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2022 Little League World Series TV Schedule & Fixture

The 75th edition of the 2022 Little League World Series, baseball tournament will take place from 17 to 28 August 2022. Last year in 2021, the Taylor North Little League won the championship title and West Side Little League took the runner-up title.

2022 Little League World Series TV Schedule & Fixture

Little League World Series | Photo: Instagram

However, this year 20-team format will play for the first time—ten teams from the USA and ten from around the world.

Teams will participate.

USA TeamsInternational Teams
Great Lakes Region
Metro Region
Mid-Atlantic Region
Midwest Region
Mountain Region
New England Region
Northwest Region
Southeast Region
Southwest Region
West Region
Taipei, Chinese Taipei
Brisbane, Queensland
Canada Region
Willemstad, Curaçao
Bologna, Italy
Takarazuka, Hyōgo
Managua, Nicaragua
Matamoros, Tamaulipas
Aguadulce, Coclé
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

All games will broadcast on the ESPN and ABC TV channels. Fans and supporters will watch and enjoy their favorite game at right time on these TV channels.

Check out the full 2022 Little League World Series TV Schedule & Fixture.

17th August 2022

Latin America vs Caribbean – ESPN, ABC
Southeast vs New England – ESPN, ABC
Australia vs Canada – ESPN, ABC
West Region vs Northwest – ESPN, ABC

18th August 2022

Europe-Africa Region vs Asia-Pacific Region – ESPN, ABC
Great Lakes Region vs Midwest Region – ESPN, ABC
Puerto Rico Region vs Mexico Region – ESPN, ABC
Mid-Atlantic Region vs Southwest Region – ESPN, ABC

19th August 2022

Panama Region vs International – ESPN, ABC
Mountain Region vs United States – ESPN, ABC
Japan vs Internation – ESPN, ABC
Metro Region vs United States – ESPN, ABC

20th August 2022

International L3 vs International L5 – ESPN, ABC
United States L4 vs United States L6 – ESPN, ABC
International L1 vs International L7 – ESPN, ABC
United States L2 vs United States L8 – ESPN, ABC

21st August 2022

International L9 vs International W13 – ESPN, ABC
United States L10 vs United States W14 – ESPN, ABC
International W15 vs International L11 – ESPN, ABC
United States W14 vs United States L12 – ESPN, ABC

22nd August 2022

International W5 vs International W9 – ESPN, ABC
United States W5 vs United States W10 – ESPN, ABC
International W11 vs International W7 – ESPN, ABC
United States W12 vs United States W8 – ESPN, ABC

23rd August 2022

International L21 vs International W19 – ESPN, ABC
United States L22 vs United States W12 – ESPN, ABC
International W17 vs International W23 – ESPN, ABC
United States W18 vs United States L24 – ESPN, ABC

24th August 2022

International W21 vs International W23 – ESPN, ABC
United States W22 vs United States W24 – ESPN, ABC
International W27 vs International W25 – ESPN, ABC
United States W28 vs United States L26 – ESPN, ABC

25th August 2022

International L29 vs International W31 – ESPN, ABC
United States L30 vs United States W32 – ESPN, ABC

27th August 2022

International W29 vs International W33 – ESPN, ABC
United States W30 vs United States W34 – ESPN, ABC

28th August 2022

International L35 vs United States L36 – ESPN, ABC
International W35 vs United States W36 – ESPN, ABC

Past 10 Years Championship by Country

Southern California6
New Jersey4
New York3
South Korea3