PSG Women’s midfielder Aminata Diallo arrested following an alleged attack on Kheira Hamraoui

Aminata Diallo arrested alleged attack on Kheira Hamraoui

PSG women’s star Aminata Diallo has been held in custody by French police after an investigation into claims she hired masked attackers to injure her teammate Kheira Hamraoui. The french joined PSG in 2016, but her career took off when she was signed by the club’s biggest rivals at Paris Saint-Germain.

French international defender Aminata Diallo was arrested on Wednesday morning in Paris for allegedly being involved in an attack against a teammate at Paris Saint-Germain earlier this month. Hamraoui, 21, is said to have been targeted by two armed assailants who entered the apartment she shared with the defender. The attackers are alleged to have shot at her before trying to set her ablaze.

Aminata Diallo arrested alleged attack on Kheira Hamraoui
Sorce: File Photo: Left: Aminata Diallo | Right: Kheira Hamraoui

According to French daily L’Equipe report this morning that Paris Saint-Germain Féminines midfielder Aminata Diallo has been placed under police custody by investigators over a suspected link to the recent assault of a teammate Kheira Hamraoui.

The French international was arrested at her home early this morning by the Versailles judiciary police, after Hamraoui, who plays in the same position, was ambushed on the evening of November 4.

A person close to Hamraoui explains that she was on her way back from a club event, accompanied by two teammates. She had been near her home and sitting in a car with Diallo at the wheel when two masked individuals appeared, one of whom dragged her out of the car. The attacker then struck her with an iron bar multiple times on the legs for several minutes, before escaping.

The former Barcelona player, who returned to PSG this summer, was then taken to hospital and emerged with various stitches on her legs and hands, according to the same source. As a result, Hamraoui was unable to play in yesterday’s Champions League tie against Real Madrid, which would have been her 100th appearance with the club.

One observer notes that as nothing was robbed from either of the two players and that Hamraoui’s legs were being targeted, a scenario involving a potential internal rivalry at PSG is being explored.

PSG have since released a statement acknowledging Diallo’s placement under custody, referencing the investigation over an assault against its players on Thursday night. The club is collaborating with the authorities and has taken steps to “guarantee the health, safety, and wellbeing” of its players.

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