20238:00 PMvs Atlanta HawksUnited CenterNBA Network
24-Jan-20237:00 PM@ Indiana PacersGainbridge FieldhouseNBA Network
26-Jan-20237:30 PM@ Charlotte HornetsSpectrum CenterNBA Network
28-Jan-20237:00 PM@ Orlando MagicAmway CenterESPN
31-Jan-20238:00 PMvs Los Angeles ClippersUnited CenterESPN
2-Feb-20238:00 PMvs Charlotte HornetsUnited CenterABC
4-Feb-20238:00 PMvs Portland Trail BlazersUnited CenterTNT
6-Feb-20238:00 PMvs San Antonio SpursUnited CenterTNT
7-Feb-20238:00 PM@ Memphis GrizzliesFedExForumNBA Network
9-Feb-20237:30 PM@ Brooklyn NetsBarclays CenterNBA Network
11-Feb-20238:00 PM@ Cleveland CavaliersRocket Mortgage FieldhouseESPN
13-Feb-20238:00 PMvs Orlando MagicUnited CenterESPN
15-Feb-20237:00 PM@ Indiana PacersGainbridge FieldhouseABC
16-Feb-20237:30 PMvs Milwaukee BucksUnited CenterTNT
24-Feb-202310:00 PMvs Brooklyn NetsUnited CenterTNT
26-Feb-20233:30 PMvs Washington WizardsUnited CenterNBA Network
28-Feb-20237:30 PM@ Toronto RaptorsScotiabank ArenaNBA Network
1-Mar-20237:00 PM@ Detroit PistonsLittle Caesars ArenaESPN
3-Mar-20238:00 PMvs Phoenix SunsUnited CenterESPN
5-Mar-20233:30 PMvs Indiana PacersUnited CenterABC
8-Mar-20239:00 PM@ Denver NuggetsBall ArenaTNT
11-Mar-20238:00 PM@ Houston RocketsToyota CenterTNT
15-Mar-20238:00 PMvs Sacramento KingsUnited CenterNBA Network
17-Mar-20238:00 PMvs Minnesota TimberwolvesUnited CenterNBA Network
18-Mar-20238:00 PMvs Miami HeatUnited CenterESPN
20-Mar-20237:00 PM@ Philadelphia 76ersWells Fargo CenterESPN
22-Mar-20238:00 PMvs Philadelphia 76ersUnited CenterABC
24-Mar-202310:00 PM@ Portland Trail BlazersModa Center at the Rose QuarterTNT
26-Mar-20233:30 PM@ Los Angeles ArenaTNT
27-Mar-202310:30 PM@ Los Angeles ArenaNBA Network
29-Mar-20238:00 PMvs Los Angeles LakersUnited CenterNBA Network
31-Mar-20237:00 PM@ Charlotte HornetsSpectrum CenterESPN
2-Apr-20233:30 PMvs Memphis GrizzliesUnited CenterESPN
4-Apr-20238:00 PMvs Atlanta HawksUnited CenterABC
5-Apr-20237:30 PM@ Milwaukee BucksFiserv ForumTNT
7-Apr-20238:30 PM@ Dallas MavericksAmerican Airlines CenterTNT
9-Apr-20231:00 PMvs Detroit PistonsUnited CenterESPN