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2022 NHL Entry Draft by Teams & Live Steam on TV Channels

The National Hockey League (NHL) has NHL Entry Draft selecting eligible players since 1963. It is a combination of a lottery who will play in that regular season and playoff games. During the draft, teams will select players from amateur players from collegiate leagues and professional players from European leagues.

In the last season of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, Buffalo Sabres selected Canadian player Owen Power 1st pick.

2022 NHL Entry Draft by Teams & Live Steam on TV Channels

From a total of seven rounds, 225 players will be selected by teams.


Ice hockey players born between January 1, 2002, and September 15, 2004, are eligible for selection in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft. Additionally, un-drafted, non-North American players born in 2001 are eligible for the draft; and those players who were drafted in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, but not signed by an NHL team and who were born after June 30, 2002, are also eligible to re-enter the draft.

The 60th NHL Entry Draft will be held on 7-8 July 2022 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. And that event will be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN+, SN, and NHL Network.

Round 1

1Juraj Slafkovsky (LW)SlovakiaMontreal Canadiens
2Simon Nemec (D)SlovakiaNew Jersey Devils
3Logan Cooley (C)United StatesArizona Coyotes
4Shane Wright (C)CanadaSeattle Kraken
5Cutter Gauthier (LW)United StatesPhiladelphia Flyers
6David Jiricek (D)Czech RepublicColumbus Blue Jackets (from Chicago)
7Kevin Korchinski (D)CanadaChicago Blackhawks (from Ottawa)
8Marco Kasper (C)AustriaDetroit Red Wings
9Matthew Savoie (C)CanadaBuffalo Sabres
10Pavel Mintyukov (D)RussiaAnaheim Ducks
11Conor Geekie (C)CanadaArizona Coyotes (from San Jose)
12Denton Mateychuk (D)CanadaColumbus Blue Jackets
13Frank Nazar (C)United StatesChicago Blackhawks (from NY Islanders via Montreal)
14Rutger McGroarty (RW)United StatesWinnipeg Jets
15Jonathan Lekkerimaki (RW)SwedenVancouver Canucks
16Noah Ostlund (C)SwedenBuffalo Sabres (from Vegas)
17Joakim Kemell (RW)FinlandNashville Predators
18Lian Bichsel (D)SwitzerlandDallas Stars
19Liam Ohgren (LW)SwedenMinnesota Wild (from Los Angeles)
20Ivan Miroshnichenko (RW)RussiaWashington Capitals
21Owen Pickering (D)CanadaPittsburgh Penguins
22Nathan Gaucher (C)CanadaAnaheim Ducks (from Boston)
23Jimmy Snuggerud (RW)United StatesSt. Louis Blues
24Danila Yurov (RW)RussiaMinnesota Wild
25Sam Rinzel (D)United StatesChicago Blackhawks (from Toronto)
26Filip Mesar (RW)SlovakiaMontreal Canadiens (from Calgary)
27Filip Bystedt (C)SwedenSan Jose Sharks (from Carolina via Montreal and Arizona)
28Jiri Kulich (C)Czech RepublicBuffalo Sabres (from Florida)
29Maveric Lamoureux (D)CanadaArizona Coyotes (from Edmonton)
30Brad Lambert (C)FinlandWinnipeg Jets (from NY Rangers)
31Isaac Howard (LW)United StatesTampa Bay Lightning
32Reid Schaefer (LW)CanadaEdmonton Oilers (from Colorado via Arizona)

