Sailing Schedule & Fixture: Tokyo 2021 Olympics

Sailing Sports Schedule & Fixture

Sailing sports first appeared in Olympics since the modern Olympics started in Athens excepting the 1904 Summer Olympics. In the 1988 Olympics, the first exclusive women’s sailing event was introduced. Sailors are scored according to the low-point system, where first place is scored 1, second place is scored 2, etc. There is a series of … Read more

Handball Schedule & Fixture: Tokyo 2021 Olympics (Live TV Stream)

Handball Schedule & Fixture

Field handball sport was first introduced at the Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics. But indoor handball sport originally first appeared in the Munich 1972 Summer Olympics. After that, women’s discipline was first intruded on next season in the Montreal 1976 Summer Olympics. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was postponed. Now the … Read more