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New Orleans Saints Roster & Squad for 2021-2022

New Orleans Saints won the 2009 Super Bowl! Their 31-17 victory over Indianapolis has given them a new lease of life. The Saints are now the highest-scoring team in NFL history, and that is a huge part of their success. They have become a powerful force in the NFC South and have won three consecutive division titles.

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New Orleans Saints Roster & Squad for 2021-2022

The New Orleans Saints released their 53-man roster for the 2021-22 season, including players cut from training camp, players who were suspended and are now on injured reserve, and even some new additions to the team.

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Recently, Sean Payton, the head coach of the team has announced their current roster for the 2021-2022 season. They have picked six players (Payton Turner, Paulson Adebo, Landon Young, Pete Werner, Ian Book & Kawaan Baker) from the 2021 NFL draft. Additionally, the Saints have signed over 35 players this season.

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Who are on the New Orleans Saints Roster & Squad for 2021-2022

Check out our breakdown of every player on the roster, along with other notable moves by the Saints.

No.Player NamePos.AgeHeightWeight
16Ian BookQB236′ 0″206 lbs
7Taysom HillQB316′ 2″221 lbs
15Trevor SiemianQB296′ 3″220 lbs
2Jameis WinstonQB276′ 4″231 lbs
31Josh AdamsRB256′ 2″225 lbs
14Mark Ingram IIRB315′ 9″215 lbs
34Tony Jones Jr.RB245′ 11″224 lbs
41Alvin KamaraRB265′ 10″215 lbs
87Malcolm PerryRB245′ 10″175 lbs
24Dwayne WashingtonRB276′ 1″223 lbs
46Adam PrenticeFB246′ 0″245 lbs
14Kawaan BakerWR6′ 1″215 lbs
1Marquez CallawayWR236′ 2″204 lbs
11Deonte HarrisWR245′ 6″170 lbs
84Lil’Jordan HumphreyWR236′ 4″225 lbs
88Ty MontgomeryWR286′ 0″216 lbs
10Tre’Quan SmithWR256′ 2″210 lbs
12Kenny StillsWR296′ 1″202 lbs
13Michael ThomasWR286′ 3″212 lbs
17Kevin WhiteWR286′ 3″216 lbs
18Easop Winston Jr.WR256′ 0″192 lbs
45Garrett GriffinTE276′ 4″240 lbs
83Juwan JohnsonTE256′ 4″231 lbs
89Dylan SoehnerTE246′ 6″270 lbs
82Adam TrautmanTE246′ 5″253 lbs
81Nick VannettTE286′ 6″261 lbs
86Ethan WolfTE266′ 6″252 lbs
64Will ClappC256′ 5″311 lbs
78Erik McCoyC246′ 4″303 lbs
51Cesar RuizC226′ 4″316 lbs
65Caleb BenenochG276′ 5″305 lbs
77James CarpenterG326′ 5″321 lbs
66Forrest LampG276′ 4″310 lbs
72Terron ArmsteadOT306′ 5″304 lbs
73Ethan GreenidgeOT246′ 4″335 lbs
63Jerald HawkinsOT286′ 6″305 lbs
74James HurstOT306′ 5″310 lbs
79Jordan MillsOT306′ 5″316 lbs
75Andrus PeatOT286′ 7″316 lbs
71Ryan RamczykOT276′ 6″314 lbs
76Calvin ThrockmortonOT256′ 5″309 lbs
67Landon YoungOT246′ 7″321 lbs
92Marcus DavenportDE256′ 6″265 lbs
96Carl GrandersonDE246′ 5″261 lbs
57Jalyn HolmesDE256′ 5″283 lbs
94Cameron JordanDE326′ 4″287 lbs
90Tanoh KpassagnonDE276′ 7″289 lbs
97Malcolm RoachDE236′ 3″290 lbs
98Payton TurnerDE226′ 6″270 lbs
77Jalen DaltonDT246′ 6″300 lbs
95Albert HugginsDT246′ 3″305 lbs
93David OnyemataDT296′ 4″300 lbs
70Christian RingoDT296′ 1″300 lbs
99Shy TuttleDT266′ 3″300 lbs
5Kwon AlexanderLB276′ 1″227 lbs
53Zack BaunLB246′ 3″225 lbs
56Demario DavisLB326′ 2″248 lbs
50Andrew DowellLB256′ 1″225 lbs
55Kaden EllissLB266′ 3″238 lbs
56Sharif FinchLB266′ 4″250 lbs
42Chase HansenLB286′ 3″222 lbs
20Pete WernerLB226′ 3″242 lbs
29Paulson AdeboCB226′ 1″192 lbs
25Ken CrawleyCB286′ 1″180 lbs
23Marshon LattimoreCB256′ 0″192 lbs
36Jordan MillerCB246′ 2″190 lbs
21Bradley RobyCB295′ 11″194 lbs
35KeiVarae RussellCB285′ 11″194 lbs
31Bryce ThompsonCB225′ 11″190 lbs
26P.J. WilliamsCB286′ 0″196 lbs
22C.J. Gardner-JohnsonS235′ 11″210 lbs
48J.T. GrayS256′ 0″202 lbs
38Jeff HeathS306′ 1″212 lbs
27Malcolm JenkinsS336′ 0″204 lbs
43Marcus WilliamsS256′ 1″195 lbs
3Wil LutzPK275′ 11″184 lbs
6Brett MaherPK326′ 0″180 lbs
4Blake GillikinP236′ 2″196 lbs
49Zach WoodLS286′ 3″255 lbs

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