Round 2

33Owen Beck (C)CanadaMontreal Canadiens
34Cameron Lund (C)United StatesSan Jose Sharks (from Arizona)
35Jagger Firkus (RW)CanadaSeattle Kraken
36Artem Duda (D)RussiaArizona Coyotes (from Philadelphia)
37Ryan Chesley (D)United StatesWashington Capitals (from New Jersey)
38Fraser Minten (C)CanadaToronto Maple Leafs (from Chicago)
39Paul Ludwinski (C)CanadaChicago Blackhawks (from Ottawa)
40Dylan James (LW)CanadaDetroit Red Wings
41Topias Leinonen (G)FinlandBuffalo Sabres
42Noah Warren (D)CanadaAnaheim Ducks
43Julian Lutz (LW)GermanyArizona Coyotes (from San Jose)
44Luca Del Bel Belluz (C)CanadaColumbus Blue Jackets
45Mattias Havelid (D)SwedenSan Jose Sharks (from NY Islanders via Arizona)
46Seamus Casey (D)United StatesNew Jersey Devils (from Winnipeg via Washington)
47Hunter Haight (C)CanadaMinnesota Wild (from Vancouver via Arizona)
48Matyas Sapovaliv (C)Czech RepublicVegas Golden Knights
49Jani Nyman (RW)FinlandSeattle Kraken (from Nashville)
50Christian Kyrou (D)CanadaDallas Stars
51Jack Hughes (C)United StatesLos Angeles Kings
52Dmitri Buchelnikov (LW)RussiaDetroit Red Wings (from Washington)
53Tristan Luneau (D)CanadaAnaheim Ducks (from Pittsburgh)
54Matthew Poitras (C)CanadaBoston Bruins
55Elias Salomonsson (D)SwedenWinnipeg Jets (from St. Louis via NY Rangers)
56Rieger Lorenz (LW)CanadaMinnesota Wild (compensatory)
57Ryan Greene (C)CanadaChicago Blackhawks (from Minnesota)
58Niklas Kokko (G)FinlandSeattle Kraken (from Toronto)
59Topi Ronni (C)FinlandCalgary Flames
60Gleb Trikozov (LW)RussiaCarolina Hurricanes
61David Goyette (C)CanadaSeattle Kraken (from Florida via Calgary)
62Lane Hutson (D)United StatesMontreal Canadiens (from Edmonton)
63Adam Sykora (LW)SlovakiaNew York Rangers
64Filip Nordberg (D)SwedenOttawa Senators (from Tampa Bay)
65Calle Odelius (D)SwedenNew York Islanders (from Colorado)

Round 3

66Gavin Hayes (LW)United StatesChicago Blackhawks (from Montreal)
67Miko Matikka (RW)FinlandArizona Coyotes
68Ty Nelson (D)CanadaSeattle Kraken
69Devin Kaplan (RW)United StatesPhiladelphia Flyers
70Alexander Suzdalev (LW)SwedenWashington Capitals (from New Jersey)
71Alexander Perevalov (LW)RussiaCarolina Hurricanes (from Chicago)
72Oskar Pettersson (RW)SwedenOttawa Senators
73Aleksanteri Kaskimaki (C)FinlandSt. Louis Blues (from Detroit)
74Viktor Neuchev (LW)RussiaBuffalo Sabres
75Vinzenz Rohrer (C)AustriaMontreal Canadiens (from Anaheim)
76Michael Fischer (D)United StatesSan Jose Sharks
77Danny Zhilkin (C)CanadaWinnipeg Jets (from Columbus)
78Quinn Finley (LW)United StatesNew York Islanders
79Jordan Gustafson (C)CanadaVegas Golden Knights (from Winnipeg via Vancouver and Toronto)
80Elias Pettersson (D)SwedenVancouver Canucks (from Vancouver via Vegas and Ottawa)
81Samuel Savoie (LW)CanadaChicago Blackhawks (from Vegas)
82Adam Ingram (C)CanadaNashville Predators
83George Fegaras (D)CanadaDallas Stars
84Kasper Kulonummi (D)FinlandNashville Predators (from Los Angeles)
85Ludwig Persson (LW)SwedenWashington Capitals
86Lucas Edmonds (RW)SwedenTampa Bay Lightning (from Pittsburgh via Los Angeles)
87Tomas Hamara (D)Czech RepublicOttawa Senators (from Boston)
88Michael Buchinger (D)CanadaSt. Louis Blues
89Mikey Milne (LW)CanadaMinnesota Wild
90Aidan Thompson (C)United StatesChicago Blackhawks (from Toronto via Calgary)
91Ben MacDonald (C)United StatesSeattle Kraken (from Calgary via Boston)
92Adam Engstrom (D)SwedenMontreal Canadiens (from Carolina)
93Marek Alscher (D)Czech RepublicFlorida Panthers
94Jeremy Langlois (D)CanadaArizona Coyotes (from Edmonton via Chicago)
95Nicholas Moldenhauer (RW)CanadaToronto Maple Leafs (from NY Rangers via Vegas)
96Jordan Dumais (RW)CanadaColumbus Blue Jackets (from Tampa Bay)
97Bryce McConnell-Barker (C)CanadaNew York Rangers (from Colorado)

