World Athletics 2022 Schedule, Time & TV Channel

2022 World Athletics Championships

The 18th edition of the 2022 World Athletics Championships will start from 15-24 July 2022 in Eugene, Oregon, United States. This tournament was scheduled for last year, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it was postponed.

The United States had ranked #1 with 14 gold, 11 silver, and 4 bronze medals in the last tournament of the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar.

USA Gold Medalist Athletes in the 2019 World Athletics Championships

  • Christian Coleman – 100 metres
  • Noah Lyles – 200 metres
  • Donavan Brazier – 800 metres
  • Grant Holloway – 110 metres
  • Sam Kendricks – Pole vault
  • Christian Taylor – Triple jump
  • Joe Kovacs – Shot put
  • Nia Ali – 100 metres hurdles
  • Dalilah Muhammad – 400 metres hurdles

World Athletics Championships 2022 Schedule & TV Channel

World Athletics
World Athletics | Photo: Instagram

This biennial tournament the World Athletics will be held at the which has a capacity of 30,000. University of Oregon Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. In total 49 events will be organized and around 2,000 athletes will participate from 205 countries.

Oregon22 World Athletics Schedule, Fixture, Calendar & TV Channel

The whole tournament will be broadcast on the NBC Sports channel on time. If you live outside the USA, then you can watch through the internet (online streaming) TV such as – DirectTV, SlingTV, fuboTV, YoutubeTV, Amazon Prime, and Apple Plus.

Day: 1, 15 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
9:05MHammer ThrowQualification – Group ANBC
10:10MHigh JumpQualificationNBC
10:30MHammer ThrowQualification – Group BNBC
11:45X4Γ—400 Metres RelayHeatsNBC
12:05WHammer ThrowQualification – Group ANBC
12:30M100 MetresPreliminary RoundNBC
13:10W20 Kilometres Race WalkFinalNBC
13:30WHammer ThrowQualification – Group BNBC
15:10M20 Kilometres Race WalkFinalNBC
17:05WShot PutQualificationNBC
17:15M3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeatsNBC
17:20WPole VaultQualificationNBC
18:00MLong JumpQualificationNBC
18:10W1500 MetresHeatsNBC
18:50M100 MetresHeatsNBC
18:55MShot PutQualificationNBC
19:50X4Γ—400 Metres RelayFinalNBC

Day: 2, 16 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
10:30WTriple JumpQualificationNBC
10:35W3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeatsNBC
11:10WHigh JumpQualificationNBC
11:25M110 Metres HurdlesHeatsNBC
12:00MHammer ThrowFinalNBC
12:20W10,000 MetresFinalNBC
13:20M400 Metres HurdlesHeatsNBC
17:10W100 MetresHeatsNBC
18:00M100 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
18:20MLong JumpFinalNBC
18:25WShot PutFinalNBC
18:30M1500 MetresHeatsNBC
19:05W1500 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
19:50M100 MetresFinalNBC

Day: 3, 17 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
10:35W100 Metres HurdlesHeptathlonNBC
11:05M400 MetresHeatsNBC
11:35WHigh JumpHeptathlonNBC
11:35WHammer ThrowFinalNBC
12:00W400 MetresHeatsNBC
13:00M10,000 MetresFinalNBC
13:45WShot PutHeptathlonNBC
17:05M110 Metres HurdlesSemi-FinalNBC
17:05MDiscus ThrowQualification – Group ANBC
17:25WPole VaultFinalNBC
17:33W100 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
18:03M400 Metres HurdlesSemi-FinalNBC
18:27MShot PutFinalNBC
18:30MDiscus ThrowQualification – Group BNBC
18:38W200 MetresHeptathlonNBC
19:00M1500 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
19:30M110 Metres HurdlesFinalNBC
19:50W100 MetresFinalNBC

Day: 4, 18 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
9:35WLong JumpHeptathlonNBC
10:55WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon – Group ANBC
12:05WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon – Group BNBC
17:05M200 MetresHeatsNBC
17:10WDiscus ThrowQualification – Group ANBC
17:45MHigh JumpFinalNBC
18:00W200 MetresHeatsNBC
18:20WTriple JumpFinalNBC
18:35WDiscus ThrowQualification – Group BNBC
18:55W800 MetresHeptathlonNBC
19:20M3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinalNBC
19:50W1500 MetresFinalNBC

Day: 5, 19 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
17:15W400 Metres HurdlesHeatsNBC
17:40WHigh JumpFinalNBC
18:05W200 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
18:33MDiscus ThrowFinalNBC
18:50M200 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
19:30M1500 MetresFinalNBC
19:50M400 Metres HurdlesFinalNBC

Day: 6, 20 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
15:20WJavelin ThrowQualification – Group ANBC
16:25W5000 MetresHeatsNBC
16:50WJavelin ThrowQualification – Group BNBC
17:20M800 MetresHeatsNBC
18:15W400 Metres HurdlesSemi-FinalNBC
18:30WDiscus ThrowFinalNBC
18:45W400 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
19:15M400 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
19:45W3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinalNBC

Day: 7, 21 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
17:05MJavelin ThrowQualification – Group ANBC
17:10W800 MetresHeatsNBC
18:10M5000 MetresHeatsNBC
18:20MTriple JumpQualificationNBC
18:35MJavelin ThrowQualification – Group BNBC
19:00M800 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
19:35W200 MetresFinalNBC
19:50M200 MetresFinalNBC

Day: 8, 22 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
6:15W35 Kilometres Race WalkFinalNBC
17:05MPole VaultQualificationNBC
17:40W4Γ—100 Metres RelayHeatsNBC
18:05M4Γ—100 Metres RelayHeatsNBC
18:20WJavelin ThrowFinalNBC
18:35W800 MetresSemi-FinalNBC
19:15W400 MetresFinalNBC
19:35M400 MetresFinalNBC
19:50W400 Metres HurdlesFinalNBC

Day: 9, 23 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
9:50M100 MetresDecathlonNBC
10:40MLong JumpDecathlonNBC
11:20W100 Metres HurdlesHeatsNBC
12:00WLong JumpQualificationNBC
12:10MShot PutDecathlonNBC
16:10MHigh JumpDecathlonNBC
17:10W4Γ—400 Metres RelayHeatsNBC
17:40M4Γ—400 Metres RelayHeatsNBC
18:00MTriple JumpFinalNBC
18:10M800 MetresFinalNBC
18:25W5000 MetresFinalNBC
18:35MJavelin ThrowFinalNBC
18:55M400 MetresDecathlonNBC
19:30W4Γ—100 Metres RelayFinalNBC
19:50M4Γ—100 Metres RelayFinalNBC

Day: 10, 24 July 2022

Time (PST)GenderEventRoundTV Channel
6:15M35 Kilometres Race WalkFinalNBC
9:35M110 Metres HurdlesDecathlonNBC
10:30MDiscus ThrowDecathlon – Group ANBC
11:40MDiscus ThrowDecathlon – Group BNBC
12:15MPole VaultDecathlon – Group ANBC
13:15MPole VaultDecathlon – Group BNBC
17:05W100 Metres HurdlesSemi-FinalNBC
17:05MJavelin ThrowDecathlon – Group ANBC
17:25MPole VaultFinalNBC
17:50WLong JumpFinalNBC
18:05M5000 MetresFinalNBC
18:10MJavelin ThrowDecathlon – Group BNBC
18:35W800 MetresFinalNBC
19:00W100 Metres HurdlesFinalNBC
19:20M1500 MetresDecathlonNBC
19:35M4Γ—400 Metres RelayFinalNBC
19:50W4Γ—400 Metres RelayFinalNBC