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Field Hockey – Tokyo 2021 Olympics: Schedule, Fixture & Live TV Stream

Field Hockey sport has first appeared in the London 1908 Olympic Games. And that season, Great Britain (England) took the gold medal where Ireland won the silver medal.

Later in the Paris 1924 Olympic Games, field hockey sport removed from Summer Olympics due to the lack of an international sporting structure. In the next season, this sport was again added to the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics.

In Olympic history, India and Pakistan were dominant teams for a long time. After that, many teams were joined in the Olympic field hockey sport.

Field Hockey – Tokyo 2021 Olympics: Schedule, Fixture & Calendar

Field hockey at Olympics
Field hockey at Olympics

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Tokyo 2020 Olympics resumes for 2021. And the field hockey sport will start from 24th July – 6th August 2021 at the Oi Hockey Stadium.

Two events: men & women will happen with two groups each event. From the men’s event, 12 teams will participate in field hockey sport and from the women’s event, also 12 teams qualify for the women’s field hockey at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Men’s Field Hockey Qualified Teams at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Group AGroup B
SpainGreat Britain
New ZealandGermany
ArgentinaSouth Africa

Women’s Field Hockey Qualified Teams at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Group AGroup B
Great BritainNew Zealand
South AfricaChina

Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Field Hockey) : Schedule, Fixture & Calendar

Here is the full Tokyo Olympics field hockey schedule, fixture and calendar.

24th July 2021

  • Japan vs Australia
  • New Zealand vs Idina
  • Argentina vs Spain
  • Netherlands vs Belgium
  • Great Britain vs South Africa
  • Canada vs Germany

Women’s Match

  • Netherlands vs India
  • Ireland vs South Africa

25th July 2021

  • India vs Austalia
  • Japan vs Argentina
  • Spain vs New Zealand
  • South Africa vs Netherlands

Women’s Match

  • Australia vs Spain
  • Japan vs China
  • New Zealand vs Argentina
  • Great Britain vs Germany

26th July 2021

  • Germany vs Belgium
  • Great Britain vs Canada

Women’s Match

  • Netherlands vs Ireland
  • South Africa vs Great Britain
  • Germany vs India
  • Australia vs China
  • Argentina vs Spain
  • Japan vs New Zealand

27th July 2021

  • Argentina vs Austalia
  • India vs Spain
  • Japan vs New Zealand
  • Germany vs Great Britian
  • Belgium vs South Africa
  • Netherlands vs Canada

28th July 2021

  • Japan vs Spain
  • Australia vs New Zealand

Women’s Match

  • Netherlands vs South Africa
  • Great Britain vs India
  • Germany vs Ireland
  • New Zealand vs Spain
  • Japan vs Australia
  • Argentina vs China

29th July 2021

  • India vs Argentina
  • Belgium vs Canada
  • South Africa vs Germany
  • Netherlands vs Great Britain

Women’s Match

  • Great Britain vs Netherlands
  • Spain vs China
  • Japan vs Argentina
  • New Zealand vs Australia

30th July 2021

  • Australia vs Spain
  • Japan vs India
  • Argentina vs New Zealand
  • Canada vs South Africa
  • Germany vs Netherlands
  • Belgium vs Great Britain

Women’s Match

  • South Africa vs Germany
  • Ireland vs India

31st July 2021

Women’s Match

  • India vs South Africa
  • Germany vs Netherlands
  • Ireland vs Great Britain
  • China vs New Zealand
  • Japan vs Spain
  • Argentina vs Australia

1st August 2021

  • Quarter-finals

2nd August 2021

  • Women’s Quarter-finals

3rd August 2021

  • Semi-finals

4th August 2021

  • Women’s Semi-finals

5th August 2021

  • Bronze medal Match
  • Gold medal match

6th August 2021

  • Women’s Bronze medal Match
  • Women’s Gold medal match

Field Hockey of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics Live TV Stream

You can watch live stream Tokyo 2020 Olympics at your home on television. Also, you can see the live stream without cable. But if you watch without cable, you need to have an internet connection with a device like a smartphone, mobile, tablet, smart TV, or computer.

Here is the list of TV channels so that you can watch your favorite field hockey match at your home.

  • Japan – Japan Consortium
  • United Kingdom – BBCEurosport
  • United States – NBCUniversal
  • Australia – Seven Network
  • Argentina – TVP, DeporTV, TyC Sports
  • Canada – Bell Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, Sportsnet, TLN
  • Ireland – RTÉ
  • India – Doordarshan
  • China – CCTV, Migu
  • Malaysia – Astro, beIN Sports, RTM, Unifi TV
  • Pakistan – PTV
  • Spain – RTVE
  • South Africa – SABC, SuperSport
  • Netherlands – NOS
  • New Zealand – SkyTVNZ

To check the full TV channels list: check here