Round 4

98Isaiah George (D)CanadaNew York Islanders (from Montreal)
99Garrett Brown (D)United StatesWinnipeg Jets (from Arizona)
100Tyson Jugnauth (D)CanadaSeattle Kraken
101Simon Forsmark (D)SwedenCarolina Hurricanes (from Philadelphia)
102Tyler Brennan (G)CanadaNew Jersey Devils
103Kenny Connors (C)United StatesLos Angeles Kings (from Chicago via Tampa Bay)
104Stephen Halliday (C)CanadaOttawa Senators
105Anton Johansson (D)SwedenDetroit Red Wings
106Mats Lindgren (D)CanadaBuffalo Sabres
107Benjamin King (C)CanadaAnaheim Ducks
108Mason Beaupit (G)CanadaSan Jose Sharks
109Kirill Dolzhenkov (RW)RussiaColumbus Blue Jackets
110Daniil Orlov (D)RussiaNew Jersey Devils (from NY Islanders)
111Noah Laba (C)United StatesNew York Rangers (from Winnipeg via Vegas)
112Daimon Gardner (C)CanadaVancouver Canucks
113Amadeus Lombardi (C)CanadaDetroit Red Wings (from Vegas)
114Cole O’Hara (RW)CanadaNashville Predators
115Gavin White (D)CanadaDallas Stars
116Angus Booth (D)CanadaLos Angeles Kings
117Cole Spicer (C)United StatesBoston Bruins (from Washington via Seattle)
118Sergei Murashov (G)RussiaPittsburgh Penguins
119Dans Locmelis (C)LatviaBoston Bruins
120Arseni Koromyslov (D)RussiaSt. Louis Blues
121Ryan Healey (D)United StatesMinnesota Wild
122Dennis Hildeby (G)SwedenToronto Maple Leafs (from Toronto via Columbus and Nashville)
123Tucker Robertson (C)CanadaSeattle Kraken (from Calgary)
124Cruz Lucius (RW)United StatesCarolina Hurricanes
125Ludvig Jansson (D)SwedenFlorida Panthers
126Charlie Leddy (D)United StatesNew Jersey Devils (from Edmonton)
127Cedrick Guindon (LW)CanadaMontreal Canadiens (from NY Rangers via Florida)
128Cameron Whitehead (G)CanadaVegas Golden Knights (from Tampa Bay via Montreal)
129Maximilian Kilpinen (LW)SwedenDetroit Red Wings (from Colorado)

Round 5

130Jared Davidson (C)CanadaMontreal Canadiens
131Matthew Morden (D)CanadaArizona Coyotes
132Frederic Brunet (D)CanadaBoston Bruins (from Seattle)
133Alex Bump (LW)United StatesPhiladelphia Flyers
134Vsevolod Komarov (D)RussiaBuffalo Sabres (from New Jersey)
135Nikita Grebyonkin (RW)RussiaToronto Maple Leafs (from Chicago via Vegas)
136Jorian Donovan (D)CanadaOttawa Senators
137Tnias Mathurin (D)CanadaDetroit Red Wings
138Sergei Ivanov (G)RussiaColumbus Blue Jackets (from Buffalo via Vegas and San Jose)
139Connor Hvidston (LW)CanadaAnaheim Ducks
140Jake Furlong (D)CanadaSan Jose Sharks (from San Jose via Minnesota)
141Petr Hauser (RW)Czech RepublicNew Jersey Devils (from Columbus)
142Matt Maggio (RW)CanadaNew York Islanders
143Cameron O’Neill (RW)United StatesOttawa Senators (from Winnipeg)
144Ty Young (G)CanadaVancouver Canucks
145Patrick Guay (C)CanadaVegas Golden Knights
146Graham Sward (D)CanadaNashville Predators
147Maxim Mayorov (G)RussiaDallas Stars
148Otto Salin (D)FinlandLos Angeles Kings
149Jake Karabela (C)CanadaWashington Capitals
150Zam Plante (C)United StatesPittsburgh Penguins
151Kevin Reidler (G)SwedenOttawa Senators (from Boston)
152Marc-Andre Gaudet (D)CanadaSt. Louis Blues
153David Spacek (D)Czech RepublicMinnesota Wild
154Michael Callow (RW)United StatesAnaheim Ducks (from Toronto)
155Parker Bell (LW)CanadaCalgary Flames
156Vladimir Grudinin (D)RussiaCarolina Hurricanes
157Sandis Vilmanis (LW)LatviaFlorida Panthers
158Samuel Jonsson (G)SwedenEdmonton Oilers
159Victor Mancini (D)United StatesNew York Rangers
160Nick Malik (G)Czech RepublicTampa Bay Lightning
161Maxim Barbashev (LW)RussiaNew York Rangers (from Colorado)

Round 6

162Emmett Croteau (G)CanadaMontreal Canadiens
163Maksymilian Szuber (D)GermanyArizona Coyotes
164Barrett Hall (C)United StatesSeattle Kraken
165Hunter McDonald (D)United StatesPhiladelphia Flyers
166Josh Filmon (LW)CanadaNew Jersey Devils
167Nolan Collins (D)CanadaPittsburgh Penguins (from Chicago)
168Theo Wallberg (D)SwedenOttawa Senators
169Jared Wright (RW)United StatesLos Angeles Kings (from Detroit via Tampa Bay)
170Jake Richard (RW)United StatesBuffalo Sabres
171Jakub Vondras (G)Czech RepublicCarolina Hurricanes (from Anaheim)
172Joey Muldowney (RW)United StatesSan Jose Sharks
173Dominic James (C)United StatesChicago Blackhawks (from Columbus)
174Daylan Kuefler (LW)CanadaNew York Islanders
175Fabian Wagner (C)SwedenWinnipeg Jets
176Jackson Dorrington (D)United StatesVancouver Canucks
177Ben Hemmerling (RW)CanadaVegas Golden Knights
178Vyacheslav Buteyets (G)RussiaAnaheim Ducks (from Nashville)
179Matthew Seminoff (RW)CanadaDallas Stars
180Jack Sparkes (D)CanadaLos Angeles Kings
181Ryan Hofer (RW)CanadaWashington Capitals
182Luke Devlin (C)United StatesPittsburgh Penguins
183Reid Dyck G)CanadaBoston Bruins
184Landon Sim (RW)CanadaSt. Louis Blues
185Servac Petrovsky (C)SlovakiaMinnesota Wild
186Joshua Davies (LW)CanadaFlorida Panthers (from Toronto via Columbus)
187Gustav Karlsson (C)SwedenBuffalo Sabres (from Calgary via Florida)
188Nils Juntorp (RW)SwedenChicago Blackhawks (from Carolina)
189Tyler Muszelik (G)United StatesFlorida Panthers
190Nikita Yevseyev (D)RussiaEdmonton Oilers
191Zakary Karpa (C)United StatesNew York Rangers
192Connor Kurth (RW)United StatesTampa Bay Lightning
193Christopher Romaine (D)United StatesColorado Avalanche

Round 7

194Petteri Nurmi (D)FinlandMontreal Canadiens
195Eli Barnett (D)CanadaSan Jose Sharks (from Arizona)
196Kyle Jackson (C)CanadaSeattle Kraken
197Santeri Sulku (LW)FinlandPhiladelphia Flyers
198Artyom Barabosha (D)RussiaNew Jersey Devils
199Riku Tohila (C)FinlandChicago Blackhawks
200Jackson Edward (D)CanadaBoston Bruins (from Ottawa)
201Owen Mehlenbacher (C)CanadaDetroit Red Wings
202Joel Ratkovic Berndtsson (RW)SwedenBuffalo Sabres
203James Fisher (RW)United StatesColumbus Blue Jackets (from Anaheim)
204Adam Zlnka (RW)SlovakiaArizona Coyotes (from San Jose via Ottawa and San Jose)
205Alexander Pevelin (D)RussiaCarolina Hurricanes (from Columbus)
206Tyson Dyck (C)CanadaOttawa Senators (from NY Islanders)
207Dominic DiVincentiis (G)CanadaWinnipeg Jets
208Kirill Kudryavstev (D)RussiaVancouver Canucks
209Abram Wiebe (D)CanadaVegas Golden Knights
210Benjamin Strinden (C)United StatesNashville Predators
211Linus Sjodin (C)SwedenBuffalo Sabres (from Dallas)
212Brennan Ali (C)United StatesDetroit Red Wings (from Los Angeles)
213David Gucciardi (D)CanadaWashington Capitals
214Liam Arnsby (C)CanadaFlorida Panthers (from Pittsburgh)
215Kaleb Lawrence (RW)CanadaLos Angeles Kings (from Boston)
216Miguel Tourigny (D)CanadaMontreal Canadiens (from St. Louis via Montreal, Philadelphia and Arizona)
217Reese Laubach (C)United StatesSan Jose Sharks (from Minnesota)
218Brandon Lisowsky (LW)CanadaToronto Maple Leafs
219Cade Littler (C)United StatesCalgary Flames
220Alexis Gendron (RW)CanadaPhiladelphia Flyers (from Carolina)
221Jack Devine (RW)United StatesFlorida Panthers
222Joel Maatta (C)FinlandEdmonton Oilers
223Dyllan Gill (D)CanadaTampa Bay Lightning (from NY Rangers)
224Klavs Veinbergs (LW)LatviaTampa Bay Lightning
225Ivan Zhigalov (G)BelarusColorado Avalanche